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Southern Craft Ice Cream Is the Frozen Pride of Florida

FINALLY! Amazing food featured on SE that I can get to! And they even sell it at Bradley's!! Now I'm actually looking forward to visiting my folks in Tallahasse, for once.

Knife Skills: How to Debone a Chicken Thigh

What perfect timing! My supermarket always carries boneless skinless thighs, but they're much more expensive so I've taken to buying the unprocessed ones. I've just bought about eight of them and this handy guide will make boning a cinch! And then I'm gonna make the Halal Cart chicken recipe. Thanks for making my upcoming weekend great, Kenji!

New $12 Burger Lands at McDonald's in Switzerland...or Does It?

I agree, Andreas. Burger von ShakeShack does indeed remain no. 1

Bake the Book: Vintage Cakes

Chocolate avocado cake with avocado buttercream frosting! I got the recipe here at SE, and now it's my most requested recipe C:

Cook the Book: Pumpkin Pasties

Does anyone know how long these will keep? I'd like to make them for a friend to take along on a long road trip. She wouldn't start travelling until 2-3 days after I were to bake these.

American Classics: Strawberry Pretzel Salad

It really surprises me how few people know what a set salad is! My mother's from the Midwest, and we always have some kind of sweet, jello or whipped cream based set salad at holidays. I've heard about this one from a friend, and now that it's hit Serious Sweets, I know I've gotta make it!

Ginger Syrup - What to do with it?

Ha! I had the same problem when I candied orange peels this weekend! I even posted the same question to the SE crowd, and most of the suggestions are the same. One person suggested making a glaze for a cake. I haven't used my orange syrup yet, but I'm excited about all the possibilities :)

Does pistachio have to be green?

The green color generally isn't natural, it's produced with food dye.

Lots and lots of oranges

Wow thanks for all the great suggestions, everyone! I don't feel like I'm drowning in oranges now that I know what to do with them :)

Mixed Review: Krusteaz Pecan Bars

Krusteaz has great mixes! The honey cornbread mix is one of my favorites -- it's so easy and delicious that it isn't worth the bother of making it yourself

This Bites: Why Are Women Depicted Differently from Men in Food Photography?

I'm very surprised no one has realized that the Rachel Ray pic is a photoshop job. I'm almost positive that one of the SomethingAwful editors made it for an comedy article years ago. It's very convincing, but it's definitely a shop.

Also, GREAT aritcle! I'm excited to see someone exploring the topic, and from the look of the comments a lot of other people agree!

Name Change for HFCS: 'Corn Sugar'?

HFCS is a sugar syrup, no matter what you want to call it. The problem lies in how much of it we consume without even realizing it. HFCS is in EVERYTHING! And now that it's trendy to hate HFCS, food manufacturer's are taking it out of their products....and then simply replacing it with the same amount of a different kind of sugar. For example, Pepperridge Farms is very happy to proclaim that they're loaves of whole wheat bread are free of HFCS. But looking at the list of ingredients you find honey, molasses, AND sugar!

What I really want to know is why are they putting ANY kind of sugar in their bread?!

Poll: Corn Off the Cob or On?

I'll only eat it on the cob. I can't stand canned or frozen kernels! If they're in a soup or salad, I eat around them :P

Video: How the NBC Peacock Got Its Colorful Feathers

Ah! This is amazing!! His expressions are just perfect and I love the little dance, too! Great find, Robyn :)

Video: Pomeranian Puppy Really Wants Food

Demanding little sh*t, ain't he? Sorry, but the only cute poms are the curious yet well-behaved ones. Not his fault though -- he's stuck with an owner that likes to tease him with tantalizing people food.

Poll: How Do You Eat Your Watermelon?

I've read that watermelon seeds are delicious when roasted in the oven with salt. Unfortunately it's hard to find watermelons with seeds in them -- they're always seedless (and tasteless) anymore. I recently bought a HUGE melon from a farmer off the side of the road (always the best!) and it's full of seeds. I've been saving them as I cut and eat it -- I can't wait to try them roasted!

'This Is Why You're Huge' Picks Up Where 'This Is Why You're Fat' Left Off

According to a few vague comments on the thisiswhyyourefat Facebook page, the owner of the site either violated a restraining order or was possibly arrested for domestic abuse. I'm not really sure how accurate this is though -- it sounds like a dirty net rumor to me.

I'm just glad I've got my food porn back :)

Memphis in May: Hog Heaven in Photos

Umm...where's the food porn? Most of these photos are of raw meats or sweaty dudes cooking. I''m sorry to say this wasn't a very mouth-watering slideshow.

Florida: Sundaes, Burgers and Nostalgia at Jaxson's in Dania Beach

My family celebrated several birthdays at Jaxon's when I was a kid, and to this day it's the standard I hold to all ice cream parlors. I'm really glad to see a Florida staple featured on SE. We don't have as vast a food culture in FL as there is in the North East, but Jaxon's is something we DO have. So shove it, NY food elitists!

Poll: Would You Eat the KFC Double Down Sandwich?

I have no desire for one of these monstrosities -- I wouldn't even want a free one. It seems so lazy, like KFC isn't even trying. It's like they just threw around some terrible ideas at a board meeting or tossed a dart at 3 ingredients and just went with it. They don't even have the decency to make a proper sandwich! And as an American consumer, this is pretty insulting. I'm expected to buy one of these things because it's somehow 'epic' or creative? What is so incredible about this?!!! Someone please tell me why this product is appealing, because I really can't figure it out.

And if you plan to order, buy, and consume one of these (especially after this review) then, IMHO, you are what's wrong with America today.

How to Prepare Breaded Cutlets

This is so helpful, thank you! As an amatuer cook I very much appreciate tips and techniques from professionals!

Doctors Propose 18% 'Pizza Tax' to Fight Obesity, Offset Health-Care Costs

This won't work. People still smoke cigarettes, people will still eat pizza. Our entire education system needs to be re-evaluated, not just for children but adults as well. A slice of pizza is a lot better for you then eating most of the entrees in any casual dining restuarant chain across the country (I'm looking at you Uno's, Chili's, and Olive Garden). This is an absolutely ridiculous idea.

Grocery Self-Checkout Lanes: Way or No Way?

I think they're great -- for 5 items or less. If I'm running in to get one or two things, they can be a great time saver. But inevitably, there's always some trashy couple buying 13 packages of frozen vegetables and they can't find the bar code on their other 6 items, and they don't know how to manually type in item numbers for things that don't have barcodes, and it takes longer to stand in line than it does to shop for the one onion I want to buy so I just swear at them and go to the 10 items or less line and get the f$$$ out of there. Orlando is a depressing city.

What's Your Favorite Hamantash Filling?

I've never heard of these before, but they look delicious!! I'd love to get a good recipe