Can I freeze caramelized onions?

Heinz-like Ketchup

hey lorenzo, if you don't know why you feel insulted, think about why you do before spouting off this vitriol in reaction to a ketchup recipe.

yes, you know what goes into heinz, and it's pretty likely the original poster does as well. the significant difference in this recipe is the use of agave instead of corn syrup or refined sugar, so i will assume that the original poster meant that they "know [that agave] goes into it," as opposed to other sweeteners. some people have a problem with common commercial sweeteners and seek other sugars, like agave. this is ok.

the most commonly available version available is made with hfcs, and heinz does not yet have a version made with agave. if the original poster does their bulk shopping at costco and cannot find a heinz ketchup sweetened to their liking, but finds agave available and finds they have the time and resources to use this agave to make ketchup, how is this offensive? this is a personal decision, not a moral attack on your ketchup intake.

Japanese sweet potatoes lovers

Haha, I just had a couple steamed sweet potatoes for breakfast. The korean goguma is the same as the satsuma imo, right? My mother told me recently that she doesn't feel at ease until there are a few goguma in the house :) But lately, we're on an okinawan sweet potato kick...

Seriously Asian: Chrysanthemum Greens

Ssukgat! Chichi's right, we usually drop them in last minute into seafood stews, ramen, udon, and so on to prevent overcooking. Also, awesome tucked into ssam or in sandwiches, anywhere for a nice kick amid rich flavors. I'd describe it more as peppery and slightly bitter than sweet when eaten raw.

Japanese Snacks: Milk Candies

Whoa, the original milk candy for me is the Chinese White Rabbit candy. There's possible explanation for the popularity of milk flavored candy in the linked wikipedia pg: "Seven White Rabbit candies is equivalent to one cup of milk".

Sunday Brunch: Tamago Gohan

Oh duhh. Thanks pjacob01. I was imagining slurping up cold stale rice grains swimming in gooey eggs and it just wasn't working.

Sunday Brunch: Tamago Gohan

Oops, I don't really sign onto se very much anymore-- so you prefer the texture of uncooked eggs in the cold/room temp rice for your tamago gohan? I find that really unusual!

Sunday Brunch: Tamago Gohan

I think I'd add a little sesame oil as well. Come to think of it, tamago gohan is a little bit akin to the sesame oil/soy sauce rice I grew up with. We also tore in pieces of nori.

@Aya Kristen Alt-- How do you mean? Do you stir the egg into room temperature rice, or let the mix cool down until it's room temperature? I'm having trouble picturing the first.

Nasty Bits: Korean Blood Sausage

my mouth is watering so much. soondae shops in LA sell soondae with heart and liver too, the heart goes quickest in my family :)
i'm pleased to see the love for blood sausage on se.

soondae corndogs?? is the batter kind of sweet, or is it more like a tempura batter? i feel excited. and holy, tripe + soondae...

Taste Test: Instant Oatmeal, Original Flavor

Hm, I've always felt that those little packets are such a waste of material and money on a student's budget :/
I've had better luck making a quick and decent oatmeal by boiling water, then dumping in (old fashioned) oats, and letting it stand covered for a few minutes. Quick, and no gooey-ness to be found. And is it just me that eats enormous bowls of oatmeal, or are those single-size portions tiny?

(Bittman's tip is great, and some days I prefer the cold milk soak method to hot 'real' old-fashioned oatmeal and steel cut. Great texture with just a little bite.)

Meet & Eat: Jenny Lee-Adrian, Serious Eats Intern

Haha, I had the exact same thoughts as FamishedFem! Welcome to the site.

Excess orange syrup

Yum! when I candy orange peels, I go through the syrup pretty slowly. On top of pancakes/crepes or plain yogurt is always delicious for breakfast, and it is so good in your hot cocoa replacing the sugar.. Hopefully someone has some great ideas for using a whole lot at once. Perhaps in a glaze for a ham or chicken if you eat meat?

Cow Lips

@Monsieur_Ghislain, thanks for linking to that blog! I've never seen it before-- definitely not another overwrought food blog. I just watched that video and I'm drooling. Craving cow lips at midnight.

Hakata Tonton: In Praise of Pork Foot

Oh my god... pig feet and monkfish liver and cow offal galore. This restaurant and I are destined to be, barring the 3000 mi distance.

Best and Worst of Food Trends of 2010?

"Overuse of the word "elitism" to describe anything one disagrees with or feels threatened by."

@McNormal, thank you for restoring some of my faith.

What are you cooking/baking today?

Video: Pho vs. Faux

Turkey Salad?

There's a great curry turkey salad here on Simply Recipes. The bit of ginger and cilantro really makes it awesome. Elise also suggest stirring in some mango chutney at the end; that sounds delicious.

Boston: Barbara Lynch's Tagliatelle Bolognese

Tagliatelle is one of my favorite kinds of pasta, especially with meat sauces. Yum. Where can I find Lynch's pasta recipe?

What's your favorite bagel flavor?

Plus, "jamagel, jamagel, jamaican flavored bagel!" is just too catchy to not say out loud too many times.

What's your favorite bagel flavor?

Jamagels please. Bulla, rock bun, paw paw, hard dough. Yes.

(I usually don't care for 'flavored' bagels, but I met Reginald, the guy who made these things, and he is an utter charmer. They're actually tasty too, if you stop thinking of them as OMG bastardized bagels and consider them- in his own words- as "the flavors of Jamaica" in a bagel vessel.)

Thanksgiving Sides: Corn Pudding and Other Corny Side Dishes

This is the recipe. I wish SE would link recipes to the mouthwatering photos... heh. I only got this one since this recipe is the only SE recipe!

