CEO of I Don't Want To a Personal Chef service company. Founder of a local underground dining club. Huge foodie and l enjoy exchanging food knowledge with others.

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  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Favorite foods: Rice and beans...I'm puerto rican, what did you expect. Loves dates direct from Saudi Arabia. I am a big fan of asian chili sauce, I use it on many grilled items. Love, Love wine. Preferably reds, preferably Barolo.
  • Last bite on earth: My moms 'arroz con gandules' with cubed steak and sauteed onions. Simple, yeah I know, but it's comfort food for me :)

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Looking to revisit Finger Lakes. Any suggestions on Wineries?

Thanks to all for the insite. Definitely will plan my next trip much better with all the suggestions here!!!

Grilled Bananas w/ Strawberry Glace in a Honey Crisp

still a newbie to serious eats...thanks for the feedback and will utilize it in the future

What does a "Free Range Chicken" really mean?

Perhaps I should have been clearer in my post. With the USDA definition of free range chicken does it really matter to anyone on their purchasing decision. To me it doesn't. My preference on purchasing a chicken is that my bird does not have the antibiotics, hormones and solutions they inject into the animal.

New and exciting cheeses?

A great website to purchase a huge variety of cheeses (over 900) would be There product line is vast and their staff is very friendly in helping you choose what cheese would go with a particular wine. Good luck on your pairings.

Wines for Asian Cuisine

Awesome. Thank you all for the feedback. I know in China there are some wineries who use the grape 'Cabernet Gernischt' but I have yet to meet anyone who has drank any wine from that country. Their wine must either be very forgettable or a great secret.

Wines for Asian Cuisine

Ideally Thai Food for the most part with a few Japanese dishes


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