• Location: Elmhurst/Jackson Heights, Queens

What to Eat in Friday Harbor, on Washington's San Juan Island

awesome slideshow.
my aunt lives on whidby island, i'd love to see someone do a guide like this for it as i am going to visit next march, just saying!!

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Go-To Sandwiches

im behind the 'traditional' idea of the italian sub 100%. when im deli'n it thats the jam. always on italian white, with vinegar, provolone and pepperoncini's. at least.

Where to Eat Pizza in NYC: The Ultimate 15 Pizzeria Itinerary

about the Mo Cheeks at Paulie Gee's- the leeks are chargrilled then sent through the oven.

Where to Eat Pizza in NYC: The Ultimate 15 Pizzeria Itinerary

speaking of the Mo Cheeks at Paulie Gee's- the leeks are first chargrilled then put into the oven. just throwing it out there, delicious.

Where to Eat Pizza in NYC: The Ultimate 15 Pizzeria Itinerary

speaking of the Mo Cheeks at Paulie Gee's- the leeks are first chargrilled then put into the oven. just throwing it out there, delicious.

GRAMMY AWARDS TONIGHT - What are you eating?

Paulie Gee's pizza- slice of the Greenpointer, Regina and Delboy. i was at work, which is good cause i probably wouldnt have watched it or gotten to eat awesome pizza. Paulie actually has a tv for us, so cool.

Top This: Cherry Jones (à la Paulie Gee's)

@Carey Jones- i feel your pain. Im sure fellow pizza obsessive Brooks 'Pizza Commander' Jones feels the same. its something we have to deal with everyday. lol

Daily Slice: John's in Elmhurst, the Sicilian

headed to John's right now. love that these lovely ladies are getting some much due respect. i usually get the plain slice or 2, today im getting a slice and a sicilian.

Dinner Tonight: Potato and Pea Curry (Aloo Matar)

had this the other night, steller. all you need is a bowl of white or jasmine rice, its a meal.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

i would have to say wrapped around figs taken from my jerk neighbors black fig tree, stuffed with roquefort. the 'trick' is to flash fire the figs and roquefort and add the proscuitto post oven. keeps the proscuitto flavor, always a crowd pleaser

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

i would have to say wrapped around fresh figs stolen from my jerk neighbors black fig tree, stuffed with roquefort...the trick is to flash fire the figs, then wrap the proscuitto Post oven. always a crowd pleaser

Grimaldi's Losing Its Coal over Relocation

please please please be a New Haven-r

Grimaldi's Losing Its Coal over Relocation

John's Pizza in Elmhurst...feelings?

my advice- get the regular slice, always (always). going there for lunch today actually!

Dried Cherries!

target, target, target. they have all the favs- apricots, cherries, cranberries ect

Goldbergs Pizza

articles like this about places like Goldberg's make me want to invent a time machine

The Simpsons: The Food Wife

loved this episode.

Di Fara: Rant and Response

i dont mind waiting an hour or so for a great experience if the end justifies the means. in my book Di Fara's more than justifies.

Di Fara: Rant and Response

as far as the waiting aspect i say if the end justifies the means i dont mind waiting an hour or so for a great experience. in this case, Di Fara in my book is a great experience.

John's Pizza in Elmhurst...feelings?

@Adam Kuban- You won't regret it. I was eating at John's 3xs a week for a month or so...back on a diet though! can't wait til the diets over!

Looking for Cod Liver and Goose Liver Pate

@czken ha thanks so much! youre a lot of help never thought of that one!

Chicago Essential: Great Lake

me and the missus are making a pizza pilgramige to Chicago for the holidays this year and GL is on the top of our list.

Could you OD on your favorite food?

@Starving Student- i'm a rotater too. since may i have had a slice of pizza at least 3 days a week. i guess i'm a double rotater, cause ive also been dealing with a serious taco addiction...havent OD'd yet....have to have a crash soon i'm sure!

Crown Heights: Barboncino

i worked with Jonny G at Paulie Gee's and im very excited about heading out to Crown Heights!

Crown Heights: Barboncino

i worked with Jonny G at Paulie Gee's and im very excited about heading out to Crown Heights!

Louie's in Elmhurst

im in love with Louie's grandma slice. its heavy on the garlic, seasoned properly and obviously made with love. i was just wondering if there is anyone else out there that is in love with it as well. its worth the trip. thoughts?

Louie's Pizzeria in Elmhurst....feelings?

being possibly the only pizza obsessed person in elmhurst, i represented with asking how ppl feel about John's, and now my question is 'how do you feel about Louie's (on baxter ave)?' their grandma slice is killer. let me know.

John's Pizza in Elmhurst...feelings?

i feel blessed to live in Elmhurst, Queens. one of the main reasons is John's. it is by far my favorite NY style slice in NYC. Am I crazy? im a pizza fanatic and no amatuer to the pizza or other wise food universe, its something in the crispness with the restraint of topping...i suggest the plain slice. anyway, let me know how you feel about John's.

