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Disappointment At Your Local Fave

To answer J. Kenji Lopez, my biggest complaints regard their treatment of proteins and breads. The sides are all of the type that can keep well for several days. I have limited experience cooking this type of food, which is skill intensive, but from what I can tell, they cook the proteins most of the way in advance, hoping that the reheating will finish them to the proper tenderness. Unfortunately, the results I've seen the last few times I've eaten there have reflected that this strategy is ineffective. The breads are clearly stale.

I have read articles on a couple of NYC food websites discussing the financial obstacles the folks at this restaurant have faced. From this, I drew the conclusion I described in the original post.

For those who are curious about which restaurant it is, I am happy to tell you over a private message (not sure if that's available on SE). Like I said, I love this restaurant when it's on its game, so I really don't want to give them bad publicity over a public forum.

Disappointment At Your Local Fave

Good suggestions all around. Thanks for the input. It is not a bakery. I've tried to avoid specifics because I love this restaurant, and I know that it is locally owned (a fact I respect). I'll try to broach the subject the next time I visit, and will keep you all posted.


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