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  • Favorite foods: chocolade
  • Last bite on earth: Black truffle with juniper and raspberries

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Hangover Recovery Tea?

Tea helps to raise the tone of the organism, vitamin C improves the function of blood, and to eliminate use of toxic ginger. ulutsheniya to suit the mood of chocolate or cinnamon. make a tea drink with ginger and lemon or cranberry, add a little cinnamon and chocolate - any hangover will be defeated)))

How to make glossy flowers of molded chocolate?

after defrosting glaze can become matt. need to pick up recipe and check every option. gelatin glaze gloss usually retain.

How to make glossy flowers of molded chocolate?

AnnieNT! Thank you very much. I will try to find at the ready glaze on a natural basis (we have a problem in such goods, - I live in Ukraine), did not want to feed loved ones chemicals.

Make ahead donuts

Very well behaved donuts from the curd. These donuts are delicious the next day.