business man, fan of the Giants, sailor, father of 3, husband of 1, lover of neapolitan pizza

  • Location: NYC / Quogue
  • Favorite foods: neapolitan pizza. its a new love..but a passionate one.
  • Last bite on earth: Neapolitan pizza changed my life. I also love a good baked clam... before the pizza passion i was obsessed with making and eating baked clams all over the world.

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A Pizza My Mind: On Finding Good Pizza in Surprising Places

Hidden behind a Haagen Dazs in the quaint beach town of Westhampton, on the eastern end of Long Island is the BEST NEAPOLITAN PIZZA I dare anyone from anywhere ...including Naples to try.
Pizzetteria Brunetti... simply makes the best fresh, authentic, wood fired pizza and I have eaten my fare share from around the world and... I live in New York City. Jason Brunetti has perfected his dough, makes it fresh every night, along with the mozzarella and sauce. In season the Basil is picked from their own garden. The wood is perfect, the oven is imported from Italy and the personalities of this father & son business make it all taste even better.

Poll: Seafood on Pizza?

pizzetteria brunetti does a white clam pie... it's better than linguini with clam sauce.

Confirmed: Pizzetteria Brunetti Making Moves into NYC

haven't heard any news in a while about the Brunetti's new shop..but I am excited as all get out for the summer to start. Tried a few of the new Neapolitan spots in the city... nothing compares. That new fried pizza is not for me. Fried mozzarella sticks I'll eat.. but pizza, I like just wood fired!

Neapolitan Pizza??

Mr. Kuban thank you for taking the time to validate the rumors with Jason and Michael. I know a lot of people who are happy to hear this news! Brunetti pizza and football next season - awesome!

Confirmed: Pizzetteria Brunetti Making Moves into NYC

after the Giants win yesterday would have been great to walk down the street and have a Brunetti pizza! great news that the rumors are true and soon they will be in the city. I wish Jason and his dad Michael the best of luck - not that they'll need it!!