I'm of Sicilian background, originally from Staten Island. I live in the DC area with my partner, Criss. We love to travel, and we love to eat. I cook dinner for us every night and I am all about quality!

  • Location: Washington DC, originally NYC
  • Favorite foods: Eggplant parmiggiana, a WELL MADE pizza (I take my pizza seriously!), pad thai, paneer masala...and, well, I'm not a picky eater.
  • Last bite on earth: My mother's eggplant parmiggiana, definitely.

What iconic foods/brands have you not tried?

Never had spam or pork rinds...

what's the biggest meal you have ever eaten?

Probably, as someone else said, Christmas Eve's seven fishes! My biggest and certainly my favorite meal of the year.

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Is the Customer Always Right?

@enygmaone, yes, but the difference is--while a bartender at a neighborhood sports bar won't necessarily know how to make a good Blue Blazer even if they had the ingrediants, a bartender at a craft cocktail bar should CERTAINLY know how to make a good gin and tonic. And they surely have the ingrediants for it.

If someone orders a jagerbomb etc and they don't have the ingrediants for it, then they don't have the ingrediants for it. That's different. I don't think that a bar should have to stock every liquor in the world if that's not their goal...but if they have the ingrediants, just pour the damn drink!

How They Eat at the Jersey Shore

Whatever. I'm of Italian-American descent, from Staten Island (like several of the cast members)...I go back and forth on my feelings on this. On the one hand, nobody is forcing these kids to act this way--this IS the way they act. I'm 25 years old, and with my background and where I'm from, trust me, I know LOADS of people who could be on this show.

These people exist, whether you like it or not. Not every Italian is like this, obviously--if someone is stupid enough to think that, then that's there dumb fault.

But really, what's the big deal? They're just a bunch of 20 somethings who like to party. It's basically and Italian version of the Real World. So what, let it go.

And yes, I do watch the show. And I love that they show them cooking and eating together, which is such a large part of our heritage. I'm very proud of that.

Grotto Pizza - terrible?

waaaay too sweet. ick! Delorenzofan, I have to say, I didn't like Nicola Pizza either...I think I'm going to try it again though, because every time I go past there, it's ALWAYS packed...

What's the Worst Burn You've Endured While Eating?

Not hot on the tongue, but cleared my sinuses forever--I was in Lancaster, PA at a pretzel shop, which had self-serve horseradish mustard to put on your pretzel. There was a warning sign cautioning it's heat...of course, being a lover of spicy foods and having consumed many horseradish mustards in my life, I rolled my eyes and slathered it on. OMG! One bite, and I swear to God, I blacked out for a split second. I'm not exaggerating. My partner said I made the most hilarious face. HOLY SH*T that stuff was INTENSE.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

porterhouse for sure!

Foodie gifts gone right/wrong. What did you get for the holidays?

A Keurig coffee machine (YAY!) and a food processor (mine had broke, this one is way better...YAY again!)

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

a warm bialy with a bit of butter...YUM! And, bagel with cream cheese and lox. GOOD lox.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

some good butter! picked up this habit during travels in amsterdam.

What skill do you bring to the table?

I'm good at timing meals. I can whip up a huge meal and have all of the components ready at the necessary times. I'm good with what to prepare ahead, etc.

Poll: How many slices is 'lunch'?

If I'm grabbing slices, than two. But if there is a whole pie in front of me, then the sky's the limit...

Cook the Book: 'Good Eats: The Early Years'

One year when I was about five, their was a bad storm and we weren't able to get to my grandmother's house for dinner. My mother went through the fridge and pantry and we had chicken (hey, at least it's poultry), some stovetop stuffing, and whatever else was around. I was very excited and asked that we could have it picnic style, and we did, on our living room floor. It was perfect!

Dec. 5-7 Loner Vacation

Isn't Shake Shack closed for the season?

Anyway, how about a falafel at Mamoun's? They are legendary and wonderful. And YES, Gray's Papaya for sure!

