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Special Occasion Drinking

I thought every day was a special occasion. Wake up, look around, and I'm still alive! Champagne with dinner it is!

Help! Incapable of thinking or decision making.

My husband is also not a vegetarian, and he's gluten free. How do I make sure my boiling water is also gluten free?

Gadgets: The Beverage Barricade

Great idea! Once had a bee fly into a soda can at a picnic. Not fun.

What is dummer: St. Patricks Day or 420?

jd; what are the other theories? That's the only one I have ever heard

What is dummer: St. Patricks Day or 420?

420 came about because a group of teens in 1971 at the San Rafael High School were searching for an abandoned cannabis crop and they used the term 4:20 Louis as the time and location. (Louis referred to the statue of Louis Pasteur on campus). Multiple failed attempts at finding this crop resulted in their just using the term 4:20 which eventually evolved into a codeword the teens used for smoking pot in general. Also, the early spread of the term is linked to Grateful Dead followers, who are also linked the the city of San Rafael. Not saying it's a great holiday, just letting you know the origins of it.

What is your favorite brand of quality kitchen knives?

I use Henkels as well. But really, it's a matter of personal taste. Best option is to go to a kitchen store (like Williams-Sonoma) and try different brands out. See which ones you like, then go find them somewhere else at a much lower price!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! 10 Seussian Recipes to Celebrate

It would be easier to eat them with a mouse in a house, I think.

Who Would You Ask A Culinary Question To?

I'm adding Ming Tsai to my list as well. He is just so cool!

Holiday Entertaining- Is this Appropriate?

If it's a potluck; please say that when you are inviting people. In my case, I've hosted potlucks before, but never made people bring their own drinks. And have always said no to the hostess gift on the invite. "Hey, you're bringing you and a dish! That's more than enough." This is essentially telling them "you can show up, but you have to bring all your own stuff and I'm not here to entertain you."

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

I got my first and only set of Henckels/with knife bag years ago when I started cooking professionally and I have used them ever since. But my go to knife is the serrated. I can use that thing for just about everything and it never needs to be sharpened.

Video: Pancake 'Look at Me Now' Cover by White Boy Rapper

By the amounts of cooked pancakes, I just wonder how many takes it took.

Advice: A vegan at a meat eaters Thanksgiving table

What a mess?! I have never had that happen ever with my family or friends. We pretty much eat what we like and don't eat what we don't like. No one has ever said anything about it like it's a strange thing. We might kid about one person who loves stuffing (get to the stuffing before he does, cause you're not getting any after that), the veggie horders (they will hide that tray, so they get the whole tray), etc. but nothing beyond.

Ratios: Meatballs and Meatloaf

I'm with everyone on the meatloaf thing; though I do use a shot of worstershire. If you really want a great mealoaf I would google not my mom's meatloaf. Not affiliated in any way; just love his recipe.

Glucose syrup

@hmw0029 I think it is pretty much half fructose, but it still works. Just trying to help with the unflavoring of of commercially available corn syrup and paying high prices for the "real" stuff.

Glucose syrup

As far as I know, it's pretty much regular corn syrup. I've used it in recipies in place of glucose syrup without any problems. You can cheaply make your own if you are worried about extra flavors-it's called invert sugar.

A Sandwich a Day: Awesome Egg Salad at Meat Cheese Bread in Portland, OR

I do love an egg salad sandwich on a croissant, especially if it's really good egg salad! Most places cannot pull that one off-which I don't understand at all.

What's your favourite gluten free appetizer?

goat cheese mousse piped into baked parmesan cups. Pretty and tasty.

Fast Fixes after Screwing Up

I actually had to disable my smoke alarm because I lived in a small apartment and anytime my food was near ready, the stupid thing would go off. At least everyone knew when dinner was at the table :)

Pet treats

Just checked it out and will try it ( I can deal with liver-might even get extra for me) Thanks so much!

The Chew: did it satisfy your hunger for food talk?

Thought Monday's show was horrid, but today's wasn't as bad. Hope they keep working on it. Now if only they would cut out half of the commercials, I might keep watching. That really kills it for me. One minute segments followed by commercials is really annoying!


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