Looking for Cod Liver and Goose Liver Pate

i used to be able to buy canned cod liver in Greenpoint, but havent seen it Anywhere else, and i scoured Gpoint and now it's no where to be found! i have one spot for Goose Liver Pate on 37 av in jackson heights at a Polish deli....any other locations in jackson heights/woodside/elmhurst/rego park/forest hills queens or N brooklyn for these items? thanks guys.

Traditional Guacamole Recipe

so i got into a tiff with a friend a few months ago over the 'Traditional Grilled Cheese Recipe' and now im in a tiff with another friend over the Traditional Guacamole Recipe. any input is helpful!
i say-
2 soft ripe avocadoes
1 lime, for juice
1 lemon, for juice
1 ripe tomato, diced
1/2 bunch cilantro, diced
1 small red onion, diced
1 dash white vinegar
(add peppers if you want it to be spicy)

he says that you HAVE to add
olive oil

crazy to me!
we're searching for the Traditional not a personal twist.
if anyone can set this straight we'd love to hear it!

Fresh Black Figs...Now What?

i have a couple of neighbors with awesome fig trees, and they dont pick the figs....i feel the waste of fresh fruit to be a travesty! anyway i go by daily and pick from the trees, i have WAY too many figs now...any ideas? im looking for savory ideas, anything but pizza! Help?

Best Fries in NYC?

me and the missus are big fans of a good fry, which im sure is not uncommon...anyway our favorite as of now is the fries at Food Swings in Williamsburg. any other suggests worth a trip?

Sun Tea. Yeah, its real yo

me and a friend (both from the south) got into a bit of a fued over the validity of Sun Tea. his mom used to make him sun tea, which is just setting a pitcher of cold water and tea outside to let the sun and overall atmosphere brew it. my mom always just did the kettle method. Seriously though, Sun Tea is sooo way better. there's a maturity to it as well as a subtle honey like sweetness. and thats just using cheap orange and black pekoe. ideas for the best tea mix for Sun Tea?

Favorite Pizza at Paulie Gee's?

as a former employee of Paulie's, i gotta tell you im definetly having pizza withdraws now. i quit mid feb and it hasnt gotten any easier lol. but anyway,
my favorite pizza at Paulie's is the "Brian DeParma." blissful simplicity. it is complex by being focused. italian tomatoes, fabulous leopard spot wearing crust, 3-year shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and a beautiful house made mild Aleppo Chili Oil.
(second is the In Ricotta Da Vita!!)

most importantly, whats your favorite Pizza at Paulie Gee's?

Traditional Grilled Cheese Recipe??

Ok. so me and a friend are in a huge argument over what is the actual Traditional Grilled Cheese recipe??? he says 1 slice of american cheese and ANY bread with butter, i say its 2 slices of american cheese and white bread with butter. help!!

Best Introductory Kim Chi?

my mother and sister in law live in North Bangkok and are obsessed with South Korean soap operas. they saw Kim Chi on the soaps and as of late have been asking questions about Kim Chi, cause they have never had it. me and my wife want to send them some-
what is the best introductory, 'every household has it,' Kim Chi?

Best Home Pizza Dough Mixer?

i need some help here. ive found the home pizza oven (one of those counter top ovens) now i need the home pizza dough mixer to match. it doesnt have to specifically be a pizza dough mixer of course....thanks!

Favorite Grilled Cheese?

when i first migrated to nyc from arkansas, i was 19 and broke. i survived on grilled cheese i think for at least 2 years...anyway, i believe i discovered the best grilled cheese- wonder bread, 2 slices of american with sliced pickled jalapenos resting comfortably inside. little butter nice brown crisp....

whats ur favorite grilled cheese?

My Mothers Mexican Chicken Casserole, basically th best thng evr

easy, tasty, comfort, spicy, savory, umamie, perfect! decadence

tub of sour cream
can of cream of chicken
can of cream of mushroon
can of rotel
pound of chicken breast, chunked and seasoned
xtra large bag of nacho cheese doritos, crushed
block of longhorn cheddar, shredded
romaine lettuce
can of pickled jalapenos, chopped
can of black olives, chopped

-preheat oven to 400
-cook chicken to medium
-combine sour cream, soups, rotel, black olives, jalapenos. mix
-in med baking dish, lay down a nice thick dorito crust
-spoon on the soups mixture until surface covered, no too thick
-lay down chicken, like topping a pizza
-lay down layer of chedder
-repeat until all ingredients used
-top with the rest of the doritos
-top with layer of chedder
-bake until deep golden brown
-lay mixture on a bed of romaine
-top with chedder and doritos if any left


Bourbon Drinkers Heaven

try this recipe if ur a bourbon lover like me!
i developed it while i was day bartender at stand in manhattan.
i use 2oz bourbon because i like it strong, adjust to taste. real impression maker and crowd pleaser!

