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Enter Our Halloween Baking Challenge Featuring Puff Pastry

Yay, I made the finals. I have a question about the voting. People can favorite the recipe, but there is a limit of one vote per person/e-mail address. I don't see where you ask for an e-mail address, the voter should just favorite the picture. What if there are a few people in a family who all share the same IP address that want to vote? Can they, or is it just one vote per IP address?

Enter Our Halloween Baking Challenge Featuring Puff Pastry

@ J. Kenji Lopez

Of course, I am so excited to create my own recipe. I read the rules but was still unsure about my entry already being published on my blog. Recently I was disqualified from a contest, after winning the grand prize, because the recipe was posted on my blog. Maybe I'll have better luck this time.

Enter Our Halloween Baking Challenge Featuring Puff Pastry

Can these recipes be posted on our blogs, or should we create something just for the contest and upload a picture without a link going somewhere?

Bake the Book: 'Marshmallow Madness'

Wow sea salted caramel marshmallows sound amazing. I'd love to win the book so I can make these myself. Yum!

Photo of the Day: Bloody Hand Burger

Thanks so much for posting a picture of my Hand-Burger dripping in blood red ketchup. Although these little burgers seem a bit gross, the kids and adults at our Halloween party gobbled them up.

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