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Sixth and Rye, Spike Mendelsohn's Kosher Deli Truck in D.C.

i still love spike but i went the first day it opened and was highly disappointed. most of my office was. sorry spike.

LivingSocial $1 Lunch Day-Thoughts?

oh sorry, i thought i posted it in the ny only section. livingsocial launched their instant product in nyc. it is in dc and nyc, they plan on expanding. wanted feedback?

A Sandwich a Day: Chicken Cutlet Hoagie from Taylor Gourmet in Washington, D.C.

as a ny'r who just moved to dc i love taylors. i've had some hit or miss moments but it is still a great spot. the risotto balls are amazing and i don't like risotto balls. it is a must try.

casual taco place that also serves drinks

you must try cascabel on the ues. it is exactly what you are looking for and yummy.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

the steak my dad orders on january 18. he doesn't eat meat but treats himself to a peter luger steak on his bday every year. i do love skirt steak though .

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

the steak my dad orders on january 18. he doesn't eat meat but treats himself to a peter luger steak on his bday every year. i do love skirt steak though .

Are you a Chirping Chicken addict?

when i lived on the uws i got cc probably once a week. hearing the name and walking by you wouldn't think it would be as delicious as it is, except it is always packed. the uws side one is much nicer, the ues location scares me.

Delaware pizza recs needed

as a former blue hen margharitas on main st in newark has amazing pizza. peace of pizza is ok. they have creative pies to order but by the slice is ok.

Washington D.C. Eats

founding farmers also has a spot down on the georgetown waterfront, i think fishers and farmers. nice for a lunch outside.

Good Italian restaurant on south shore of Nassau County

Sole-Oceanside Ruffinos-Lynbrook BlueMoon-Rockville Centre

Fruit Delivery Services

The fruit is for the employees in the office so they have healthy snacks rather then gummy bears or are forced to buy chips. Bananas, Apples & Oranges would probably be the staple items as they tend to last the longest. I would be open to getting other fruit as well on the weeks I know the office will be full.

Ladies your favorite date spots

there some good suggestions here already. ten belles is a great wine bar. bianca is a good italian date spot. seating is tight but very cute. pipa is good for tapas in a louder environment where alta is quieter. i haven't been in years but angel share is a good drink/snack spot.

Vegetarian main dish elegant enough for a wedding?

zucchini ribbon pasta primavera. you can use the zucchini instead of pasta if you want to lighten it up. great way to show case seasonal veggies. the colors will look beautiful in a bowl.

Turkey Burgers, what's your secret?

My bf insists on adding a bit of butter to the pan. I always get mad but he always does it. He likes putting mustard in his turkey mixture. Also we add sauted onions, hot sauce (siracha), soy sauce. I like to mix mine with spinach and cheese, feta works well for this. We use a similar stove top method as you do. Sometimes we throw it in a hot oven for a minute or two at the end.

Fatty 'Cue: Brooklyn Barbecue Goes Asian

i think they are still figuring themselves out. i will say the service was amazing. the manager even came up to us after knowing all three of our names, showed us the pigs head and meat out back. very nice guy.

however the food was a toss up. i loved my clams in the asian broth. my boyfriend loved the duck and he normally doesn't like it. we were disappointed in the brisket, rather have a bun from ippudo. the vegetable dish with the dip was boring. the bacon was eh. we didn't do the short ribs but they looked great.

i wouldn't call this straight up bbq but a decent interpretation with a twist. oh they also had some crab noodle soup that was yummy. the boys liked it, i'm allergic to shellfish so only had a small taste.


well i made my familys basic recipe. gala apples, walnuts, wine, cinnamon and splenda. tasted yummy last night. i used about 9 apples and 4 cups of walnuts. i definitely have enough for 12 people. thanks everyone. the orange peel & lemon juice sound like a good addition. oh and i plan on putting honey on top when i serve.

Pre-theater dining that won't break the bank?

toloache & casellula are both near by. hb burger for casual is good. becco for unlimited pasta.

Greasy roasted veggies????

i always have this problem. i try to do oil in small batches throughout the process. it helps but isn't perfect.

Pork Tenderloin. Brine, marinade, pre-season, or what?

have you thought about stuffing the pork tenderloin?

First date spots...

i'm a big fan of ten belles. it is small but i love the atmosphere. i recently stumbled upon bar veloce in chelsea. it was a good wine bar. might work for you as well.

Sushi for Dummies (or at least Beginners)...

i suggest going out for sushi before you first dinner with the boss. sit at the sushi bar of the restaurant. this way you can interact with the chefs. they will help talk you through the various fishes and tastes.

i would start simple. perhaps a salmon roll, tuna roll or yellowtail roll. backup is a shrimp tempura roll. you can add cucumber or avocado to any of them if you like. also you might want to try sushi or sashimi pieces. this way you get a taste of the fish.

Best sandwich in Manhattan?

defonte's makes a good sandwich.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 103: The Good News and the Bad News


Don't let the 2 pounds get you down. Your knee feeling better is a huge success. Now that you can move around more perhaps you will start to see the pounds come off again. An increase in exercise will surely help.

My father found that certain foods in his diet were making his knee worse. He stopped eating wheat and he saw a huge improvement on how his knee felt. I'm not saying not to eat wheat but you might want to consider certain foods in your diet and how your body responds to them.

Birthday Dinner in NY?

UESchefgal, are you thinking of da andrea?

pipa is a great spot for tapas, love the atmosphere. alta is also good but a different environment. both are good choices.

what were some of your ideas?

food allergies :(

I recently developed an allergy to shrimp, crab and lobster. I'm still dealing with it as I love seafood. Seeing shrimp cocktail during the holidays and not having any was very hard. I'm not allergic but eating beans and nuts is not good for me. Makes me feel sick. Also a hard thing to not eat but I'm trying to do it.

A friend of mine has some fruit allergies. She microwaves a lot of her fruit for a few seconds before she eats it. I know she does this with apples. Might be worth trying.


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