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Haven't Checked Out Madison Square Eats? Now's the Time

Ooh another place I've been meaning check out. The fried chicken and garlic fries may just draw me in.

Nagi Golden Gai in Tokyo: Something Fishy About the Ramen (In A Good Way)

The noodles themselves really do look nice and chewy. =( I don't know of any NYC ramen shops that serve noodles like those...

Cook the Book: 'Herbivoracious'

It'd have to be falafel with a side of French fries :)

Honey Baked Chicken

This recipe sounds great ... I'm looking forward to changing up how I roast/flavor my chickens. (fish sauce always scares me though). Now I just need to get a mortar and pestle.

Video: Kasadela Izakaya's Chicken Wings

Are these chicken wings flavored like the ones from tebaya? I hope not...(those did not sit well in my stomach)
otherwise, I'm putting this on my list of fried chicken places to try.

Bake the Book: 'Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts'

For the summer, it's David lebovitz's strawberry sorbet; any other time, magnolia bakery's banana pudding. They are no fail recipes

Colombian-style Arepas (Griddled or Grilled Corn Cakes)

Interesting, my vz friend adds mayo in his. He also parboiled them and then griddled them. This recipe seems easier

Get to Know Us: Caroline Russock, Cook the Book Columnist

I, too, dislike cereal, specifically when mixed with milk. I especially hate it when it turns to mush!

Upgrade Your Fried Chicken: 7 No-Cook Dipping Sauces in Under 7 Minutes

Dang it! I wish read this sooner - had fried chicken last night. The Thai chili lime cilantro sauce sounds good except fish sauce scares me sometimes!

Homemade Chocolate Sprinkles

Pretty cool! But is 1 oz. of vanilla extract a lot? Won't it compete with the chocolate flavor?

A Sandwich a Day: Pan Con Lechon at Coppelia

ooooh, I had this over the summer (other than banh mis, I don't coonsume regularly consume sandwiches), and this was one awesomely delicious sandwich!

Behind The Scenes At Kee's Chocolates, NYC

awesome slide show, both this and Lauren W's slideshow make chocolate making look so easy, but I know there's a lot of finesse needed. I haven't tried any of her chocolates yet =/ Any recommendations?

Braised Eggplant With Tofu in Garlic Sauce

@ kenji, I'll take a closer at the tofu ingredients - thanks, I know nothing of coagulants (obviously). what do you mean by cottony? Firm?

Braised Eggplant With Tofu in Garlic Sauce

@ kenji, I'll take a closer at the tofu ingredients. But what do you mean by cottony? Firm?

Braised Eggplant With Tofu in Garlic Sauce

Firm silken tofu sounds oxymoronic. At the stores, I've only seen one or the other.

Snapshots from Japan: Street Fair Food in Kyoto

Wow everything looks so appetizing, except the grilled smelts. Having never been to Japan, I find it interesting that while the culture seems on-the-go, they don't consume food that way (at least in public). It kind of reminds me of Spain...where ppl sit down to eat and drink.though the concept of take-out is foreign.

Serious Entertaining: Dinner and a Movie, 'Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India'

I remember this even came with its own intermission!

Scooped: Thai Tea Ice Cream

Wow it's so bright orange! I had made Thai tea gelato earlier this year...I don't remember how much tea I used for steeping and for how long (or what brand it was) but I didn't love it. I think it was too creamy for my taste since Thai iced tea is made with water and condensed milk. However the idea of topping it off with condensed milk is rather genius.