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Chinese Velveting 101: Stir-Fried Chicken With Mushrooms and Oyster Sauce

I agree with @cg_ups - these posts are very informative and I learn a lot about the techniques with the step-by-step photos. I really enjoy these Asian technique series and do hope to see more because my parents aren't physically around to show me how to make my childhood favorites.

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

Red...and I'd probably start to venture into candymaking.

Keep Austin Weird: 12 Unique Foods Found in Austin

Agreed with @carriebwc and @joydreamz. As someone who divides their time between Houston and Austin, the rest of the country's idolization of Austin as this wonderfully "weird", diverse, progressive utopia while simultaneously condemning Houston (and other Texas cities) as some kind of oil-baron-driven Republican hell hole, I'm pretty baffled.

Anyway, good food to be found in other Texas cities. Personally I think Houston food rivals Austin food any day!

A Sandwich a Day: Pastor and Marinated Pork Torta at Mexico's Deli in Houston

Your links to the Mexico's Deli website is broken. Also, this place is freaking delicious.

We Try the new Cinnamon Roll from Starbucks

I remember enjoying their espresso brownies and cinnamon coffee cakes back in the day. They weren't OMG-DROOL-WANT, but tasty enough. Overpriced. But tasty.

How to Make Real-Deal Tortilla Soup

Does it lose a lot if I don't use the corn flour or sub in all purpose flour?

10 Instant Noodle Flavors That Are Actually Spicy

@PSFam - Thanks for the tip. I'll try to check out Hmart sometime soon.

10 Instant Noodle Flavors That Are Actually Spicy'd think Asian markets in cities like Houston that have large Asian populations would have more of these! I think I've only seen the Shin Ramyun (original?) and two varieties of Indomie (which I love beyond words).

A Guide to a Chinese Vegetarian Dinner with Many Faux Meats

@ag3208 - The vegetarian kidney is the best! It tastes nothing like real kidney, but it's so tasty with some chili oil.

What was the first thing you ever baked?

Betty Crocker brownies in a convection oven. I was too scared to turn on the actual oven because I had never used it before. Still turned out delicious!

Not sure if I want to buy frozen lobster tails

Thanks everyone. I think I'll pass on this based on everyone's advice. Saved me some money :)

Weekend Baking Project: Dark Chocolate Cherry Fudge

Ooh...I have a surplus of dried cherries and everyone's tired of my cherry chocolate chip oatmeal cookies by now. Looking forward to trying this out.

Scooped: Vegan Banana Coconut Ice Cream

The bottom recipe link is broken; but the very first one works.

What is this Chinese loaf called??

Haven't seen it with nuts before, but I don't think it's out of the question. They taste a little sweet, but also just a smidge sour because of the fermentation process. Very glutinous and chewy.

This one is decorated with sesame seeds, and is in rectangular form:

Baking Inspiration

Food inspiration sites:

You may not use the recipes that are posted with the photos, but the pictures can often inspire you to go look for a good one recipe, and you have an idea of how to present it, which is half the battle when selling.

Peeling eggs

I know you've had poor experiences with ice water baths, but that's the method I always turn to, and it hasn't failed me yet. I do let them sit in the bath for a good 2-3 minutes (possibly longer, my memory is poor and I haven't done hardboiled eggs in a while) and the shells always have no problem coming off, regardless of the age of the egg.

Mixed Review: New Williams Sonoma All-Natural Cupcake Mixes

Yeesh...$15 for mix...who is supporting the WM business model again?!

Worst thing you ever ate?

@PlumGaga - you sure that wasn't sea cucumber? I'm Chinese, and I'm not aware that we serve sea urchin that often at weddings.

@Kenji - aww...I like balut. I never eat the embryo (mental block), but the yolk is tasty dipped in some salt and pepper.

Fast Food Onion Ring Roundup: Burger King vs. Hardee's vs. Jack in the Box vs. Sonic

Also a fan of BK's onion rings and zesty sauce. Maybe not as "real" onion rings, as some people are already claiming, but they're still pretty tasty as a junk food snack.

I'm in TX, but haven't tried Whataburger's onion rings yet. I'll have to give them a go now, after the ringing endorsements here.

From the Freezer: Uno's Artisan Crust Frozen Pizza

Rare strains of premeditated laziness come out in college students around finals time. I stock up on all sorts of premade, terrible-for-you, and terrible-tasting food during late April and late November.

But I could also see myself making frozen pizzas after I graduate. I am all kinds of lazy.