Special Occasion Drinking

I thought every day was a special occasion. Wake up, look around, and I'm still alive! Champagne with dinner it is!

Help! Incapable of thinking or decision making.

My husband is also not a vegetarian, and he's gluten free. How do I make sure my boiling water is also gluten free?

Gadgets: The Beverage Barricade

Great idea! Once had a bee fly into a soda can at a picnic. Not fun.

What is dummer: St. Patricks Day or 420?

jd; what are the other theories? That's the only one I have ever heard

What is dummer: St. Patricks Day or 420?

420 came about because a group of teens in 1971 at the San Rafael High School were searching for an abandoned cannabis crop and they used the term 4:20 Louis as the time and location. (Louis referred to the statue of Louis Pasteur on campus). Multiple failed attempts at finding this crop resulted in their just using the term 4:20 which eventually evolved into a codeword the teens used for smoking pot in general. Also, the early spread of the term is linked to Grateful Dead followers, who are also linked the the city of San Rafael. Not saying it's a great holiday, just letting you know the origins of it.

Bread Baking: Bunny Bread

What is your favorite brand of quality kitchen knives?

I use Henkels as well. But really, it's a matter of personal taste. Best option is to go to a kitchen store (like Williams-Sonoma) and try different brands out. See which ones you like, then go find them somewhere else at a much lower price!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! 10 Seussian Recipes to Celebrate

Maybe just stick to eating them here and there.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! 10 Seussian Recipes to Celebrate

Might be fun in a boat with a goat.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! 10 Seussian Recipes to Celebrate

It would be easier to eat them with a mouse in a house, I think.

Who Would You Ask A Culinary Question To?

I'm adding Ming Tsai to my list as well. He is just so cool!

Who Would You Ask A Culinary Question To?

Jacques Torres!

Holiday Entertaining- Is this Appropriate?

If it's a potluck; please say that when you are inviting people. In my case, I've hosted potlucks before, but never made people bring their own drinks. And have always said no to the hostess gift on the invite. "Hey, you're bringing you and a dish! That's more than enough." This is essentially telling them "you can show up, but you have to bring all your own stuff and I'm not here to entertain you."

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

I got my first and only set of Henckels/with knife bag years ago when I started cooking professionally and I have used them ever since. But my go to knife is the serrated. I can use that thing for just about everything and it never needs to be sharpened.

Video: Pancake 'Look at Me Now' Cover by White Boy Rapper

By the amounts of cooked pancakes, I just wonder how many takes it took.

Advice: A vegan at a meat eaters Thanksgiving table

What a mess?! I have never had that happen ever with my family or friends. We pretty much eat what we like and don't eat what we don't like. No one has ever said anything about it like it's a strange thing. We might kid about one person who loves stuffing (get to the stuffing before he does, cause you're not getting any after that), the veggie horders (they will hide that tray, so they get the whole tray), etc. but nothing beyond.

Ratios: Meatballs and Meatloaf

I'm with everyone on the meatloaf thing; though I do use a shot of worstershire. If you really want a great mealoaf I would google not my mom's meatloaf. Not affiliated in any way; just love his recipe.

Glucose syrup

@hmw0029 I think it is pretty much half fructose, but it still works. Just trying to help with the unflavoring of of commercially available corn syrup and paying high prices for the "real" stuff.

Glucose syrup

As far as I know, it's pretty much regular corn syrup. I've used it in recipies in place of glucose syrup without any problems. You can cheaply make your own if you are worried about extra flavors-it's called invert sugar.

A Sandwich a Day: Awesome Egg Salad at Meat Cheese Bread in Portland, OR

I do love an egg salad sandwich on a croissant, especially if it's really good egg salad! Most places cannot pull that one off-which I don't understand at all.

What's your favourite gluten free appetizer?

goat cheese mousse piped into baked parmesan cups. Pretty and tasty.

Fast Fixes after Screwing Up

I actually had to disable my smoke alarm because I lived in a small apartment and anytime my food was near ready, the stupid thing would go off. At least everyone knew when dinner was at the table :)

Pet treats

Just checked it out and will try it ( I can deal with liver-might even get extra for me) Thanks so much!

The Chew: did it satisfy your hunger for food talk?

Thought Monday's show was horrid, but today's wasn't as bad. Hope they keep working on it. Now if only they would cut out half of the commercials, I might keep watching. That really kills it for me. One minute segments followed by commercials is really annoying!