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'Extreme Cuisine'

I grew up eating tripe and vastedda (stomach lining and spleen), I have also tried testicles (a bit chewy), aligator, kangaroo, etc...pretty much anything, except for any kind of insects!

Use for pork bones?

Make New Orleans style red beans and rice...


I try my darnest not to eat anything containing HFCS. Obviously, who knows what I'm eating when I go out to restaurants (mostly street food, casual take out places, etc), but at home, I prefer to keep it natural.

Re: fruit juice; what about the "healthier" brands, like R.W. Knudsens? I suffer from gout, and occasionally drink their cherry juice to keep it at bay. Although lately, I've been drinking cherry juice from a polish deli; the brand is Polish, I don't remember what it is. It tastes great and I have a feeling might be better for me...

Cook the Book: 'How to Roast a Lamb'

My grandmother's leg of lamb is incredible. She uses orange juice and wine to cook it with, and make a sort of sauce with--delicious! An easter tradition.

Is dating a picky eater a dealbreaker for anyone?!

As Liz Lemon would say, "That's a dealbreaker!" My partner does't like eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini and peas--and trust me, it sucks sometimes. Not enough to be a dealbreaker, because at least she's not a five year old about it--she'll eat around it, or give me her mushrooms or whatever. Only time it sucks is when we go out to eat because we generally share our entrees, but that's about it.

I couldn't imagine being with someone who doesn't like half the stuff that I like. Screw that.

Kissin' don't last, Cooking do!------Dinner November 5th?

Chicken cacciatore over rice, with sauteed zucchini on the side. I'm actually not cooking; last time we visited my mom in New York, she cooked chicken cacciatore and gave us some to bring home. I froze it, and defrosted it to eat tonight. Can't wait for the taste of home!

What's Your Favorite Sandwich?

nevermind, found it!

Dimple’s Bombay Talk

What's Your Favorite Sandwich?

Teachertalk, what is the name of the Indian restaurant? We live in DC but drive to NY once a month to visit family; would LOVE to check it out!!

Dinner Tonight: Pork Patties with Lime Leaves and Cilantro

These look really good. Will be making them soon!

Cook the Book: 'New Classic Family Dinners'

Eggplant parmiggiano. My mother made this often in the winter. Delicious!

What would you eat for 30 days?

Pizza. But GOOD pizza, I couldn't just settle for any pizza like that guy did. I love pizza and am very particular about it.

what is Table Cream?

Making a cream sauce for some pasta tonight; went to the store and only found "Heavy Whipping Cream" and "Table Cream" (the Safeway around us is horrible; we usually go to Giant). I went with the Table Cream, because I assumed it would be closer to Light Cream, which is what I normally would use (I'm making a sauce with a nice chevre that I bought at the farmer's market on Thursday, and probably some shrimp. And cream, obviously).

Will this table cream work, or will it be too watery for a sauce?

Kids these days, with your 15 different kinds of cream...

Collard greens

Just got some in my CSA today. I've made collard greens a few times before the southern way using ham hocks. Want to mix it up. Any other suggestions for collards??

What is your fantasy food business?

If you were able to, what type of food related business would you start? Could be a restaurant, bakery, market, etc...

Mine is a small luncheonette, with a small menu that changes daily. I would serve one type of salad (two in the summer, to include an entree salad), one type of soup (two or even three in the winter), one or two different type of pastas, and a meat dish. Dessert sometimes. The whole menu would be at my whim, and the food would be so outstanding that people would excitedly return again and again in order to sample my offerings for that day. It would most likely be counter service, with five or six tables, plus a counter that people can eat at. It would be short hours, like 11-2. I'd want it to be a hidden gem sort of place; the sort of place that Anthony Bourdain might visit on his show. A place with a good local crowd following.

Sometimes, when I'm bored...I make up a menu for that day. But don't tell anyone I said that.

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