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Boston: Pho Hoa's Banh Cuon Thit Nu'o'ng (Steamed Rice Rolls with Grilled Pork)

If you love Pho Hoa, try New Dong Khanh on Harrison around the corner! I've jumped between the different Vietnamese places in Chinatown and finally landed on this spot. Delicious pho, vermicelli dishes, lemongrass chicken. And really awesome bubble tea.

Daily Slice: The Real Deal, Jamaica Plain

@Pizzius Maximus

I'm sorry to hear about your bad slice experience! They make their dough in house, but it seems likely that your slice could've been hanging around for a while. If you're not into their chicken, try the Margherita slice--really light, fresh toppings.
As for those other JP joints, I'll put them on the list for future daily slices!

Daily Slice: Penguin Pizza, Boston

@RachelDP I agree, this is definitely one of my favorite Mission Hill bars. Love the sectioned-off nook to the many great memories.

Daily Slice: Penguin Pizza, Boston

@atmast Thanks for lookin out! The correct address is there now.

A Sandwich a Day: Pastrami on Rye at David's Brisket House

I went here last fall, and they were out of pastrami! Mistakenly I thought that the brisket would be a fine substitute since, after all, it is a Brisket House. But you know what happens when you assume, and I ended up with some decent-flavored but very dry and fatty brisket. Must go back for the pastrami!

NYC Food Events for the Weekend and Beyond

Corrected the date, thanks!

The Best Way To Eat Breakfast at McDonald's

I recently discovered that you can swap this egg here for the type of egg from the egg mcmuffin (sort of hard-boiled patty), and still get it on the biscuit. That plus the hashbrown would probably start a revolution or something!

Serious Eats New Haven Road Trip: Suggestions Please!

Nica's Market on Orange st. has great Italian deli sandwiches, paninis etc.

Maybe an NYC/New Haven Mamoun's side-by-side comparison?

Have fun!!

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