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MIA: Do You Cook Differently When Others Are Out of Town?

Actually, I don't cook unless my roommate is out of town. When she's here, the kitchen normally gets extremely messy very quickly and it drains all my passion for cooking. I avoid messy places as a rule. So when she's gone, first thing I do is a kitchen overhaul. Then I cook like crazy.

Cream of Wheat: Way or No Way?

I love it a couple ways...
1) regular texture (not too runny, not too dry) with milk and sugar
2) creamier texture with lumps (not the lumps that have uncooked grains have to do it just right)
4) or hot and soupy when I'm feeling sick and icky and just want something to go down nice and easy...

McDonald's Filet-O-Fish: Yea or Nay?

Yummie! There have been a few times I've had it, and the fish was too salty...but those were few and far between.
Love them......I'm sure the fish @ McDonald's thing or the fish w/ cheese thing sounds creepy to some...but don't knock it till you tried it.

Snapshots from the UK: How the English Eat

I knew there was something different about the way they ate, when I watched it in movies! But I just couldn't put my finger on it.

That looks like it could get out of hand....Trying to stuff it all in your mouth in one bite. But I guess they just determine how to portion it correctly. Hmmm...

There are a few times when I eat multiple things in one bite. I normally take a meat and pair it with a carbohydrate (mashed potatoes, pasta, etc) on my fork. I also just mix whatever tends to taste good together on my plate (usually as a result of an accidental touching of foods).

In Videos: Gummi Bear in Molten Potassium Chlorate

My chemistry teacher performed this "experiment". She told us it was a sacrifice to the Gummi Bear gods.

Mayor Closes Children Produce Stand for Lack of Permits

Look, I hate the idea of kicking the kids out just as much as the next guy, but Cassaendra has a great point. If you want to teach them entrepreneurship and responsibility...why not start with how you are legally supposed to run a business in America; why not start in teaching them how to follow the law? Go get a permit and move on.

I understand why the mayor did what he did. As soon as something/anything goes wrong, everyone is going to blame the authorities for not doing something about it. If you think they are getting upset at about it when someone get's sick on the food. Think about it when someone trips over a leg on the table and someone gets hurt. The mayor has to protect himself...because in the end that's his job on the line. That's money he no longer can take home to support his family because he lets things slip here and there.
Sure, now it's trivial...but you've got to draw the line somewhere.

Best way to eat ice cream?

If I'm out and about:
Vanilla ice cream, marshmallow topping, whipped cream, and a few nuts in a cup...mmmm.

At home: Vanilla in a bowl....or straight out of the container....

Simple is divine.

The Anatomy of a Gummy Bear

All gummy bears are males? hmmm

Free Ice Cream Cones from Ben & Jerry's Tomorrow

Not worth it. To get to the closest participating shop and back I would have to pay for two cones worth in gas. bah!

SE users: please introduce yourselves.

Jami, female, 20, TX, engineering college student. I love to eat, but am not a serious cook like most on SE. I enjoy cooking, and have made my share of delicious dishes. I'm what many would consider an amateur cook and wannabe foodie. I grew up wanting to be a food critic just so I could eat for free, but alas...not to be... :)

I'm mostly just sitting back reading articles/threads, taking in the good advice and trying out new recipes. I don't say much, mostly because I don't know too much about cooking to have an informed competent opinion/comment. I'm using this as a learning, educational and relaxing experience.


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