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Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

I have 22 guests and one oven, so the plan is two spatchcocked turkeys. My two-pronged question:

1. Should I alter your spatchcocked turkey recipe at all to do two birds? Change the temp, plan for more time? Swap racks halfway through? Should I use convection at all?

2. Since the turkeys will take up the whole oven, I need to bake the stuffing (your sage sausage stuffing recipe) and roast brussels sprouts ahead of time. I think I'll just serve the sprouts at room temp, but how would you handle the par-baking and later reheating of the stuffing while the turkey rests? Want to make sure it ends up crispy on top but not dried out.

Pasta With Mushrooms, Brussels Sprouts, and Parmesan

This was great - as a brassica fanatic it's always good to have another dinner idea in the arsenal.

What's your brussels sprout leaf-separating technique? Took me longer than the rest of the recipe combined.


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