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London: 10 Must-Eat British Foods During the Olympics

a bread roll is called a variety of different things depending on where you are in the UK from a roll to a bap, a bun, a bread cake, a tea cake (not the one with currants in) or a stottie to name a few. For all those visiting our fair isles for the olympics please don't judge our food on the huge amounts of mcdonalds starbucks and subways that you will see, dig around visit some gastropubs and always be warey of fish and chip shops that are more than an hour away from the coast, closer to the coast means fresher fish!

Can the UK produce good street/fast food

@shoneyjoe the delivery pizza falls neatly into the /fast food part of the question not the street part.

my question was about good not variety, however i do say that in general there is little in the way of variety - in general being the key part to that statement. i have read some good replies about experiences people have had and that is encouraging. Also since posting this i have come across a burgeoning supper club scene that seems to be popping up around the country, whilst not the typical interpretation of street food, it is an interesting movement of people cooking their food for people which is what i believe the origins of street food are about.

As for my myopic definition of variety, i guess that entirely depends on your own experience and viewpoint, personally i don't class three options (kebabs, sausage rolls and curries) as a wide variety, and certainly having a lot of those three things isn't variety perhaps you have a different idea of variety?

I would love to hear more about your experiences in the Uni town you lived in, i assume it was a UK town, which one? was there anything quirky, or unique that stood out?


I ate the Juicy Lucy!

i think the concept of the juicy lucy confirms that my life was destined to be burger led! i made my first cheese filled burger when i was about eleven years old i'm now 32, i'm from the UK and only really heard about the 'juicy lucy' about three months ago. i guess good ideas just seem to work. i would love to do a burger tour of the US and try the genuine article

Can the UK produce good street/fast food

@eaguk finger on the pulse thats me...ha ha i don't think. Although i have noticed a lot of buzz about street food lately, the food network dedicated a month to it!

i like the name meatwagon by the way!

Can the UK produce good street/fast food

@shoneyjoe looks as though the comment i responded to was removed.

to be honest my mini rant was a morning after the night before reaction to a truly awful pizza i had delivered, but the theme of my point stands, that in general my home country provides little variety in the take away/street food stakes.

I get the feeling in my gut (possibly a revisit from the pizza) that the UK is ready for something exciting and new, i would love to see more options and variety on our streets.

@kitchener unfortunately there are a few too many of all of those!

Can the UK produce good street/fast food

@Saucy Johnny not a case of being pissy, just don't get why people who haven't got anything to add would bother making a comment like that. Just seems silly - besides if you make a point of attacking someone expect them to defend themselves.

Can the UK produce good street/fast food

The Fat Duck in Bray consistently wins the accolade of being the best restaurant in the world.
Don't say things like 'Brits still hadn't learned...' firstly it's conjecture that you can't back up with fact, also it's grammatically all over the place - it just makes your post moot.

Why did I even bother asking?

ok so back to the OP; this is a family do right? They are your family, not a restaurant full of critics, they aren't your enemies - the nice thing about families is they can tell you that your food is wonderful or they can tell you it sucks and not mean to hurt your feelings.
I know this is serious eats - and i am becoming a bigger fan each day - but really, its just food.
Make something you like, put your heart into it and put it on the table with everything else, if it gets eaten then well done you, if not, oh well maybe they will eat something different next time. Good luck and have a great time.

Patra's Burgers Gets a Healthy Makeover on 'Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution'

I'm British (English to be precise - Northern English to take it to the nth) and i wholeheartedly agree with Kenji, i got the joke, i don't think burgers need to be healthy, the second i walk into a mcdonalds and they as if i want my big make on wholegrain is the very last second i spend in there! Kenji is right, Burgers are a treat (and WHAT a treat!) School dinners need to be healthier, Brit kids are getting fatter and American kids are dying before their parents and its mostly down to diet. If schools educated kids about food better and made it more relevant then it wouldn't matter if Burger King brought a 99p/cent whopper with all the trimmings kids would see it as a treat not everyday lunch.
Jamie Oliver has a fair amount of clout over here when it comes to the food we buy - we have a series every year called the great food fight, a couple of years ago him and a certain Mr Ramsey (and another chap called Hugh Fernley Wittingstal (not checked the spelling) managed to change the laws on the labelling of free range/organic/factory chickens and eggs, last year they changed the laws on fish.
I know that Oliver isn't to everyones tastes (i think he can be a royal prick at times) but his intentions are good and don't seem to be profit based. perhaps we could all follow his lead?
To finish, keep burgers as they are, but put salads in schools for god sakes!


New York-Style Pizza Sauce

i'm not Italian or American, what the hell am i supposed to put in my pizza/tomato sauce?
can i put sugar and anchovies AND butter...oh wait its my sauce i'll put what i like in!

Whopper or Big Mac ???

In the UK we basically only have those two choices, no In n Out, no Carls(?) no Shake Shack - the UK Big Mac is tiny and the Whopper is usually badly put together. The problem is the UK doesn't seem to have the same passion for good burgers. Personally i would take the whopper over the big mac.