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My Pie Monday: 36.7-Second Margherita, Sweet Potato Pizza, and More!

@forza about the only good think in Rome :-) you got a recipe to share?

The Food Lab: How to Make Chicken Tikka Masala at Home

any suggestions / advice for non-chicken eaters... a good fish / shellfish substitute (or a veggie one)?

Spice Hunting: 5 Tips to Brewing a Better Mulled Cider

put the spices in a tea ball and toss in the pot... then its easy to pull out without getting pieces of spice at the bottom of the cup

My Pie Monday: Shallots, Ajvar, Onion Crema, and Much More!

@paralleli you willing to share a recipe? looks amazing!

pizza party problem

Thanks everyone for the help.

I went with the Sicilian and it worked great. I had trays out right away and another 2 to follow.

pizza party problem

@imwalkin and @loco_food: unless i found a different recipe... it never seems to taste that good when twice cooked.

@adam: I could fill the oven with bricks so I have 2 full layers and could cook 4 at a time... im just worried about all the open and closing of the door cooling down the oven.

Cook the Book: 'My Pizza'

the man is a genius...
it is so simple... and so yummy, anyone can make it

My Pie Monday: Cherry Pie, Cauliflower Bacon, Fugazza Pizza, and More!

@Square_Pie thanks. It was tasty without being overly sweat the fresh cherries added a great tartness and the soft cheese mmmm

My Pie Monday: Mini Pizzas, Mortadella, Marinara Pizza and More!

@jimmyg the mini pies are fun... I've making them for the kids for a while, but this was my first adult take... The squash was great, stuffed with herb goat cheese.

Pizza Obsessives: James W. Schulman (aka 'jamesws')

@egadman thanks.
@square_pie thanks, yours are not too bad either :)

Pizza Obsessives: James W. Schulman (aka 'jamesws')

@jimmyg It was some time ago, but my guess is the one I'm holding is a white pie with banana peppers and the one in the oven is a margherita

Pizza Obsessives: James W. Schulman (aka 'jamesws')

@Adam yes and no. It is the oven that my in-laws put in so i can make pies at their place. It was a total surprise, everyone except me knew about it. That picture is the first pie out of the oven.

Building a Pizzeria: Closing in on Opening up

best of luck on then opening and continued success!

Video: New York Times 'Pizza from Scratch'

but in the end somewhat disappointing from NYT... you would think being in NYC they could have given some more refined advice.

Poll: Tomatoes as a Topping - Way or No Way?

i'll second that...

@AK great to see you still hanging out here :)

Dmcavanagh Tackles Crushed Tomatoes

@olsonmatt usually whole is better than crushed

Dmcavanagh Tackles Crushed Tomatoes

@dmc if we have others is there a way to ship them your way?

So Long, Folks (and See You Next Week)

2nd all that... best of luck (do we dare ask where you are off to?)