What's your favorite bagel flavor?

Coworkers and food smells

Curious to know SE's office's own 'food smell' policy... if there is one at all, based on Chichi's gingko nut story!

Thanksgiving Pies: Pecan Pie Recipes

Teachertalk has my question-- who made those pecan tarts and may I have the recipe? :- )

Dekopan/Sumo in the greater LA area/CA

The Dekopan arrives in California

I was just in Assi market and saw some lingering but wasn't intrigued enough to try! Totally regretting it now. Has anyone tried these? I'm curious to know what the distribution is like outside of California.

excerpt: "The fruit was almost preternaturally flavorful: The membranes around the segments were gossamer thin; the flesh was firm but juicy, almost silky; and it registered so high on my refractometer, an instrument for estimating sugar content, that I first thought the device was broken." Drool.

delicious desperate blueberries as a means for procrastination

The drizzle of sweet cream and honey is enough to make this non-recipe a treat while you console yourself over impending essay deadlines. The cream freezes on the berries as you stir and the frost looks a bit like the bloom on fresh picked blueberries. At the end you have a little puddle of sweet purple cream!

Storing fresh pasta

I'm getting really conflicted information online about storing dried pasta containing eggs-- answers from"several months" to "don't bother: imminent salmonellosis/botulism death". To be honest, I hadn't even thought about risks of drying pasta, so I'd like some insight from the SE folk who've done so.

Assuming my pasta is completely dried with no mold and stored in an airtight container at room temperature, how long is the shelf-life? What is your experience with storing freshly dried pasta sans refrigerator?

Not your average Thanksgiving dinner

When I was a child, I remember being inordinately impressed with Thanksgiving specials on television. Mashed potatoes and gravy, the abundance of "stuffing", the presence of marshmallows at dinner, and of course perfectly round golden turkeys were just completely fascinating concepts.

Of course, my (Korean) parents didn't know how to prepare or care to even have the taste for such foods but they tried really hard to please us American kids when it came to school break sanctioned holidays as we expected them. But, after year after year of ordering foiled wrapped Thanksgiving-dinners from supermarkets (ugh), we finally decided to just make special holiday dinners to our own tastes. In the past few years, we've had any combination of shabu shabu, galbi jjim (braised short ribs), broiled snapper, lots of sashimi, tteok guk, samgyetang (chicken/ginseng soup), and even just kimchi jjigae and samgyupsal (grilled pork belly)/grilled tripe.

I'd love to open up the forum and hear from other SE folks on their non-traditional menus for Thanksgiving! Sorry if the thread has already been done!

Your favorite recipes with caramelized onions?

Besides french onion soup?

Sister is moving into her first apartment sans college roommates this week, and I have a ton of caramelized onions saved in the freezer. I'd like to use that to make something warm and filling to give to her and her new home. I'm thinking a quiche, but I'm definitely open. Extra points if the dish can easily be frozen for the future as she's always very busy!

Bread and butter

How do you eat your bread with butter? Do you have some room-temp butter always out in a butter bell, ready for spreading? Or do you do the attempt-smearing-cold-hard-butter-on-to-poor-toast method? Butter bread, and then toast for more even butter coverage?

And of course, the type of butter you like is important too in this simple pairing. Anything from the supermarket? Butter you make yourself? Fancy European butter? Salted or unsalted?

Can caramelized onions be frozen?

Can caramelized onions be frozen without negative change in texture/color?

It burns to slice six onions and stir for 45 minutes, but it burns more when someone last-minute cancels on you and six onions worth of french onion soup. Help me out seriouseats folks! :)

Freezing jam

I made/received a few jars of different jams today. They're definitely not preserved for longevity, and expect them to last at most 3 weeks in the refrigerator unopened (simply heated the jam until it gelled and then put it in the jars, flipped them over). I reaally want to taste the different kinds I have and save them for later-- can I freeze the opened jams and expect to eat them later?

Thanks in advance! (I plan to begin proper jam making techniques soon.)

Carrot Cake Conserve

This carrot cake conserve is just the thing to make on the cusp of spring, when you're itching to bust out your canning supplies but strawberries and rhubarb aren't quite yet in season. It's filled with juicy raisins and crunchy... More

Preserved: Carrot Cake Jam

This carrot cake jam is just the thing to make on the cusp of spring, when you're itching to bust out your canning supplies but strawberries and rhubarb aren't quite yet in season. It's filled with juicy raisins and crunchy walnuts, and spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. At first I was a bit skeptical about whether it would truly taste like carrot cake, but trust me—spread over any kind of bread with cream cheese (bagel, toast, English muffin, etc.), it's exactly like the real thing. More

Favorite food-related memoirs? (And ones to avoid)

I love food-related memoirs (note: not cookbooks). I can eat vicariously (and calorie free!) through the experiences of others and garner non-cookbook inspiration. Examples include Anthony Bourdain, Ruth Reichl's trifecta, and Jacques Pepin. But not every food memoir is great... More

Pizza Obsessives: Hong-An Tran, Slice Snapshot Artist Extraordinaire

As an avid photographer and pizza lover I could not help being mesmerized by the pictures created by Hong-An Tran, who I met on the photo-sharing website Flickr. Her shots are beautifully composed, and it was obvious to me that she used film rather than digital to capture her images. I was also impressed by her pizza resume. She has eaten at a ton of top-notch pizzerias in NYC. She is in fact the definition of pizza obsessive, making her a perfect subject for this column. For the non-photographers out there, please bear with us if we veer slightly off topic with some camera talk. I know it's hard to believe but there is life outside of pizza. More