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Apple Teacake

This cake is perfect as a treat with cup of tea or coffee or it makes a great dessert as well topped with an egg custard sauce and a dollop of double cream or vanilla bean ice cream. It's best served fresh, although the addition of fresh apple does h

Aspic Jelly

Aspic jelly is a savoury clear jelly prepared from a liquid stock made by simmering the bones of beef, veal, chicken, or fish. The aspic congeals when refrigerated by virtue of the natural gelatin that dissolves into the stock from the tendons.


An affogato (Italian for "drowned") is a coffee-based beverage or dessert. "Affogato style", which refers to the act of topping a drink or dessert with espresso, may also incorporate caramel sauce or chocolate sauce.

Aussie Meat Pie

You can use this filling to make 4 individual pies or one large pie to serve 4 people. The method is for one large pie, just repeat the procedure for small pie tins if you're making individual pies.

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