in dubious batter

i hope to start a chain of bakeries with catchy names inspired by john steinbeck books.
that is all.

  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Favorite foods: cakes!
    chocolate molten cakes, red velvet cupcakes, carrot cake, etc.
  • Last bite on earth: salt and vinegar chips

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Sugar Rush: Pinkberry Delivery (Yay or Nay?)

over an hour for frozen yogurt?! maybe a wee success?

'Top Chef Masters,' Episode 2: The 'Lost' Dinner

stop hating on lost! we don't all look like nerds.
I'm quite dreamy ;)
ahhhh, but i love this show, thanks for the recap!

Dunkin' Donuts' New Cinnamon Twists

wow, my first thought was : ' i don't even want to think how many calories are in that thing'. but 210! that's less than most things on the menu! my dunkin donuts in my neighborhood is a complete disaster, but i might have to make a stop :)

What's been your most sucessful office treat?

@conky: those are OUT OF CONTROL! i love it....good call.
@unpocojmoney: these are looking pretty promising :)

decisions decisions!

you all make it so hard to pick one thing, and i thank you for that ;)

What's been your most sucessful office treat?

@hmwoo29:Those gananche bars look decadent!

@cdp1223: i've actually never made a brittle before, i will look into it, but now i canNOT stop thinking about mint chip brownies :)

Thank you both!

'The Chopping Block': Do We Really Need Another Cooking Competition Show?

i will watch it every damn week. i don't have cable, so no food network/top chef for me, and marco is so damn dreamy. i'm in, who's with me?!

Marco Pierre White Loves Del Posto, Compares to a Warm Bath

i have been waiting....and waiting and WAITING for this! anyone else as excited as i am??

Cheese-Stuffed Burgers from the Stumble Inn in New York City

my mouth literally dropped when i saw this. and i like my burgers pretty damn done, so it's a win win for me. thanks for the post!

First Impression of Petey's Burger in Queens

i am still glad i got a menu for the place shoved in my mail box this week! my hamburger standards are pretty minimal and my oven is broken so it's been a take out kinda month :)

I'm going to the Institute of Culinary Education!

as for the people who have taken the class: my first day is saturday (AHH!) should i bring all of the equipment, uniforms so i can keep them there (in my locker?) or bring some? or nothing?
what do i wear under my chef jacket?
i'm nervous (clearly)....

Christmas Candy!

Peppermint Bark and truffles. I will wait until the last minute for the truffles, hopefully the bark can sit for about a week.

'Top Chef' Season 5, Episode 1

rats! i just moved to a new place with no cable. the kitchen is great....but i am going to very much miss Padma and crew. Keep with the updates to get me by! thanks Ed :)

I'm going to the Institute of Culinary Education!

thank you all for the warm wishes! you will all be the first to know how it all goes :)
@Jerzee- you got it.

I'm going to the Institute of Culinary Education!

Thank you! i'm glad to hear you are loving it, I understand it can be a bit demanding but worth it

This Friday, Get a Free Cupcake from Crumbs

oooOOOoo! i work right across the street from one of them. And a happy friday it was

candy thermometer-other uses?

thank you all very much! this has been a huge help; donuts and candy making in one week calls for some versatile equipment.

Crazy Craigslist Cookie Ad

i'm sure this is meant to be funny, but i'm a little scared. nay, quite scared. as though apartment hunting isn't hard to begin with!

Keeping Eclairs

thank you all very much! wonderful and useful ideas :)

Picnic cake?

thank you all so much!
i think i will definitely try the molten chocolate cupcakes, and maybe some sort of fruit bar (fig bars?) as well.