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Best post-pregnancy food ideas to bring to a friend?

Wow, great ideas guys! Thanks so much--the recipes sound good even if you didn't just have a baby :)

Your Starbucks/Cafe order

"Iced, tall, sugar-free vanilla, no-room americano."

It sounds ridiculous and high-maintenance, but that is the order in which Sbux baristas write the options. I used to drink skinny lattes, but after drinking one of these for a while, I can't stand the milk in the lattes--it's too rich! But I also like the slightly bitter taste, unlike many people.

I like to say this drink is "negative calories." It's a joke, so hopefully I don't sound crazy, but I don't feel bad about drinking this.

100 (okay, 50) Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do

I was dining out at the nicest restaurant in our town, and when I ordered the steak tartare, the server said: "You know that's uncooked, right?" Not in a mean way, though. I don't know why I fixated on it, since most people probably wouldn't take umbrage with it, but I was insulted! I'm in my mid-twenties, so maybe she thought I wouldn't know, but I thought it was pretty condescending. Later I went back with my husband (okay, the food is great) and I got him to order it to see if they asked him, and they totally didn't! Probably not really some sort of misogynistic conspiracy...but...I'm just sayin'.

Eating Nile Monitors in Florida

@mepolo: It tastes like...fishy chicken. And it's usually served fried, so my point is: why eat it? Don't we have enough, as an advanced society, to eat that doesn't need to be fried beyond recognition in order to taste only okay?

Speedy Wedding in Seattle: Help Needed, Please!

So if he's Ft. Lewis, would you consider Tacoma? I know plans may have already been made, hotel wise, etc. but if everyone stayed in Tacoma, it would actually probably save a lot of time and driving. SeaTac is already South of Seattle. There you could find that it's probably less expensive than Seattle, but downtown Tacoma is still pretty cool. Hotel Murano comes to mind. Although, I understand the magic of Seattle, too. :)

Speedy Wedding in Seattle: Help Needed, Please!

Actually, if you could mention the neighborhood where he lives, it might narrow it down a bit. Fyi, I've heard Palace Kitchen is a good place, but I've never been there. My husband is over "there" flying P-3s for the Navy...thank you to your brother.

Speedy Wedding in Seattle: Help Needed, Please!

Try 13 Coins or Icon Grill. Good luck, and I hope you find the best place!

Mother's Cookies Goes Bankrupt; Hipster Shirt Memorializes the Animal Cookies

Did anyone else think the white ones tasted better than the pink ones? In my head I knew it was only a difference in food coloring...but still.

Irrational (or rational) food prejudices you have had or have

Not that ranch dressing is the purest of foods...but have you ever had the Kraft brand? It tastes like some weirdly flavored mayonnaise. Hidden Valley for the win!

Served: Getting Served in Seattle

I have lived most of my life in Seattle, and I agree that the food/bars are hard to beat!

@Phaelon56: Yes, Thai Tom's is very tasty, although I cannot speak to its authenticity. It was always a go-to for us college students. Keep in mind that it is a very small, almost always crowded, and they only take cash!

Coca-Cola Light Bottles Designed by Roberto Cavalli

Forget the bottles...Coca Light is the BEST! There's nothing like sipping an ice cold Coca Light on a hot summer day in Paris. Coke Zero kinda tastes similar, and believe it or not but the Wal-Mart brand coke does a pretty good job too. I've been obsessed with CL since 8th grade!

Grocery bagging violations

Oh my gosh, every time I go to the grocery store I go through the same bag anger: the baggers use wayyyyy too many bags. I've never noticed what items go with what, but I watch them put practically one thing per bag, and I end up re-bagging the things myself as they go because it bothers me so much. I know, I know I could do the re-usable thing, and I think I am going to buy a bunch of those big Ikea bags for this purpose. It really makes me mad!

I was at Target once, and I told the cashier that I didn't need a bag after she had already pulled one, and she just thrust it under the register and into the garbage! OMG!

Conscientious Catering at the Democratic National Convention

I get it: the DNC is probably just trying to make a statement about their feelings towards organic foods and eating healthfully, but what leaves a bad taste in my mouth is not fried food, but the dogmatic approach to "peripheral" issues taken by the Left. Not to say that environmentalism is a small issue, but the way the democratic party presents everything from the environment to trans-fats, for example, borders on cultish.

@simon: Was that really necessary?


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