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Coffee & Donuts Cake

I don't like donuts but I REALLY want to make this cake. Brilliant.

California Eatin': Dutch Crunch in the Bay Area

Born and bred in the Bay Area, I know Dutch Crunch! Never eat it anymore but it's true, I ate a lot of dutch crunch sandwiches during the 80s and 90s. Love the Cheese House reference, have had many a massive sanwich from that place.

Summer reading and food: Anyone read these two or suggestions?

My favorites are Heat by Bill Buford, The Apprentice by Jaques Pepin and My Life in France by Julia Child (and her nephew, as I recall). Right now I am reading Trail of Crumbs (someone above mentioned it)--the writing is good and the story interesting, but it's a little melancholy. More about the author's life (which is certainly interesting) than about food.

SE'er Food Blogs

Nice thread! Mine is:

Ramblings on cooking, eating, restaurants, and books. And an occasional recipe.

Dinner Tonight: Red Wine Spaghetti with Broccoli

I've always thought of trying this too but, like you, wondered if it would be a waste of a bottle of wine. Now I'm more inspired to try it. Great photo.

the best baking cookbook?!

I agree with Baking Illustrated--none of the recipes have ever failed me, and it has a great variety.

Where to eat in SF?

Also--for great pizza--Little Star on Divisadero or Valencia.

Where to eat in SF?

Caroline has the right ideas--I second La Taqueria, Tartine, Burma Superstar, Zuni and Hog Island. And I can tell you that Delfina, San Tung, the Front Porch, Salt House, Firefly, the Slow Club, Emmy's Spaghetti Shack, and Yank Sing should also be on your list of places to try. Have fun!

In Videos: Dogs Baking Bread

I love this...especially the end when the dog is wolfing down the sandwich.

Dinner Recommendations for San Francisco Trip

I love the Front Porch and Emmy's Spaghetti Shack--both located in the outer Mission. Emmy's is comfort food with a twist and a great atmosphere--tiny, with booths and sometimes a dj--and Front Porch is hipster southern--think fried chicken and crab and grits. Those are two of my regular spots.

For ethnic food, if you're ready to brave a crowd, Burma Superstar on Clement is great--get the tea leaf salad and supertsar noodles; San Tung on Irving is excellent for Chinese--get the shrimp and leek dumplings and dry-fried chicken. Little Star and Pauline's are both excellent choices for pizza.

Lunch eats in downtown San Francisco?

I agree with Yank Sing and Taylor's Refresher. Also, Cafe de la Presse in Union Square is great for food and ambiance; Mondo Cafe at Mission & 2nd has delicious paninis; and Specialty's has good sandwiches and cookies if you're grabbing something quick.


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