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Plane Snacks

@gypsykid: three hours plus time to and from the airport could mean 5 hours. A selection of snacks is most certainly a necessity when traveling. Most behavioral problems stem from lack of appropriate foods, protein etc.

Trying to use less butter

As others have said before me, butter is most definitely your friend. Just keep in mind that all butters are not created equal:

Cook the Book: Noodle Kugel

I make noodle kugel often enough and hope to pass it on so that it never becomes extinct. Like debbiek, I must take issue with serving a dairy kugel with brisket. A lovely rich and cheesy kugel like this one, shines alone.

Baking with Whole Wheat Flour

WickedGoodDinner sums it up well. However if you check out recipes on on Heidi Swanson's site:,

you will find astoundingly good recipes using a variety of healthy flours.

I have had great success with this recipe which is made of entirely whole wheat flour. True it is denser than a regular scone but mighty tasty nonetheless. I also recommend Whole Foods Brand Whole Wheat Pastry Flour which is definitely lighter than traditional whole wheat flour.

Tea shops in Manhattan?

Tea and Sympathy in the West Village has always been my favorite. Cozy and quirky with real British attitude.

How do you serve Gefilte Fish?

Curious to see if you like it. The stuff in jars is not especially tempting!

Can anyone recommend a good store-bought preserve/jam?

I second Trappist Raspberry Jam, though I prefer with seeds. The Trader Joe's organic is pretty good too, both raspberry and blueberry.

Passover Puff Pastry?

Funny how people don't read the fine print. Having a nut allergy at Passover is difficult though I agree with the posters who say that giving up your dream of Tarte Tatin would be the way to go. Tarte Tatin does not go with Passover at all.

Why not make these coconut-chocolate chip macaroons (coconut is not usually included with nut allergies but do check to be sure).

Some type of apple crisp with matzoh meal topping might work, or just make David Lebovitz's incredible chocolate-covered matzoh:
You can't go wrong with that!

Passover Menu for the week

I make plenty of Seder food so that we have it throughout the week. We gave the usual suspects like Matzoh Ball Soup, Gefilte Fish and Brisket.

As for ordinary food, lunches will be turkey roll-ups with romaine lettuce leaves, omelets, egg salad, smoked fish etc. One thing that I plan to eat more often is Matzoh Pizza which is so simple and delicious:

Each year I make a new discovery as far appropriate Passover dishes so hopefully I'll come up with something new soon.

Fancy Restaurants Should Implement an Early 'Baby Seating'

It is not surprising that most of the naysayers do not have babies or have grown children and have since forgotten the challenges of having young children and a life. Just because one has children does not mean one is destined to only eating at home. Adding a babysitter to an evening out can add a good $50 or $60 to a meal, thereby making it cost prohibitive. And who are you to tell parents what there priorities should be.

I am most astonished by those with young children who don't believe they should be dining out. It does depend on the child and it is up to the parent to determine if and when their child can handle a restaurant-going experience. Yes. Manners do begin at home but a restaurant experience is different and children behave differently in public venues. It is only through repeated exposure can children learn how to behave appropriately. There is a method to getting this to work.

So Proud!

Love to hear that! Where did he come up with the garlic/feta duo? Is that something you typically eat? Or was he being inventive? My five year old just went through a pizza is boring phase, which was going to ruin my easy Friday dinner plans;

I am happy to report that the phase seems to be short-lived. Pizza is coming back into favor. Though I doubt it will have feta on it. I don't even think they offer that at our pizzeria.


Definitely worth the trip, even from Jersey City!

Honey: Safe on a daily basis?

Honey is actually healthy for adults and older children. It makes for an excellent homeopathic cough medicine and also helps prevent allergies.

Who Put That Burger On Your Plate?

Also not sure why you can't click on the link to reach the site.. Let me post it again and see if it works here:

Who Put That Burger On Your Plate?

Ribster: Thanks.. Hope more people will watch the video. It is truly wonderful to see elementary school students learning about eating well.

Food storage disaster

We had our freezer give out around the holidays and it was a true disaster read about it here:

Bloody meat everywhere. Not much was salvageable. Most of the items in your freezer will not take well to refreezing..start offering it to friends now or else it will go to waste.

What are your favorite products from Trader Joe's?

Canned trout
Organic Raspberry and Blueberry Jams
Pop-up Sponges
All Manner of nuts and dried fruits

Union Square Falafel Battle: Maoz, Pita Joe, Moshe's, and Rainbow

Have always been a fan of Rainbow but will have to check out Maoz next time. What about Chickpea? Or has it disappeared?

Cook the Book: 'Baking Unplugged'

I left out the sugar in a strawberry cheesecake and served it for a friend's birthday, not realizing the error until I tasted it. People still raved that it was good which now leads me to believe that people are just liars or have no taste...

Recipe Request: Best Brisket Recipes

Glad to see that you decided to make it yourself. Which recipe are you going with? If you still need one I have a very basic recipe with red wine and onions.

Hey, Jerzee: I Want to Make Cannoli

@Jerzee. That is quite a recipe but I am frightened of cannoli shells. Do you use a deep fryer?

Best Brisket in NYC?

Haven't had it but what about Sammy's Roumanian. Why can't you make it? Easy dish to prepare in advance and probably better than what you can buy.

What Time Is Brunch?

I say brunch can be served from 11-3, which is often when it is served in restaurants. That would work perfectly for your wedding!


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