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Cook the Book: 'My Paris Kitchen' by David Lebovitz

A Hefty Pastrami Burger for a Hefty Price at Jeffrey's Grocery in the West Village

Hi Noah,
I know it must be frustrating to always get the same comments, but you need to realize that not all of us reading this post are AHT regulars and any extra information is appreciated.

The Best Valentine's Day Giveaway Ever: Lobel's 4" Prime Dry-Aged Heart Shaped Steaks for Two

Sear then finish in the oven. Invite friends for anti-Valentines day.

Super Bowl Party Giveaway: Pat LaFrieda Sliders

I'm watching the Puppy and Kitten Bowls, maybe tune in for the Superbowl commercials.

Super Bowl Party Giveaway: 17th Street BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Pulled Pork

Flew to Atlanta to meet a friend with a portable smoker that he drove from Virginia.

Foraged Flavor: All About Juniper

Are there edible juniper berries growing on the west coast?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Secret Weapons Pork Kit

Penzey's lemon pepper seasoning.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Perfect Steak Set from Double R Ranch Co.

Bone in ribeye - gnaw the bone!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Perfect Steak Set from Double R Ranch Co.

The meat next to the bone of a medium rare bone in ribeye

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Secret Weapons Pork Kit

Anything lemon.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Perfect Steak Set from Double R Ranch Co.

Bone in ribeye. Knawing on the bone is the best part!

Charlie Trotter Dead at 54

Shocking and sad. I had my first tasting menu at his restaurant in the late 90's. The meal was one I will never forget.

Cook the Book: 'Maximum Flavor'

I love preserving jams and chutneys, I'd love to know how to preserve using fermentation.

Cakespy: Homemade Pumpkin Graham Crackers

Yay! Cakespy is back!

Cook the Book: 'Ottolenghi'

Tuscan white beans with lamb shank.

Where to Eat in Your College Town

Where to eat University of Michigan?
Lots of great places in Ann Arbor.

Leftovers: Engineering a Better Tomato, The Best Food Bloggers, and More

WOW! Many congrats to Adam and Kenji - See the 20 best food bloggers of all time.

Cook the Book: 'Indian Cooking Unfolded'

Leftovers: Stray Links From Our Editors

This has become one of my favorite columns on Serious Eats. So eclectic and much more fun and than the ubiquitous and overlapping "food news" reports on other sites.

Celebrate Ham Independence, Win La Quercia Pork!

First BLAT of the year!

Open Thread: What's One Food You Wish You Liked?

Cooked salmon. It's used in so many wonderful looking dishes except - salmon!

Father's Day Giveaway: Win a Jumbo Cowboy Chop Steak

Garlic bread, fresh asparagus, sauteed mushrooms.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Piling into the car in the '50s and going to Bob's Big Boy in Glendale, Calif.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Beach, grill and good friends.

Grilling: Pimientos de Padrón

Padron and the closely related shishito peppers are also grown in Northern Calif and I'm sure other places in the US.

Beyond Curry

What happened to the column (with no recipe link) that was published yesterday? It looked like something I would love to make.

The Ultimate San Francisco Date Night Guide

There's no denying it: San Francisco is a city made for romance. Neighborhoods are full of hidden gems ripe for exploring; there are stunning, screen-worthy kiss backdrops atop every hill; and even the fog invites you to cuddle just a little bit closer. But what's a date without great food (and drinks!)? After years of dates both great and terrible in the City by the Bay, we hereby present our ultimate date night guide to this fair city. More

The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Potato Hash

In my line of work, you end up with lots of leftovers, and lots of leftovers means that I make a lot of hash. I mean, a lot of it. What better way is there to recycle that little hunk of bacon, that half onion, and that just-about-to-get-wrinkled pepper than to chop them up, fry them in a skillet with cubes of potatoes, and serve them with runny eggs on a lazy sunday morning? (Hint: there is no better way.) More

How to Marinate Meat for Stir Fries

Anyone who's read our Wok Skills 101 Guide knows that with a stir-fry, having all of your ingredients prepped and ready to go is of utmost importance. Meat should be sliced. Vegetables should be chopped, sauces should be mixed, and aromatics should be minced before you turn the heat up. But there's another secret that will improve both the flavor and the texture of your proteins: proper marinating. Here's how you do it. More

Chinese-American Mashup: Silken Tofu With Spicy Sausage

There are many homey Chinese recipes based on simply steaming silken-style tofu and topping it with a simple sauce of sautéd meat with a light gravy. I wondered what would happen if I replaced that meat with some spicy Italian-style sausage from my local American supermarket. It works shockingly well. Here's how I make it. More

The Serious Eats Guide to Whole Grains

Grains have been a staple of the human diet for the last, oh, 10,000 years. And if you think about it properly—by which I mean with a few debatable leaps of logic and some generous omissions—grains are also basically responsible for all the best things: beer, adorable pets, beds, cheesy popcorn, and, yes, internet. In that fertile crescent-agricultural revolution-cradle of civilization sense, that is.

But have you ever listened to someone wax rhapsodic about the delights of whole grains and thought to yourself, meh? Welcome to the club that I totally just quit.


The Vegan Experience: How to Cook Crispy Tofu Worth Eating

Great tofu—tofu with a tender center surrounded by a well-seasoned, crisp crust—is one of the most satisfying bites of food I can think of, a food that can and should be appreciated by all serious eaters, no matter their diet. Here's how to cook tofu so good even tofu-haters might come around. First we're going to talk about how to shop for tofu, then we'll talk about how to crisp up plain slices of tofu, and finally we'll figure out the best way to prepare tofu for stir-frying. More

The Food Lab: How to Make Creamy Vegetable Soups Without a Recipe

These days, there aren't too many vegetables in the world that I haven't made into a smooth, creamy soup, and there are even fewer that I've not loved, but my experience has taught me something: the first time I learned how to make a creamy chanterelle soup at my first real restaurant job wasn't really just a recipe for chanterelle soup. It was a blueprint for making any creamy vegetable soup. You just need to break it down into its individual steps and figure out how to universalize them. Here's how it's done. More

20 Quick and Easy One Pot Meals

Time, effort, and dishes? Making dinner on a weeknight can be a challenging prospect, especially for those hoping to steer clear of labor-intensive meals. But whether you're saving money or simply can't resist a home-cooked meal, we've dipped into our recipe archives for quick, simple, weeknight-friendly recipes that are easily prepared in just a single pot or skillet. More

The Most Popular Recipes of 2013

2013 was a great year for recipes. And, no matter how much we at Serious Eats enjoyed each and every one, we looked to you to see which were the absolute best. From pizzas you can ace at home to vegan dishes that continue to win carnivores' loyalties, these are the 15 dishes that rose to the top. We suspect they'll be sticking around through 2014. More

The 12 Best Easy Recipes of 2013

From a 15-minute broiled black cod recipe that will blow your guests' minds, to a comforting bowl of green chicken chile macaroni and cheese, to a revolutionary no-stretch pan pizza recipe that'll change the way you make your pies, these are 12 of our favorite, best, and most popular recipes easy enough for even the beginner cook. More

The Food Lab: The Science of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've never been able to get a chocolate chip cookie exactly the way I like. I'm talking chocolate cookies that are barely crisp around the edges with a buttery, toffee-like crunch that transitions into a chewy, moist center that bends like caramel, rich with butter and big pockets of melted chocolate. I made it my goal to test each and every element from ingredients to cooking process, leaving no chocolate chip unturned in my quest for the best. 32 pounds of flour, over 100 individual tests, and 1,536 cookies later, I had my answers. More