Stupid or Cool? You decide.

Guacamole help

Help please. I'm making guacamole and I've run out of Miracle Whip. Can I substitute sour cream instead?

Pet treats

I have moved into a new place and one of the neighbors has been really great about letting me know little stuff (mail time, garbage and yard waste days, etc.). He has a german shepherd and I would like to thank him with some treats for the dog, but have no clue how to make dog snacks. Does anyone have any great recipies to make and give?

soft food

I had oral surgery on Monday and I'm only allowed soft food until I go back next Monday to see how things are going. No big deal, except I'm so sick of soup, spaghettios, pudding, yogurt, etc. Is there anything else that you all can think of (please let it be store bought-too much pain to actually cook anything.) I'm not that hungry, but I need to eat. Thanks!

Stupid or Cool? You decide.

I happened on this gadget link text
and was amazed! I think it's both stupid and cool and I so want one! I don't even know what I'd do with it. Well, besides the obvious squirting ketchup on my counters just to watch it in action. What do you think?

Dinner Party

I kept hearing about Rocco Dispirito(spelling?) and his new show, so I watched it this week. While not a train wreck in my book, it was mean spirited and boring. I would have loved it had it been about giving a dinner party-tips, themes, ideas in general-but it was just another competition show and a bad one at that. Anyone else out there see it and have thoughts on it?

Happy hot dog man

I don't know how many informercials I've seen that sell cooking products that will make your life easier, better, and more fun; but this one cracked me up! Are people that clueless that they can't figure out how to use a paring knife, or even give their kids a butter knife to do this? Do any of you own any of these kinds of gadgets (whether bought or were given)? Or have you seen even more ridiculous gadgets?
The website is
if I'm supposed to put down the website, please delete it.

Grooming tools in the kitchen

I know a lot of high end restaurants use tweezers in their kitchens (I think theirs are surgical), but as I use small makeup brushes for applying luster dust, syringes with small plastic tips for injecting liquids in fruits, and a blow dryer on occasion. I even raid the first aid kit for gauze when in desperate need. I was wondering who else uses these things and others in their cooking, plating, and decorating.

Gelato vs. Ice Cream

For some of you its already almost summer weather and here I am still with the heat on. But I'm a big ice cream/gelato fan and make as soon as the weather starts warming up I start making frozen stuff (hey, at least I can pretend its warm enough!). Basically, they use most of the same ingredients, but the amounts and the finished products are a bit different. Which one do you prefer?

Deli Mustard

After work I go to a friend's workplace to pick her up (she works at a deli type place). When she or another person is making a deli sandwich for a customer if they ask for mustard she puts it on the sandwich, but some customers ask for "deli" mustard"; but it is confusing, because sometimes they want yellow, sometimes they want dijon; sometimes it's english. So what gives? I've asked her and she said that she's not sure, so she always asks which kind they want and tells them what she has and they tell her what they want. So my question is: What exactly is deli mustard and why are there so many options?

Shrimp Bisque problem solved thanks to bleu & ecca31!

Just wanted to give a proper thanks to you guys for helping me fix my little problem. And trust me, it was needed, because by the time I got to work there was no more fish stock or veggie stock available plus no tomato paste or crushed red pepper. Luckily I had your tricks and a I had the sense to bring in my own tomato paste and some old bay and tabasco on the sly. It wasn't the best I have ever made by far, but noone was the wiser. Well, except that one girl, who tasted it, looked at me and said it just tasted weird. I said nothing and just walked away.

Shrimp Bisque problem

I have to make shrimp bisque for work tomorrow, which is usally no big deal. I checked that we had all the ingredients, so was all prepared to go in and make it. Well, I happened to double check my go to recipe and realized that I don't have any shells to work with for it. I have extra (cooked) shrimp and was wondering if there is any way to use those for color and flavor instead of the shells, and just strain them out as I would the shells. Any ideas would be very helpful. I have searched everywhere on the internet, but no luck there. Also, as this is a small town, there are no shells to be had from stores, etc. Thanks!

Real Deal Kung Pao Chicken-well, sort of, not really . . .

