I currently work in healthcare, but I have ambitions of becoming a chef or owning a restaurant.

  • Location: Texas
  • Favorite foods: I really enjoy lots of ethnic cuisine, but nothing extreme. Since I'm from Texas, I'm partial to my regional cuisines, like Tex-Mex and good BBQ.
  • Last bite on earth: Undecided, because I'm still young and there's a lot out there that I haven't tried yet.

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Super Bowl Party Giveaway: Baby Back Ribs and Pulled Pork

Smokey barbecue
Ribs so tender and juicy
Heaven on a plate

Hot dog wars

My favorite is Koegel's. It's a local Michigan brand but they ship anywhere.

Black Forest Bacon

There were two types of bacon in the case, your regular dry rubbed bacon that was pink in color, and then the black forest bacon, which was almost black in appearance. The gentleman behind the counter said it had a heavier smoke on it, but he wasn't able to tell me more. I'm thinking it's the curing process because this meat was dark all the way through, nothing like the bacon I'm accustomed to.

Serious Heat: How Do You Stuff Your Peppers?

There's a place here in Dallas that I encourage people to visit. It's called Chapman Chile Kitchen. The website is Check it out for a menu and directions. Their specialty is stuffed peppers.

Serious Heat: How Do You Stuff Your Peppers?

In the past I worked at a BBQ spot in East Texas and we did the raw jalepenos stuffed with pimento cheese. We couldn't make enough to last more than an hour or two. I also recently had some jalapenos that were stuffed with cheddar and wrapped with bacon and grilled, and some that were stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped with bacon and baked. All were delicious. Also, the classic deep fried popper dipped in ranch is another favorite.

Cooking or Pastry classes you'd like to take

Also, I think learning to make ravioli or dumplings would be fun.

Cooking or Pastry classes you'd like to take

Cheese making or Charcuterie. I've always wanted to be able to make and age these different products.

If You Smelled Like Any Food...

cilantro or bacon. Maybe fresh baked apple pie.

Zehnder's in Frankemuth, MI

I've been twice so far, with more trips in the future I'm sure. I go when I visit the inlaws just outside Flint. It's a neat, touristy place, although you could potentially run out of things to do. For the money it's not bad.

Anyone ever try a beefalo burger?

Never had beefalo, but a good bison burger is awesome. I live in TX where beef is king, but I find bison to be a better, slightly sweeter tasting meat. Although a tad pricey, if you are really health conscious, then it may be a better choice.

Moving to Denton, TX, so what's good to eat?

You are in for a treat. Denton is the home of the University of North Texas, so there will be plenty to choose from in this college town. Also, you are close to Dallas/Fort Worth, so really youre only limited by your stomach/imagination. Addison is a town north of Dallas, and it is supposed to have more restaurants per capita than any other US city. Enjoy!

Buying bison meat online

I'm assuming you don't live in the same town as you father. If you do, are there any grocery stores similar to Whole Foods in your area? That's where I buy my Bison and they have a nice, wide selection. You might check one of the bison association websites for retailers. They have lots of info.

Food that Freaks Me Out!

Store bought meat before I switched to Whole Foods. Our local news did a story about how they would gas the meat to retain it's red color. They bought a package of ground meat and left it in the fridge for over a month and you couldn't even tell it was old because it as still red.

Back from Italy- need salumi stat!

Mario Batsli's father has a place in Seattle called Salumi, and the website is

Taco Bell's Volcano Taco with Lava Sauce Returns to Menus Nationwide

And I'm pissed that Taco Bell stopped carrying the spicy chicken. That was my favorite in all it's forms.

Cast iron - gunk in the bottom?

You shouldn't use any soap on your cast iron as you run the risk of scrubbing off your seasoning, and that is what gives you the nonstick quality that people love about cast iron. I scrub mine with hot water and a stiff brush. After it's dry you can lightly coat the interior with veg oil. This will help prevent rusting and keep your pan seasoned. Your skillet should last decades. You can check out the website to Lodge Mfg. as they are pretty much the authority on cast iron cookware.

What's your favorite kind of meat?

I would have to say pork as a whole would be my favorite, and more specifically I would say bacon. Although I'm from Texas and love a good beef burger or smoked brisket, pork is tops for me. Also, I was introduced to bison burgers several months ago and I actually find that taste to be superior to beef.

Serious Green: A Preview of 'Food, Inc.' in Theaters June 12

You should also watch "The world
According to Monsanto," "The Corporation,"and "King Corn."

West Tennessee : Not-to-miss BBQ?

Martin's BBQ Joint in Nolensville, south of Nashville. Visit there website @

Cook the Book: Eugenia Bone's 'Well-Preserved'

I can remember helping family can various fruits & veggies when I was younger, but sadly I didn't retain the knowledge. I would love to be able to do that again, as well as learn how to cure my own meats.

Restaurant Business Info

Yeah, I know. That's why I'm trying figure out the money side of it. I've got the food side taken care of, it's just starting from scratch and staying afloat.

Looking for a particular movie

I tried once, but did not persist with the emails because the site hadn't been updated in a long time. I can't imagine that the website would still be up if there was no longer any interest in or management of the site. I will try again, and in the mean time, I welcome any other tips/ suggestions.

looking for a paticular kitchen gadget

I don't about the quantity of brownies you make, but there is a pan that makes every piece an "edge" piece for those of us who favor those pieces. I also think I remember seeing a cutter on tv once. It was the size of a sheetpan and would cut the entire pan at once. It was used at a restaurant, but I don't know if this was a custom creation or a commercial product. Anyway, good luck with your brownies.

Restaurant Business Info

Hey thanks! I'll be sure and check it out!!

coveting kitchenaid

I have never been fortunate enough to ever see them on sale. I got lucky and got mine for Xmas. Good luck on your interview and enjoy your new mixer. Also, don't forget all those great attachments to go along with it!!!


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