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We Try the New Doritos Locos Tacos Chips (!)

The folks at Taco Bell and Frito-Lay have joined forces to bring us the next generation of taco-chip hybrids: the Doritos Locos Tacos Doritos in both Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch flavors. That's right, a chip version of the taco version of a chip. So meta. We kind of wanted to hate them, but really couldn't. More

HD Photo of the Day: Hambone the Puppy Puddle

Paulie Gee on Belief, Baltimore, and Being Your Own Boss (Part 2)

Cool interview!! Paulie Gee is one of my favorite "food people" ever. I have so much respect and admiration for him. If only we could be best friends...

A Sandwich a Day: Certé's June Sandwich Special is Lobster French Toast

Well, at least it was better than that awful waffle pork belly disaster

More on the Fast Food Workers Strike in New York City

@debbymmmmm Hmm, taking a "you chose to have this job, so don't complain" attitude is really unfair and oversimplifies the problem. Also, I don't think fast food workers really get tipped that often...you might have made a good living, but as the post says, the average salary for fast food workers in NYC is $11,000. How are people supposed to support themselves (and their families) with that, especially in a city with such a high cost of living? Why WOULDN'T they complain? Just because these workers "knew what they were getting into" doesn't mean they should just shut up and quietly accept their terrible pay.

It's not as easy as just going out and finding different work. If it was, we'd all have our dream jobs.

Still Not Sure How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery? You're Not Alone

I guess it seems pretty simple to me--tipping generously is nice, and doesn't it feel good to be nice? Isn't that what little Haley Joel Osment taught us in Pay it Forward? Kind of...?

Still Not Sure How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery? You're Not Alone

@gdev i've only seen delivery fees when ordering from places that delivery by car, so i assume that those delivery fees go towards gas and...other car related maintenance stuff. if that really is the case, then i think that's pretty reasonable since delivery guys often use their own cars.

Still Not Sure How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery? You're Not Alone

Oh god, the subject of tipping gets me so riled up. Delivery guys should AT LEAST AT LEAST be tipped the same as you would tip the waitstaff, but so often they're under-tipped. Think about it, it's more work and more dangerous to bring food to your (or my) lazy ass. It's so shitty that websites like Seamless always defaults to a $2 tip no matter how large your order is. If you get more food, you should tip more, just like you would in a restaurant!! But to be fair, I didn't notice that until I started working in a restaurant. I'd usually be way too hungry and just assume my tip was adjusted accordingly...but it wasn't. So that's something to be aware of.

Also, @mgchan if the food is cold or gross or your order was messed up, it's not fair to assume that it's the delivery guy's fault and short him his tip for doing his job. It could be the kitchen's fault or the waitstaff's fault, and besides, the delivery guy still brought you the food, right? I mean, I kind of get it, tipping for bad service doesn't feel great but tipping is like a social contract. 15% is the bare minimum, and if you're at least getting the bare minimum service--getting water, having your table cleaned and your gross food leftovers bussed, getting food delivered, whatever--you should be paying for that...unless you straight up did not get your food or got spit on or something. Otherwise, do it yourself! People who work in the service industry (at least in the US) often make below minimum wage and depend on those tips to make up their income (which even then, is not great).

How to Dress Up Like a Pizza: 19 Awesome Items for Your Pizza Wardrobe

I was a slice of Pizza for Halloween!

Where to Eat Sri Lankan Food on Staten Island

@Amy--Thanks for the tip! I actually tried it a few weeks ago and was really pleased that the bus pops you out right at the door. You're right, SUPER easy.

Where to Eat Sri Lankan Food on Staten Island

Awesome post Max!!!!! I can't wait to try San Rasa. I was thinking of going this Sunday, but I guess I'll have to change my plans and leave Sundays for Lakruwana!

Animals that Love Pizza, Part 2: Saving the Best for Last

Oh my god, baby Hambone!!!!!!! I'm dying

Snapshots from Vietnam: Wet Market Tour in Hanoi

So cool! Did you try any of the baby shrimp?

First Look: Hi Lo BBQ, San Francisco

I wish I was there right now

Essential Dumplings of Flushing, NYC

this is how i'm spending my weekend!

Open Thread: What Are You Go-To Specialty Markets in NYC?

Sahadi's, of course! Also Mediterranean Foods in Astoria, H Mart in Flushing, and Stinky Bklyn.

Bar Bites: Kimchi Frito Pie

Whoa, what a way to make Frito Pie even better!

A Basic Introduction to Vietnamese Food

Erin, this was great!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Hambone, I just want to love you!

Win Two Tickets to the Fourth Annual Latke Festival at BAM, Monday December 10th

apple sauce AND sour cream!

Win Two Extra Mooga Tickets to the Great GoogaMooga

anthony bourdain feeding me russ and daughters

Win Tickets to 'Farm to Film to Table' at NYC Food Film Festival

Grand Army Plaza!

Win Tickets To 'The Food Porn Party' at NYC Food Film Festival

Win Tickets to 'A Cheers to Burgers and Beers' at the NYC Food Film Festival