Fort Lauderdale??

Thanks, everyone! I have passed along this thread! I sent him to Tarks last night and everyone loved it. Looks like he won't have a problem finding a place tonight! Wish I was there with him- it's breezy and chilly in DC today...

I need a heart-shaped casserole dish recipe!

Bread pudding is something I have always wanted to make... I had my eye on Ina's Croissant bread pudding. Maybe I will give that a try!
Mac and cheese is another favorite, but I already have a fridge full of delicious cheesy leftovers (made it during the blizzard)!! Thanks for your ideas!

Potbelly Sandwich Works: Big Sandwiches for a Small Price

I love the chicken salad with extra hot peppers! The mini bag of oatmeal cookies are also a huge hit at my office. Yum!


Wow! Thanks to both of you for your enthusiastic responses.
I am leaving this Sunday, so will likely miss any solstice events. However, I am definitely excited to try out some of your recommendations. I am planning on checking out some of those breweries- I have heard lots of good things!

Semarr- I was thinking of heading down to Girdwood so I will seek out the Double Musky. I have been told that the Seward highway drive is the most beautiful in the world.

I am really looking forward to this trip. I wasn't given much notice, and I am traveling by myself- but I am determined to make the best of it! It's a long flight from DC, but I am super excited to get up there!

Dinner Club — looking for a creative way to entertain at home

I am in a dinner club that meets once a month and is hosted at a different member's home each time. The host creates the menu, with the recipes included, and sends it out at least a week before we meet. Everyone is assigned something different (appetizers, cocktails, salads, sides, desert, etc). It started with one person inviting one friend, and that friend inviting one friend that no one else knew, etc. We have 7 members which has worked out to be an ideal number in order to fill up courses (usually at least one person can't make it). It has been a great way to meet new friends in all kinds of different and interesting professions and to learn how to cook things outside of our comfort zone. We are all women, but this would be a fun ideas for couples as well! We live in the DC area and call our group UP- or Urban Picnic. Good luck starting your own!

You live where?

In Arlington, VA now. Pollo Rico, Yeah! Home is PA (State College, Erie and Pittsburgh).

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

still looking!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

still looking!

Rasika Recommendation ? D.C.

Glad to hear the raves. Thanks for the link, lemons. That squid dish has me salivating! I can't wait.

Does Your Grocery Store Have You Crying Tears of Joy?

Danny's Favorite subs at Weggies. I eat all 14 inches!

Is there any such thing as summer comfort food?

Fish Tacos


Sandwiches at Primanti Brothers: Pittsburgh Between Two Slices

I will be back in Pittsburgh this weekend. Pirates game and Primanti Brothers are on the agenda. I can't wait!

Celebrity Chef Cookware?

Great idea. Thanks! I do enjoy Marshall's. I will probably head there this weekend.
A friend once told me that the Le Creuset cookware that is sold at the discount stores are 'knock offs'. I didn't think she was right... but does anyone know if there is any truth to that?

Celebrity Chef Cookware?

I really need to purchase a dutch oven and I have my heart set on buying my first Le Creuset piece. Being that I am young and poor, I could use some advice. Should I bite the bullet- or are there similar quality brands out there for less $$$? First time poster... Thanks!

Fort Lauderdale??

My boyfriend is in Ft. Lauderdale with co-workers. They want to go to Hooters every night! Are their any local places worth going to that he can suggest (partially for his eating enjoyment/ partially for my peace of mind). He asked me to do some research for him. Asking serious eaters is my best bet! Thanks!


I am getting sent out to anchorage (all by myself) for work. I will be spending 8 days there next week. I have never been to Alaska and don't want to miss out on the scenery and seafood. Does anyone have any good restaurant recommendations? I am looking for places where a lone diner won't be too uncomfortable. Thanks!

How to cook a pork loin

I had planned to make some pulled pork and sent my boyfriend off for some pork butt. He came back with a 3 1/2 lb. pork loin (two loins tied together). I don't know what to do with this hunk o' meat as it is too lean to slow cook. Should I braise it and then roast it? I have read some conflicting information. I would still like to use some BBQ sauce-like ingredients. Any ideas?

Rasika Recommendation ? D.C.

Has anyone eaten here? I am excited to go this week for dinner, but am not completely familiar with Indian food. I love the spices and am willing to try anything. I don't want to miss out on a great dish just because I have never heard of it. Has anyone been? Thanks!

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