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The Food Lab: The Book Has Arrived

The hamburger stuff and the egg experiment articles are how I got hooked on Serious Eats! Kenji, Will Gordon, and Michael Neff had some of the most interesting and funny stuff I've ever read. I still tell people about the stuff on this site from then.

There's lots of other great stuff here that I would never have seen if not for the food lab stuff. Definitely getting this book soon.

The Japanese Way to Make Potato Salad

Now you've got me watching the Begin Japanology episode about Yoshoku!

Definitely doing this next time I make potato salad.

How to Make Crème Fraîche (in One Easy Step!)

Will this still work with "ultra pasteurized" heavy cream? Is it only the buttermilk that must have live cultures?

The Chain Breaker: A Dairy Queen Like No Other

I've heard stories of one that is old, but not old enough to avoid corporate interferance, that does weird stuff when Grandma isn't home. They scramble to hide ingredients and stuff when they visit, and then go back to doing fun stuff when they leave.

Thank god for the old timey dairy dips that are still around.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Surviving the Off-Season

A great read, as always!

I've heard about a few restaurants in my town whose employees were told not to cash their checks, or the checks were bad. It was enraging. They had no respect for their employees or their business, but it's awesome to hear about someone who does. (how do businesses survive that dont?)

Ed Levine on Josh Ozersky: A Well-Fed Life Cut Too Short

Very sad news! Someone with a lot left to contribute.

The Genius of Crispy Deep Fried Artichokes, Roman-Jewish Style

Would this work at all with frozen artichokes? I recently saw them at the grocery store and I'm not sure what to use them for other than dip.

Portland Chef Jenn Louis's Kitchen Essentials and Secret Weapons

If you're with a good crew, working at Lincoln sounds fun. Also, pine resin sounds weird, and fun.

Better Than Parm? Dried Olive and Miso May Be the Ultimate Pasta-Topper

This sounds like such a cool idea. Olives are awesome. I gotta give this a shot.

Why You Shouldn't Dine Out on Valentine's Day

Oh my god that line about custody over favorite restaurant is killer.

How to Turn Beans Into a Creamy Vegan Pasta Sauce

Super cool idea, even if someone is just looking for an alternate to their usual pasta preparations.

How to Make Dulce de Leche From a Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

This certainly shouldn't count as proof, but I worked with a guy whose mother took a nap while doing this and woke up to caramel exploding all over her kitchen. So I've always been a little worried at the thought.

Game Day Snacks: 4 Awesome Homemade Potato Chip Flavors

I haven't made chips since Kenji's recipe came out. Looks like it's time.

How to Make the Best Italian-American Meatball Sandwich

Making the sandwich without eating the meatballs is no joke. That should replace the marshmallow test for self control in children.

How to Make Meatball Pizza

Is meat sauce on a pizza common? I've never seen it, but I think my next pizza is going to just have some sausage incorporated into the sauce, and some cheese.

The Secrets of the Juiciest, Most Tender and Flavorful Italian-American Meatballs

I have been wanting to try some meatballs with gelatinized stock for awhile, but I've been too lazy. These sound really good. Definitely gonna try the buttermilk.

Also, what the fuck is "twee?"

Why Diners Are More Important Than Ever

I whined a lot about one of the website redesigns with that nonsense at the top, saying that I check SeriousEats often and some thing pointing to an article I've already seen just gets in the way. But, with the content being longer pieces like this more than the many many short pieces, it makes sense.

And I reallllllly like the stuff like this, and the historical stuff, origins and culture of food. Please keep putting out stuff like this. Context and insight are way more interesting than reviews, and I think I might like these more than the Food Lab stuff! (shhhhhh, don't tell)

9 Outstanding Barrel Aged Beers

Definitely want to try that Black Ops.


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