I might have missed the boat on this recipe by J.Kenji when it first came out, but the grocery store had a huge sale on chicken breasts a couple of weeks ago, so I bought a ton. And of course that's all we have been eating. I was getting tired of my usual chicken recipes and went to SE for ideas. Found the Kung Pao Chicken recipe and tried it. It was wonderful and we all liked it. Then, a few days later, we are so sick of chicken ( I got the "it better not be chicken again" look), I was going to make burgers. No biggie, but then I got to thinking, I have some of that thai garlic chili sauce in my fridge, which needs to be used up. Hmmm. . .yeah, I mixed some of that in my ground up chuck and grilled them. It smelled and tasted exactly like sloppy joes (without the sloppy part). So thanks SE and Kenji, we now have a quick go to for unsloppy sloppy joes!!

Cheap meals for a beginner

Was just asked by a friend who wants to learn how to cook his own food (and is kinda poor), what are some easy and good things to make. He wants to include vegetables, but doesn't have a clue. I was thinking roast chicken, since it's easy and you can use up the leftover chicken in other things; but not sure about any other ideas. Any thoughts out there?

Vegan desserts

I need help; I have a guy from the college where I work helping me out with a business plan, etc. Since I can't pay him with money, I offered to pay him in desserts. Turns out he's vegan. I can do vegetarian desserts, but as far as I know,(which I guess isn't enough), there aren't any good vegan desserts out there. Anyone have any wonderful recipies or sites, books, etc to guide me?


I work in the food industry; mostly retail right now (soon to change to fine dining again), and cringe at the the way the younger ppl (17-20) are addressing our customors. Maybe I'm just old, but when a customer says thank you I hear "yeah" or "no problem" from a coworker, I just cringe. I always say "you're welcome" or "thank you". Is it just me or is this the future of food service?

feeding my mom part 3

Thanks to everyone who helped my out with suggestions, opinions, and thoughts on giving my mom great food! It's still hit and miss on the stuff I bring to her, but I'm learning that she loves simple cassaroles, salads, and basic foods with a twist. Thank you all!

starting a small low key business

I work only part time, was full time, but got downsized. So started making cookies and granola and it seems to be a hit, tho small. What can I do to make this a full time thing: I also take care of my mother twice a week, so maybe need to employ someone.

feeding my mom part 2

Thanks to everyone who helped last time I posted; but now have a new problem. . . I went to my mom's house today with another week of meals and discovered that all of the healthy food still in the fridge. the more fatty foods have been eaten.How do I get healthy food look better, so that it will get consumed?

Cooking for My Mom

My dad just recently passed away, and as my mom has dementia, he did the cooking in the house. Now my brother is staying with her and has no idea how to make a meal. (he seriously made her fried bologna and bread for dinner once and tried to make meatloaf that could've been used as a paperweight, it was so overdone). I live in the next town and bring her dishes twice a week to be reheated with instructions. I try to cook healthy foods for her as she is sedentary, but am running out of ideas. Did the soups, cassaroles, cold sandwiches, and am running out of ideas. Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe for fish if that's possible, or just anything that is healthy but resonably easy to reheat without killing it or even cold foods that just need to be served. Thanks.

teens and feeding them without breaking the bank

Found a solution to the kids eating everything in the cupboards. They wanted to make the food; I said ok, but it'll take about 6 hours and since they didn't believe me; we went and bought all the ingredients, then went to work. They were whining after a half an hour of prep and didn't understand the cleanup; which had to be done again and again. They wanted desserts, okay, that takes longer, but I'm game. After 6 hours of working and cleaning and cooking, they were exhausted ( we finally finished at 3am). Woke them up at noon to present their desserts at a family thing. Haven't heard from them since. The desserts rocked; but think they are too tired to even think about asking to come over again for tips.

teenagers; how to feed them without breaking the bank?

With school just about out; and the fact the we have a pool; how do I feed 4 hungry teens without it costing me a fortune? I was sick last week, so no cooking happened; but yet spent over $40 on takeout. How do I make great food for teens without it costing me a fortune?

affordable food

I am a person who values good food for my family; but in these times it is so hard to find affordable food to make and serve my family. For instance, I can make boxed mac and cheese for $2 or I can make my own for $4. Does anyone have any great family friendly meals that doesn't cost more that than the crap I can buy. Just wondering.

last supper

I know this sounds kind of morbid, but my dad is dying and is is a food guy. What do i make him for his last meal? He will make it till thursday I thinkl

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