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  • Favorite foods: Not in any particular order-- uni, pizza, ice cream, croissants, a good burger, dim sum

Black and White Cookies at Glaser's Make the Grade

Fantastic black & white cookie

Sugar Rush: Tres Leches Cake at La Lucha

I haven't had it in a while but I remember the tres leches cake at Cafe El Portal on Elizabeth Street rather fondly. Let me know what you think!

Best coconut cake in NYC?

I really enjoy the coconut cake at Amy's Bread. A slice is about $4 if I remember correctly. It actually has coconut custard frosting, very tasty!

Only the Best Hogies, Heros and Subs

In regard to the question of good hoagies in NYC, I really enjoy the Italian special sandwich they have at Faicco's. It's 10 dollars last time I checked (I know that's a bit steep but it's a HUGE sandwich) and it has a good selection of meats (prosciutto, cappy, and hot or sweet soppressata) as well as fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers or sun dried tomato, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. Faicco's is at 260 Bleecker Street (between 6th and 7th avenues). Hope this helps!

Win Tickets to an NYC Advance Screening of 'Julie and Julia'

Jacques Torres Dessert Circus at Home. I learned a lot of basic french pastry techniques which I use all the time and he admits to having a kid's taste- just like me!

Back from Italy- need salumi stat!

Di Palo on Grand Street. They have a wonderful selection and Lou is extremely helpful and informative. Here is the website:


Knife Sharpener Recommendations?

I use a Henckels sharpening steel; it works great and lasts a long time. I am not a fan of electric sharpeners and they also take up more room.

Where to get fresh morels?

My family actually lives on a farm in Maryland and we (my mother and I) went foraging this weekend, unfortunately we found none. We think that we just missed them. I was therefore disappointed and am now looking for a comparable replacement. Thanks for the input all!

New and exciting cheeses?

Stichelton is available for mail order from Di Bruno Brothers in Philadelphia -- it's my favorite blue cheese so far. I have never tried to pair it with wine but I am betting a nice California Chenin Blanc would go very nicely.

Healthy-ish eats in West Village/Chelsea Area

Thanks so much. I have been meaning to try Co. for a little while now. Was there a line last Thursday? I will probably go there between 6-6:30.

What about lunch near 57th and 7th?

Bouchon Bakery is a nice place for lunch in the Time Warner Center. They have great pastries as well.

Where to dine - West Chester


I was hoping to go a bit upstate this weekend (probably about 90 minutes away) and wanted some options for pleasant casual dining - this will not be a blue hill type of weekend. Any suggestions as to where my friend and I could go?

Quark Cheesecake

I just bought a rather large container of Quark and was hoping to make cheesecake using it. Can anyone recommend a good recipe for quark cheesecake? I saw one in Food and Wine involving gingerbread but I wanted something more classic. Thanks.

Where to get fresh morels?

Are they still available at the Union Square Greenmarket and if so, what days? Also if you know of any other places to get them (including other greenmarkets) that would be greatly appreciated.

Dinner recommendations for west side manhattan?

I am meeting up with two friends on Saturday for dinner and I am wracking my brains trying to come up with options. I want a "hip"-ish place that is at a lower price point-- let's say no more than $25 for an entree. We would prefer somewhere hells kitchen and below and aren't too picky. I was looking at places in chelsea and the village but I can't seem to choose a place. I appreciate any recommendations, thanks!

Healthy-ish eats in West Village/Chelsea Area

I am meeting my friend for dinner on Thursday and she is on Weight Watchers. I myself eat anything so I tend to choose things that I like which are not necessarily healthy. Any recommendations on a place that serves reasonably healthy cuisine? Preferably in the West Village/G. Village/Chelsea Area. Thanks!

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