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Taste Test: British Digestives

Taste is one element in judging quality but a key factor is also dunkability - you need the biscuit to be a bit robust or you get the dreaded broken biscuit in your cuppa - where the biscuit gets too wet and splits as you're taking it out, this means you end up with a lost biscuit and soggy crumbs in the bottom of your mug, your tea is ruined and you have to go and make another one.

One possible reason for the dryness of some brands might be that they hold up better when soaked in tea.

Dunkability of various biscuit types has been well covered by British comedian, Peter Kay, as should be shown in this clip...

Dietary Restrictions and the Three Types of Servers

Kenji - Was your party not minded to leave? If I went out for a meal with someone and they couldn't eat anything in the place we'd gone to I'm pretty sure I'd suggest we go somewhere else. Don't think I'd enjoy enjoy my bacon butty so much if the person I was with was going hungry.

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

What's the best way to make mash potato for lots of people (double figures) without doing yourself an injury?

Also what's your favorite candy bar?


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