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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

On everything, of course! But I've a soft spot for several healthy squirts on a basic cheeseburger, since that was the first thing I ever tried it on.

Serious Chocolate: Fancy S'mores

I no longer camp without Petit Ecolier biscuits! (I'm not a very "serious" camper.) Toast marshmallow over open flame, place between two cookies - chocolate side in, of course; I like to do half milk, half dark, but any combo is delicious!

No Oven Required: Fluffernutter S'mores You Can Make Indoors

Sounds delicious! Also, reminds me of another (little) twist on traditional outdoor s'mores - on our last camping trip of the summer, we brought along both milk and dark chocolate Petit Ecolier biscuits/cookies, and used those to sandwich our fire-roasted marshmallows; I doubt I will ever be able to go back to Hershey's.

Lincoln City, Oregon....Restaurants, food shops, etc...

I'm not too familiar with restaurants in the area, as we usually cook our own food when we head to the LC - but:

Pronto Pup has huge, freshly fried, crispy corndogs (actually, I guess "pronto pups" are distinct from corndogs in that their batter is pancake-esque and cornmeal-free). Numerous other fried offerings are available, too, including candy bars, I believe. Down and dirty, but they hit the spot!

Kyllo's is good for more upscale food - from fish and chips to seafood curry (though to be honest, the quality of the food has varied the few times I've been there; the fish and chips have been good and they've been just OK, but the curry was really delicious). You get a great ocean view from there, and they have a patio/deck for nice days, if you happen upon one of those. ;)

There's also Mo's, for clam chowder and simple seafood items. A lot of people seem to like them, and what I've had there has been fine, but for me, nothing compares to chowder made and enjoyed in old New England (coincidentally, if you ever find yourself in Hyannis Port, go to Spanky's clam shack)!

Not as close to Lincoln City but not too far away:

The Tillamook factory is wonderful if you're a cheese fan - there are always samples (as well as a long line for those samples), but the best part is the huge selection of delicious, delicious cheeses in their store - it's a dairy paradise. If you want to brave another long line, you can also get their yummy ice cream in freshly waffled cones.

If you're into beer (and/or whiskey), Rogue in Newport is a must. Vast selection of great beers (from their own brewery), and the food (burgers, sandwiches, soups) is usually quite good as well, if slightly pricey for a pub. Their brews are available for take-home purchase, too.

Hope you have a great trip!

Video: Johnnie Walker 'I Walk' Ad with Robert Carlyle

He was in (cannibal movie) Ravenous. "Eat to live. Don't live to eat." ;)

SSSooooo....what did you REALLY eat last night???

First, a few beers to calm my nerves, then some lovely sweet potato fries with red curry tomato chutney, and Champagne to celebrate! (Lots of Champagne...)

Another Meat Sneaker

Not to toot my own horn (well, okay, kind of) - but here's another kind of meat shoe:


What can I say? I was bored, and I *do* love bacon (and sundry other pig parts)...

Cookout Dessert

Similar to the peaches - you can grill banana halves, sliced lengthwise, and top with ice cream. (I'm partial to a good dark chocolate.) So good...

Ice cream cake - can you help me make it?

@ nelson5757 - Haha, I requested a Fudgie the Whale every birthday for the better part of half my life! (I'm 22 now and haven't even had a birthday cake for the past few years, but I may need to revisit Fudgie this summer.)

@kjgibson - That sounds utterly delicious, and beautifully sophisticated to boot.

@ PerkyMac - She did specifically ask for white cake, but if it turns out well, maybe next time I can use the brownie idea, which does sound yummy!

@ Hunnyoil - Thanks for the suggestion! Ah, I can't wait for fresh strawberries again...

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Heritage Smoked Ham

Besides the meat of course: Dijon and whole grain mustard, goat cheese crumbles, and a slice of Swiss, left open face and toasted in the oven so the cheese is gooey and the edges of the bread are crunchy. Maybe with some honey or fig jam on the side for smearing.

Unbelievable! This Is Not Butter!

As a big fan of The Princess Bride, I think there should be one called "Inconceivable! It's not butter!" - with Wallace Shawn's face prominently featured on the packaging, of course. Heh, hope I don't lose too many people with that reference...

Win Your Thanksgiving Turkey!

In the oven, but next to the bird, not inside.

Rainy day food?

Nigel Slater's sausage pasta with mustard cream sauce:

Mmm, I can't wait for it to get cold again, just so I can make that a million times! (I really like it with andouille, too.)

Cook the Book: 'The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook'

It's more of a meal than a dish, but: Fluffy, tender-bellied hushpuppies that hemorrhage steam when you pull them apart, followed by juicy fried chicken with a golden, pepper-flecked crunchy crust and gravy-drenched mashed potatoes (if I can stop eating hushpuppies before I fill up, that is).

Do you have weekly food traditions?

This happened accidentally a couple years ago: Thursday became tacos night - specifically, (crispy, melting-tender, juicy, insanely succulent and delicious) carnitas tacos with pickled red onions and cilantro. I fast during the day in preparation, and not only do I have plenty of room for them, but they taste even better.

Question of the Day: What weird things did you like as a child?

Those processed bologna squares with the little flecks of yellow cheese . *shudder*

Early sweet corn!

I've made my sort-of succotash salad twice already this summer, and in fact just ate the latest leftovers for lunch today - yum! Just cut the kernels off of four ears of sweet corn (I use it raw), mix with baby lima/fava beans (careful not to overcook), halved grape or quartered cherry tomatoes, fresh basil (and whatever other herbs, like oregano and Italian parsley), salt and pepper, and a dressing of mustard (I use a blend of stone ground and Nance's hot mustard), olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. I never measure anything, but it always tastes just about perfect.

Question of the Day: Dinosaur Food

Ah! Someone else remembers Magic Middles! I bring them up in wistful conversation at least every other month. The crispy cookie outsides, the smooth, thick chocolate insides - sometimes I feel like they might be my madeleines! (Admittedly less refined, but still tasty.)

Ice cream sandwich bars - which are the best?

Kim, I'm in PDX too, and am really intrigued by all the It's it raves. Where, pray tell, can they be had around here? (Premature thanks!)

Question of the Day: What are your favorite "simple" foods?

Simple foods are so often the best - I definitely have too many favorites to list, but like BaHa, I'm eagerly anticipating the tomato "squishies" soon to be had! One other simple combo (which I'm eating right now): a pita bread - sans pocket - spread with roasted garlic hummus from a local Portland company, topped with roasted, marinated tomatoes (from the mezze bar at the grocery). Delicious!

Cook the Book: 'The Summer Shack Cookbook' Giveaway

A mountain of bright red, Old Bay-encrusted steamed-in-beer blue crabs (fresh from the Chesapeake). They have to be heavy crabs, every last impossible cranny packed with sweet, fat meat (the lusciousness of which contrasts beautifully with the tingly spice mix). Claws cracking, juices dripping, shell fragments flying everywhere... Savage, delectable heaven! Accompanied by fresh corn on the cob with creamy butter, salt and pepper. And ice cold, golden beer. Oh, how I miss Maryland sometimes...

'On Top of Spaghetti' Book Giveaway

Nigel Slater's penne with spicy sausage, mustard cream sauce, and fresh basil. Or orechiette with roasted Brussels sprouts, crispy bits of bacon, toasted hazlenuts, and a kiss of good Parmesan...mmm. I love pasta. And meat.


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