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Thank you for all of the suggestions! Really appreciate it!

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Thanks for the suggestions :)

I know! The rum diaries would've been perfect..dammit.

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Thanks for all of the responses.

The island is Bermuda.

Italian and Mexican are my favorites.

I love the beach and being out on a boat. I'm really into yoga and boxing. I take loads of pictures. I've got a beautiful little puppy (beauceron - 9 months). I'm a big fan of the football team Manchester United. I'm a make up artist / hair stylist. I've got a huge family and I've been with my lovely boyfriend for 6 years.

Hope that helps! x

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Hi Guys.

Please don't hate me.

I need help naming my food blog. (I know this is a touchy subject after reading and searching topics for hours and hours.)

A little bit about myself,
- I live on a beautiful island
- I'm 22
- I love rum

Thanks in advanced for any help.

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