in dubious batter

i hope to start a chain of bakeries with catchy names inspired by john steinbeck books.
that is all.

  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Favorite foods: cakes!
    chocolate molten cakes, red velvet cupcakes, carrot cake, etc.
  • Last bite on earth: salt and vinegar chips

Video: Room Covered in Melted Cheese

golly, you guys are no fun ;)

Egg in Toast: What Do You Call It?

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: A Piece of Cake

devil's food cake!! ahhhh

Sugar Rush: Pinkberry Delivery (Yay or Nay?)

over an hour for frozen yogurt?! maybe a wee success?

'Top Chef Masters,' Episode 2: The 'Lost' Dinner

stop hating on lost! we don't all look like nerds.
I'm quite dreamy ;)
ahhhh, but i love this show, thanks for the recap!

Dunkin' Donuts' New Cinnamon Twists

wow, my first thought was : ' i don't even want to think how many calories are in that thing'. but 210! that's less than most things on the menu! my dunkin donuts in my neighborhood is a complete disaster, but i might have to make a stop :)

What's been your most sucessful office treat?

@conky: those are OUT OF CONTROL! i love it....good call.
@unpocojmoney: these are looking pretty promising :)

decisions decisions!

you all make it so hard to pick one thing, and i thank you for that ;)

What's been your most sucessful office treat?

ughhh, i love martha stewart.

What's been your most sucessful office treat?

@hmwoo29:Those gananche bars look decadent!

@cdp1223: i've actually never made a brittle before, i will look into it, but now i canNOT stop thinking about mint chip brownies :)

Thank you both!

'The Chopping Block': Do We Really Need Another Cooking Competition Show?

i will watch it every damn week. i don't have cable, so no food network/top chef for me, and marco is so damn dreamy. i'm in, who's with me?!

Marco Pierre White Loves Del Posto, Compares to a Warm Bath

i have been waiting....and waiting and WAITING for this! anyone else as excited as i am??

Cheese-Stuffed Burgers from the Stumble Inn in New York City

my mouth literally dropped when i saw this. and i like my burgers pretty damn done, so it's a win win for me. thanks for the post!

Bacon-Oatmeal Cookie Sandwiches: A Lunchbox Favorite with a Twist

oh my god thank you thank you thank you

First Impression of Petey's Burger in Queens

i am still glad i got a menu for the place shoved in my mail box this week! my hamburger standards are pretty minimal and my oven is broken so it's been a take out kinda month :)

I'm going to the Institute of Culinary Education!

as for the people who have taken the class: my first day is saturday (AHH!) should i bring all of the equipment, uniforms so i can keep them there (in my locker?) or bring some? or nothing?
what do i wear under my chef jacket?
i'm nervous (clearly)....

Christmas Candy!

Peppermint Bark and truffles. I will wait until the last minute for the truffles, hopefully the bark can sit for about a week.

'Top Chef' Season 5, Episode 1

rats! i just moved to a new place with no cable. the kitchen is great....but i am going to very much miss Padma and crew. Keep with the updates to get me by! thanks Ed :)

I'm going to the Institute of Culinary Education!

thank you all for the warm wishes! you will all be the first to know how it all goes :)
@Jerzee- you got it.

I'm going to the Institute of Culinary Education!

Thank you! i'm glad to hear you are loving it, I understand it can be a bit demanding but worth it

This Friday, Get a Free Cupcake from Crumbs

oooOOOoo! i work right across the street from one of them. And a happy friday it was

candy thermometer-other uses?

thank you all very much! this has been a huge help; donuts and candy making in one week calls for some versatile equipment.

Crazy Craigslist Cookie Ad

i'm sure this is meant to be funny, but i'm a little scared. nay, quite scared. as though apartment hunting isn't hard to begin with!

Keeping Eclairs

thank you all very much! wonderful and useful ideas :)

In Videos: 12-Mile Walk for Free Cheeseburger

Picnic cake?

thank you all so much!
i think i will definitely try the molten chocolate cupcakes, and maybe some sort of fruit bar (fig bars?) as well.

candy thermometer-other uses?

I am purchasing my very first (awww) candy thermometer today, and I was curious as to whether I could use it as a general thermometer as well? Or is it specifically for candies?
Ex: when heating oil, can i use it to detect the temperature of that as well?
Many thanks!

Keeping Eclairs

morning all! I am helping my brother move this sunday very early in the morning. i thought a nice treat for us would be some cappuchino eclairs, however i was hoping to make them in advance. i will also be out of town on saturday, but could possibly make them saturday, if at all, will they keep so that they are fresh and delicious? (fingers crossed of course)

Picnic cake?

I am having a picnic tomorrow in the park and would like to bring some sort of cake/cupcake sweet tooth treat. Any suggestions for easily portable/serve-able sweets?

Skittles-Infused Vodka, Taste the Alcoholic Rainbow

Forget apple-tinis and wow your cocktail-loving friends with the bright colors and fruity flavor of Skittle-infused vodka. I know, you haven't concocted strange liquors since you were a teenager hiding a bottle of Kahlua from your parents so you could secretly make milkshakes with it. Oh, wait, that was just me. These colorful bottles of alcohol are sure to be the life of the party when you follow these instructions to make your own Skittle-flavored vodka and dish out neon yellow vodka sodas, ruby red Cape Cods, or cobalt blue martinis to your friends. And, it's a whole lot cheaper than buying that fancy flavored stuff. [via Neatorama]... More