The Annual

2 oz Bourbon, i use Makers Mark
2 oz fresh ginger base(see recipe below)
squeeze of lemon, drop in
dash of simple syrup
top with soda water
drop marashino cherry as garnish/finisher

-combine all ingredients BESIDES soda water and cherry, toss 3xs, pour over ice, top with soda water and cherry.

ginger base-
youll have to play with this one
1. take 5 peices of fresh ginger
-add lemon juice and simple syrup, to taste. you can add more later so be modest at first
-blend at highest speed until as thin as possible
-let rest over a mesh strainer until ALL juice is out, can use a tool to press quicker

Great Elmhurst Unknown Eateries!

Ok, ive found that my neighborhood (elmhurst/jackson heights, lovingly referred as 'elm heights' or 'elm jack') is seriously being left out of online ny food speak. to help my fellow fooders, i have compiled my top seven food sources. they are not in order considering the variance in cuisine. love it love it!

1. Zabb Queens
Any subway to 74th st-roosevelt ave.
the one in manhattan pales in comparison
raw shrimp with chili, cabbage and mint
barbequed chicken hearts
barbequed chicken gizzard
barbequed beef steak, rare naturally
always get extra jim jow sauce and plenty of sticky rice!

2. Chao Thai
85-03 whitney st (just off broadway)
*with only 4 or 5 tables, i suggest u visit during off peak. always get sticky rice
any subway to elmhurst ave
squid salad
pla garlic and pepper
grilled squid

3. Elmhurst Famous Pizza
8307 Broadway, Queens
any subway to elmhurst ave
*ask to meet the famous salt and pepper guy if ur feeling social.
always get extra sauce!
anchovy and mushroom
black olive and extra cheese

4. Sammy's Halal (food cart)
73rd St. at Broadway
any subway to 74th st-rooselvelt ave
*always get extra white sauce and hot sauce
beef and lamb gyro
chicken over jasmine rice

5. Taqueria Coatizingo
82nd at Roosevelt
7 train to 82nd, exit south side
*get a side of the green salsa to go when leaving, so good
1. carne asada soup (add a bit of sugar, lots of lime)
2. queso enchiladas (green mole)
3. texas nachos
4. chicken quesadillas

6. Hispanic Ladies Selling Fresh Fresh Tamales Out of Shopping Carts
82 and Roosevelt
7 train to 82nd
*so fresh its redicccc u know they made them at home this morning

7. SugarClub
81 and Broadway
any subway to elmhurst ave
*nice thai centered small market/video store.
the red sausage with a green chili in the cold section
thai beef jerky and sticky rice at the cashier counter

A Sandwich a Day: Softshell Crab Sandwich at Market Lunch in Washington, D.C.

Eastern Market, a public market with indoor and outdoor stalls hawking everything from fresh produce and poultry to handmade jewelry to tarot readings, has been in operation for well over 130 years on Capitol Hill. The market is particularly busy on weekends, and no place has longer lines than the indoor hall's Market Lunch. Their seasonal Softshell Crab Sandwich ($9.95) is exactly what it sounds like: a lightly fried softshell crab still hot from the fryer served open-face on a fluffy roll with romaine lettuce and a tomato slice (should you want it.) The crab itself actually tastes like crab, too! More

Serious Entertaining: Hanukkah Dinner Party

Hanukkah is a fun holiday. There are games (dreidel) with better-than-cash prizes (chocolate coins), and a free pass for indulging in fried foods. Though a really good, freshly fried doughnut is undoubtedly a treat, my favorite Hanukkah food is and will always be the humble latke. So on this menu I serve latkes with apple ginger chutney as the main course, with a few delicious bookends: cauliflower soup with crispy shallots and orange olive oil cake with candied walnuts. More

Introducing 'Ask Paulie'

Hey, Slice'rs! We've got a special announcement for ya. We're collaborating with Paulie Gee to bring you a new series called... Ask Paulie! Now you can have your pizza questions, concerns, and curiosities addressed by an accomplished pizzaiolo and a heck of a nice guy. But don't feel like you have to limit your questions to the crusty, saucy, cheesy stuff. You can also Paulie about his life, the professional challenges he's encountered, what goes into running a restaurant—just open the floodgates of your pizza-loving mind. More

777-Pound Burger Sets New Record for World's Largest Burger

Last Saturday, July 2, the Alameda County Fair was home to a Guinness World record breaking 777-pound burger, made by Ovation Food Services and Juicys Catering Services to beat the previous record holder, a 590-pound burger in Canada. The 777-pound burger featured 110 pounds of bun, 20 pounds of onions, 12 pounds of pickles, and 30 pounds of lettuce, for a total of about 1,375,000 calories. It took 13 hours for a 10-person crew to cook the burger. Inside Bay Area has photos of the burger being cooked and constructed. Pieces of the burger were sold for 99¢, with proceeds going to the Alameda County Community Food Bank. More