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My Pie Monday: 36.7-Second Margherita, Sweet Potato Pizza, and More!

@forza about the only good think in Rome :-) you got a recipe to share?

The Food Lab: How to Make Chicken Tikka Masala at Home

any suggestions / advice for non-chicken eaters... a good fish / shellfish substitute (or a veggie one)?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

pickled hot pepper

Spice Hunting: 5 Tips to Brewing a Better Mulled Cider

put the spices in a tea ball and toss in the pot... then its easy to pull out without getting pieces of spice at the bottom of the cup

My Pie Monday: Shallots, Ajvar, Onion Crema, and Much More!

@paralleli you willing to share a recipe? looks amazing!

pizza party problem

Thanks everyone for the help.

I went with the Sicilian and it worked great. I had trays out right away and another 2 to follow.

pizza party problem

@imwalkin and @loco_food: unless i found a different recipe... it never seems to taste that good when twice cooked.

@adam: I could fill the oven with bricks so I have 2 full layers and could cook 4 at a time... im just worried about all the open and closing of the door cooling down the oven.

Cook the Book: 'My Pizza'

the man is a genius...
it is so simple... and so yummy, anyone can make it

Serious Eats Is Five Years Old: Happy Birthday to Us!

Ask the Food Lab Anything, the Thanksgiving Edition

Vegetarian options that aren't tofurky

Video: The Four Greatest Pizzerias in New Haven

Working hard as usual.

My Pie Monday: Cherry Pie, Cauliflower Bacon, Fugazza Pizza, and More!

@Square_Pie thanks. It was tasty without being overly sweat the fresh cherries added a great tartness and the soft cheese mmmm

My Pie Monday: Mini Pizzas, Mortadella, Marinara Pizza and More!

@jimmyg the mini pies are fun... I've making them for the kids for a while, but this was my first adult take... The squash was great, stuffed with herb goat cheese.

Pizza Obsessives: James W. Schulman (aka 'jamesws')

@egadman thanks.
@square_pie thanks, yours are not too bad either :)

Pizza Obsessives: James W. Schulman (aka 'jamesws')

@jimmyg It was some time ago, but my guess is the one I'm holding is a white pie with banana peppers and the one in the oven is a margherita

Pizza Obsessives: James W. Schulman (aka 'jamesws')

@dmc "might" :-)

Pizza Obsessives: James W. Schulman (aka 'jamesws')

@Adam yes and no. It is the oven that my in-laws put in so i can make pies at their place. It was a total surprise, everyone except me knew about it. That picture is the first pie out of the oven.

Building a Pizzeria: Closing in on Opening up

best of luck on then opening and continued success!

My Pie Monday: Cherry Tomatoes, BBQ Chicken, Chili Cheese Dog Pizza(?!), and More!

@dh thanks... You have a grill pan?

Video: New York Times 'Pizza from Scratch'

but in the end somewhat disappointing from NYT... you would think being in NYC they could have given some more refined advice.

What Is VPN Pizza?

@gaffer 2nd that

Poll: Tomatoes as a Topping - Way or No Way?

i'll second that...

@AK great to see you still hanging out here :)

Dmcavanagh Tackles Crushed Tomatoes

@olsonmatt usually whole is better than crushed

Dmcavanagh Tackles Crushed Tomatoes

@dmc if we have others is there a way to ship them your way?

So Long, Folks (and See You Next Week)

2nd all that... best of luck (do we dare ask where you are off to?)

pizza party problem

Hi Slicers,

I am catering a party for about 25 and am planning to make pizzas. Other than making Sicilian pies, any got a suggestion of how to prepare that much with out waiting the 8 to 10 minutes per pie.


Where to eat in Vail, CO

We are heading to Vail next week and was looking for some suggestions. We will be traveling with our 4 year old son (who eats almost anything), though we don't want any "family restaurants" or bars just nothing too fancy. My wife and I are mostly veggies but do eat some fish, though my father-in-law eats everything.

So not too fancy, but not chain, lots of non-meat options, but an interesting menu.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Home Made S'mores

Anyone got a recipe for home made s'mores....graham crackers, marshmallows... ok not the chocolate but you get the idea.

but here is the kicker - it has to be vegetarian - no gelatin... oh and no weird science experiments either.


