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Charcuterie 101: Essential French Cured Meats and More

I made pork rillettes this weekend. My house smells like hot lard, and I now have 9 jars of rillettes that are too rich to eat more than a few bites of. Fun project though.

6 Striking Mugs to Make Your Coffee Break Better

Yeah, this is just an ad for, like, really expensive mugs.

How to Upgrade Your Kitchen and Save Money at a Restaurant Supply Store

@BraveUlysses - would that work for someone who doesn't live in Kansas City? Like out of state? Do you know if RD stores in other states will accept that?

16 Party-Friendly Sandwiches for Your Super Bowl Bash

Which one of these will taste best at room temperature, having survived a car trip across town to the Superbowl party and sat on a buffet table for the first half? I sound sarcastic, but I really am asking.

Stew Science: What's the Best Way to Brown Beef?

@rickZ - Thanks for the tip. It seems so obvious now, but it didn't occur to me until I read it.

Stew Science: What's the Best Way to Brown Beef?

What about ground beef though? It never quite gets "brown" and seems like it can't help but steam.

Dinner in 20: Make Foolproof Pasta Carbonara Without Scrambling (Eggs)

@jackrin - Me too! I'm going to make noodles this weekend just for carbonara.

At $65, The Misen Chef's Knife is the Holy Grail of Knives

@elangomatt - you are correct. Wishful thinking on my part I guess. I don't check the updates much because I don't ever kickstart - this is my first time.

At $65, The Misen Chef's Knife is the Holy Grail of Knives

I received an e-mail request for shipping information and it let me select a color for the handle, so I assume it will be out soon.

The Food Lab: For Easier Baked Ziti, Soak, Don't Boil Your Pasta

You know, I'm rilly, rilly trying to hold off on buying that book until I can get it for Christmas, but these teaser articles are making it very difficult. Every day I head over to Amazon just to... Look at it.

What Type of Canned Tomatoes Should I Use?

Huh. Once got into a bicker over at CH when I insisted that puree was cooked and got shouted down. Wish I could go back and shove this article in their faces. I do use crushed tomatoes for a family recipe, but always check the label for puree vs. juice. Since I got an immersion blender I buy whole tomatoes a lot more.

No mention of lipoxygenase?

These Toasted Baguette Croutons Are Better Than Most Crackers

I like to rub the toasted slices with a raw garlic clove - gives them quite a bite.

At $65, The Misen Chef's Knife is the Holy Grail of Knives

Hmmm. Something going very wrong with the comment section today.

@cschepers - according to the Kickstarter page, the blade is 8.2 inches.

I've never kickstarted anything before, but I'm giving this a try since I got in on the early bird deal. If it doesn't work out, I guess I can stab Kenji with it?

At $65, The Misen Chef's Knife is the Holy Grail of Knives

I jumped in. Why not - I've never kickstarted before, but $50 (early bird rate) is reasonable for a good knife. The 100 early bird offers they started with went from 44 left to 22 left in 5 minutes. 5 Minutes later they were gone.

@cschepers - looks like the blade is 8.2 inches.

How to Season and Maintain a Wooden Cutting Board

This may just be a rookie mistake and everyone will roll their eyes, but I got an electric carving knife for Christmas, and used it to cut up a pork butt over a plastic cutting board. The knife gouged deep cuts into the board - not scratches. I'm afraid to use it on my lovely wooden boards - will it cut them too? [Please don't just tell me to use a regular knife. These were special circumstances and there might be others who could use the same advice (arthritis, injuries, etc.)]

Hugh Acheson on the Best Southern Cookbooks and How to Cope With Your CSA

Any way to flag someone who keeps posting ads in these comment sections? Or someone who ONLY posts ads?

Help Support The Upcoming Food Lab Video Series for Big Prizes!

Looks like two days in, the project is 101% funded. Congratulations!

Kenji's Best Fast Food Awards (A Totally Biased, Completely Incomplete List)

Frankly surprised by all the Whataburger love. I only ate there once - it tasted just like Burger King, they were playing aggressively religious music just a touch too loud, and a blind man walking by insulted my husband, completely unprovoked. (Admittedly that was not Whataburger's fault, but really - just like Burger King.)

Kenji's Best Fast Food Awards (A Totally Biased, Completely Incomplete List)

Wendy's DOES have best fries! It's 1996, a young Britney Spears is sweeping the nation, and Wendy's serves really good fast food. The nasty salt-coated chewy-sticks they serve today? Nope.

Know Your Chicken: What USDA Poultry Labels Actually Mean

@J. Kenji Lopez-Alt - I ONLY see plumped chicken now! (Smaller towns, man. We gotta takes what we can gets.) Unless you are able to pay 3-4 times the price for the organic, you get the "enhanced" version, which has the texture and flavor of tractor tires. The chicken industry in the US makes almost $2 billion per year selling salt water. I've been writing letters to Kroger and Sam's asking them to stop. I buy from the local butcher when they have a sale, but sometimes it's just not feasible to drive 30 minutes across town and pay twice the price.

Know Your Chicken: What USDA Poultry Labels Actually Mean

@twofeetshoes - What Grisha said. I've never seen $7/lb. chicken!


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