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Poll: Do You Buy Store Brands More Often Than Name Brands?

I was an elementary ed major in college and my teaching science prof had us do some activity where we had to conduct a poll.. i cant even remember why or what the point of it was, but, i rememeber that my partner and i decided to taste test cinnamon toast crunch and the generic brand. We let the rest of the class sample both cereals after smelling, touching, and obviously tasting both cereals.. and EVERY single one picked the generic brand as being the better... lame attempt at a poll im sure but it just struck me as being odd that they all picked the generic and were convinced it was the name brand.. i happen to like the generic brand better myself..

Foodie game

eggplant parmesan - and on a side note... i have a wondering mind when im trying to sleep so instead of counting sheep, this is what i do! i have some new additions to add to my list :)

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Regional Sandwiches?

@Penelope, Ive lived in Pittsburgh my whole life and have eaten my fair share of CHIPPED ham :) and i am a "burgher" right down to my black n gold blood..

Pittsburgh Pizza Advice Needed

Pizza Sola on Carson Street FOR SURE. Especially after taking in all that is the "Sahth" Side :)

What's The Best Sandwich You've Ever Had?

primanti's - capicola and cheese, extra slaw and a healthy dose of hot sauce...

Grown-ups should not eat SpaghettiOs

i loved all chefboyardee (spaghetti-o's, ravioli, beef-a-roni) when i was a kid and had a can not to long ago just to relieve those after school memories... it wasnt quite the same but i cant say they were the most disgusting thing ive eaten... just not as delicious as i rememeber...

Obsessed with Bacon Baked Goods & Confections

my mother in law made a dip for thanksgiving that was pumkpin, bacon and onion with candied pecans on top... i wanted to eat it with a spoon... i didnt get the recipe but i will be..

What's Your Favorite Sandwich?

primantis capicola w hot sauce... mmmm...

If You Smelled Like Any Food...

in the summer limes, in the fall caramel apples, in the winter peppermint and in the spring angel food cake

What's your favorite food when drunk?

anything greasy, salty, and most likely extremely unhealthy for me..

Can Pumpkin Beer Be Serious Beer?

ive tried a dozen or so pumpkin beers and some were better than others. my favorite being Screamin' Pumpkin Spiced Ale from Michigan Brewing Co. its spicy but smooth and sweet but balanced... very delicious on a fall night

Best food for a stomach ache?

what i like to call soup with dots...
chicken broth with little pastina pasta and whisk an egg or two with some parmesan cheese... and actually sometimes a little red pepper flakes helps me believe it or not... particularly when its self induced...

For the laddies- Hottest Food Network Dude?

@pumpkin bear.. I couldnt agree more about Chiarello... he used to be my fave silver fox but couldnt stand him on Top Chef :(

Tyler florence is by far the most adorable...

Popcorn: Do You Err on the Side of Unpopped or Burnt?

my grandfather ALWAYS burnt the popcorn and i stayed with him most days in the summer when i was little. we'd eat it and watch Tom and Jerry... so now the smell of burnt popcorn is a happy memory :) im also partial to the half popped kernels... so i guess im on both sides?

How Do You Know Its Summer?

there has to be either watermelon juice or butter from corn on the cob running down my arm before its officially summer...

Everyday Food...

congrats~ i love this magazine!

How do YOU make a tomato sandwich?

i love the taste of tomotoes.. cant handle the squish, so i squeeze "the guts" out first

then there are two ways:
a. loads of mayo (i noticed the trend) on toast with thin as i can get slices of tomatoes, salt and peppered...
b. caprese style with a thick hunka mozz. cheese, fresh basil, olive oil and of course the tomato

its summer between two slices of bread...

Favorite Ramen Toppings?

i LOVE ramen.. i guess after consuming so much of it in college it just is one of those things that makes me happy... i also liek to put a slice of cheese in it and make it creamy... or for a "healthy version" some green peppers or green onions...

my fiance and i just got a house together and just said yesterday that we were going to have to live on ramen for the next two years :) great ideas if so!

Retro-ish Oreo, Ritz Packaging at Target This Summer

i saw them there about a week ago and my first thought was....... yuck.... not a fan at all

Summer reading and food: Anyone read these two or suggestions?

i JUST finished reading "i loved, i lost, i made spaghetti" and was quite disappointed with it.. pretty boring actually. i loved all of ruth reichls though...garlic and sapphires in particular...

Fort Myers, Florida

i have to say... i was in Ft. Myers in November and while the area was very lovely and enjoyed my stay, i dont remember ANYTHING that we ate... well maybe the key lime pie ;) Not even the seafood stands out in my mind.. i remember being discouraged by this... BUT dont think i am a debbie downer!!! I would go back there tomorrow! make sure you go to sanibel island.... its wonderful there...

Regional Fast Food Chains

pittsburgh- eat n' park...the place for smiles :)...nothing beats a grilled stickies ala mode at two in the morning! and smiley cookies that take you back to being five years old again..

we finally got sonic in the area and am addicted to cranberry limeades!!

im also a big fan of Sheetz MTOS( made to order) after a night out...

Emotional Eating: Strange Cravings when you're ANGRY!

that ice cream sounds delicious! i may try it when im happy lol

Tell Your Asparagus Story

love. love. love... not canned though.. i used to before i ever had fresh but i cant go backwards... i love it grilled with lemon, butter, and sea salt... i am lucky to have a family member that grows it so she supplies me quite often.

memorial day menu plans?

big ol' steaks on the grills, some garlic burgers, a sweet potato salad, corn on the cob with dill butter, and the usual "snacks" .. and beer... lots and lots of beer. OH and a big batch of "skip and go nakeds"-beer, vodka, and frozen lemonade in large quantities.. real classy...;)


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