Authentic vs Locavore??

How do you balance authentic recipes that require ingredients from far away lands (e.g. San Marzano tomatoes from Italy) versus the goal to eat local small farm grown (organic) ingredients??

Is it a real Pizza Margherita if you grows the tomatoes and make the cheese from local milk? Is there not something to the heart of Italian cooking that you should use the best possible ingredients and do as little as possible to bring out their flavors?

Proofing boxes

Does anyone know where to get proofing boxes that will fit in a side-by-side refrigerator (half sheet pan size)?

I have found the large restaurant ones but they are too big


DIY Coffee Liqueur

DIY coffee liqueur tastes like like a fresh cup of coffee with added depth from rum and just enough sugar to make it great for sipping or mixing—or baking and dessert garnishing. The quick steeping time means no patience is required. More

The Food Lab: The Best Guacamole (and the Science of Avocados)

Guacamole was the very first dish I learned how to make, unless you count heating up a frozen chicken pot pie or pouring hot water into a Cup of Noodles. The best guacamole is the simplest. What's the best way to incorporate aromatics? Does the seed really prevent it from browning? What's the best way to mash your 'cados? We'll answer all of those questions today. More

Extra Crumb Coffee Cake

Joy Wilson, author of Joy the Baker Cookbook is a single gal, and being single means lots of time spent speculating about Mr. Right. She describes her Extra Crumb Coffee Cake as "The perfect husband. It has the perfect balance of substance and sweet tenderness. The filling brings in just a bit of spice. A little romance (or chocolate) never hurt anyone either, right? The topping is full of extra heart-melting goodness." Pretty sweet, Pretty sweet, don't you think? More

The Pizza Lab: Foolproof Pan Pizza

I've got a confession to make: I love pan pizza. I'm not talking deep-dish Chicago-style with its crisp crust and rivers of cheese and sauce, I'm talking thick-crusted, fried-on-the-bottom, puffy, cheesy, focaccia-esque pan pizza, dripping with strings of mozzarella and robust sauce. If only pizza that good were also easy to make at home. Well here's the good news: It is. This is the easiest pizza you will ever make. Seriously. All it takes is a few basic kitchen essentials, some simple ingredients, and a bit of patience. More

How to Temper Chocolate

Tempering chocolate is one of those things that seems really scary if you've never done it before. I have to admit, when we learned tempering in pastry school, it could get really frustrating (especially in the summer when the A/C wasn't working). But with a little practice, you'll start to recognize the signs of tempered chocolate more and more quickly until you're tempering like a pro. More

This Week's Tasty 10

According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items across the Serious Eats family of sites this week were ... 1. My Pizza Oven: Mark Wilkie, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn The story of one man's pizza-oven construction project. "When we first started building the oven people thought we were building a bunker..." 2. Taste Test: Greek Yogurt "If you're really into that trademark sour Greek yogurt funk taste, go with Fage, whereas Chobani is best for intimidated beginners." 3. What Do You Eat for All-Nighters? "This year I find myself doing some late nights to get my medical school applications finished up. Since I work full-time and have a long commute, all my work kinda gets packed into... More

New York Style Pizza

Note: Using a food processor ensures that your dough is properly developed without over-oxidizing, which can affect flavor. To scale up, make dough in separate batches in food processor. Do not try to process more than one batch at a... More

Learning How to Make Neapolitan Pizza from Keste's Roberto Caporuscio

Roberto Caporuscio, one of the partners-pizzaiolos at Kesté Pizza & Vino in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, led a Neapolitan pizza-making class last night. Before he began punching dough balls and spreading tomato sauce, he went over the basics. Naples is a couple hours south of Rome, and "the pizza from there is not better, it's just different." He gave us a little history on the famous Naples-originating Margherita pizza, which we were about to bake in the Kesté oven cranked up to 950°F. A baker named Rafaele Esposito whipped up the first pizza Margherita in 1889 to welcome the Queen... More

Cook the Book: Potato Focaccia

And, as promised, here's the first recipe from Anissa Helou's Savory Baking From the Mediterranean. Since I mentioned focaccia first, that's what we'll lead off with today. According to Helou, "This focaccia is a specialty of Puglia, the 'heel' of... More