Taste Test: The Best Tortilla Chips

I third (or fourth, or fifth...) Xochitl chips being the best. They taste the most like chips you'll find in Mexican restaurants.

We're Cooking Up a New Serious Eats

One thing i'm not exactly feeling is the blue bar over graphics with headline text. I think that the photos should be shown in full and that any text should appear below it. Also I think the front page should show larger images for the blog feed, that's something that I miss from a design a few rounds ago. I think they should all be the same size as when you browse to older content: . It makes a better browsing experience for someone who loves images like me!

Meet & Eat: Baron Ambrosia (Justin Fornal)

don't hate, have you ever watched his show? It's hilarious, goofy and unlike anything I'd ever seen. I'm excited that he's getting picked up by the Cooking channel, but I'm sure he'll maintain his creative integrity.

Best Old School Meets New School Italian?

My old-school, Connecticut-raised dad is coming to visit me for the first time in New York, and I'd love to take him to a nice Italian place that satisfies his love of hearty, meaty portions and attentive service, but also satisfies my inclination to want more interesting dishes. Also, I'd rather take him somewhere in lower Manhattan (East Village, LES, W. Village) or Brooklyn (preferably). Any ideas you have and pros and cons would be really appreciated!

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