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Jamie Forrest publishes from his apartment in Brooklyn, New York, where he lives with his wife, his daughter, and his cheese.

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  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Favorite foods: Cheese, Bread, Wine, Sushi, Pizza, Chocolate
    Favorite Cuisines: Japanese, Italian, Thai, Greek, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian
  • Last bite on earth: Raw-milk Époisses

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Veg & Kid Friendly in Pittsburgh

@joyyy My kids tastes are very adventurous.

Poll: When Did You Learn How to Cook?

You need another age group in the poll. My 3 year old daughter loves to help us cook.

ISO: Kid Friendly in Baltimore

I'll be at the JHU Hospital--601 north caroline street

Mimi's Hummus and The Castello Plan: The Ever-Evolving Cortelyou Road

Glad to see my neighborhood finally getting some recognition as the food mecca it has become! Mimi's is the best hummus in the city, hands down, and Mimi herself is also great. She always gives my daughter a free almond cookie when we eat there.

There's also a Japanese restaurant and a branch of Bagels by the Park coming soon. Now they just have to start getting rid of a few of the many fast food Chinese places...

In search of Tsam Thuk recipe

A friend discovered that tsampa is the word for Tibetan roasted barley flour. So I searched for Tsampa soup and lo and behold I found the recipe in the book Beyond the Great Wall: Recipes and Travels in the Other China by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid (via Google Books).

Now, where can I find some tsampa in NYC?

Must eat in LA

Thanks for the great recs so far! I'm going to have my 5 month old with me, so not sure Craft will work :) Attari sounds very interesting. Would also be interested in cheap but good Mexican & Vietnamese.

Serious Cheese: Part Two in the Adventures of Lactose Intolerance

@jpolk, LOL, apology accepted :)

@redfish, Gas and cramping (and bloating) is exactly what I felt during the full-blown attacks (happened on 3 separate occasions after eating gelato, 1.5 slices of pizza, and crazy dairy-filled Ukrainian meal). The nausea could definitely be psychosomatic, but it does seem to happen when I consume some kind of dairy, but less of it.

Serious Cheese: Part Two in the Adventures of Lactose Intolerance

@jpolk, you are not off base, which is why I said in the post, "I probably should have started with a well-aged Parmigiano-Reggiano, which has very little lactose left in it after all that aging..."

Serious Cheese: What Happens When a Curd Nerd Becomes Lactose Intolerant?

@LoFromChi and @mepolo, Interesting points about the gallbladder/fat angle. My wife had a similar hypothesis.

Chocolate You Breathe

Free version: walk past the Fat Witch in Chelsea Market.

Serious Cheese: Goat Cheese as a Marker of Gentrification

@LikesToEatJunk, I think using McDonald's as a gauge is a smart approach. I wouldn't be surprised to see goat cheese in their "premium" salads, sometime soon.

Meat Lite: Cabbage Apple Casserole

Deborah Madison has a similar, vegetarian recipe that's absolutely delicious. It's in her Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone book.

Serious Cheese: With Milk Prices Down, Grafton Pays a Premium

@ engmcmuffin: Murray's definitely carries it. I would also bet that Zabars & Fairway do as well.

'Am I Obsolete?' Asks 'San Francisco Chronicle' Food Critic Michael Bauer

I absolutely think that print critics will go the way of the dinosaurs. (Print itself will go the way of the dinosaurs--it's far too expensive to produce relative to websites.) But there will always be influential people on the web whose voices carry farther and louder than others. Whether that's people being paid to write on a blog like this, or people doing it for free on Yelp, doesn't much matter.

What does matter is that restaurants won't be able to get away with preferentially treating critics over regular customers anymore. Hopefully this will mean we all get better food and service! Restaurants will be on their best behavior, frightened that any disappointed guest could air their grievances so publicly.

April Is National Grilled Cheese Month

Artisanal Bistro is also having a Grilled Cheese recipe contest:

They make a great grilled cheese there with white truffle, honey and comté. Mmmm

New and exciting cheeses?

@kate9019, Where are you located? I would recommend finding a good local cheesemonger, if possible, and asking them to help you through this process. It can certainly be overwhelming. You can also check out my continuing "101" series of posts here, which give you a background on some of the different types of cheese. Do a search up at the top of this page for 'cheese 101' (without the quotes).

Serious Cheese: On Raw-Milk Cheese

@danirose87, Can you point to some sources for your claims? In particular I'd be interested in seeing scientific studies of links between consuming pasteurized milk and increased food allergies. There's a lot of pseudoscience going on in the food world, so I think it's important to be rigorous about such claims.

Serious Cheese: Macaroni and Cheese Product

@dhorst, interesting you guys called it Mac&Glue. the article from states that:

"The vast majority of [milk protein concentrates] are imported from countries such as the Ukraine, China and India, Aubertine said, and they are not regulated as food products because they are also widely used for glue. [Milk protein concentrates], for example, form the glue that affixes labels to beer bottles."


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