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How Do You Survive with One Oven on Thanksgiving?

unless you are feeding the 7th army, cut the number of sides down and use crockpots for keeping things warm. Lets face it the protein is usually the star of the show, and for most, three or four sides is more than enough. who wants to feel like doing nothing but hibernating after dinner? concentrate on being with people you love, it's called THANKSgiving, not gorge to bursting. yes its nice to have options, but everyone deserves to enjoy the day, including the cook and dishwasher.

Portuguese chorizo

@salpico do they ship themselves? I miss real linguica and chorizo.

7 Ways to Reuse a Banana Peel

work a bannana peel into the soil of your plant especially potted for a great way to feed them
you can use the inside of a bannana peel to polish your shoes. Yes this really does work.

birthday cake for a diabetic?

I've used Emerils flourless chocolate cake with good results for diabetics. Yes chocolate has sugar, but there is very little added sugar and no flour to jump glycemic numbers. Dont forget, its not just about "sugar" carbs are even worse. However be warned, the cake I'm talking about is very heavy and rich. The good part of that is a small slice really does satisfy.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 84: Do You Ever Scare Yourself Into Eating Less?

Ed the important thing is you caught the gain before it could undo all the good you've done for yourself. You should be very proud, I know we are.
I have to admit though, I could never resist the siren call of fried clams from sea swirl in mystic. I used to work in mystic and drove back roads just to avoid that place.

Best food for a stomach ache?

I keep a small box of candied ginger in the pantry for emergencies of that nature. seems to really settle things down and the sugar gives you an energy boost. Thats for guests though for SO and I, we get the homemade stuff along with homemade gingerale ;-)

Habanero Help!

I used to dry mine in a dehydrator, just beware and listen to ranger99 gloves are a must!!!!!! I ended up blistered to mid forearm for a week by slicing hab's without gloves. Totally embarrasing when you have to call poison control to find out how to stop the pain.

What bread or cracker do YOU eat with goat cheese?

wow ya'll are so fancy with goat cheese I feel left out. :-( I usually just spread some on black pepper water crackers and add a tiny dab of fig preserves.

What's for Dinner? 08/31

homemade chicken and dumplings (feeling energetic today)


ok meatloaf is my shame,I started making a recipe SO adores and wont let me change, 1/3rd beef 1/3 chicken 1/3rd pork raosted garlic humus (8 oz) 1/2 can golden mushroom soup, about 2 tsp worshtechire sauce, palm and a half ful of dehydrated onions and thats it. I use the other half can of soup to coat the top and SO can kill one loaf per sitting. I always feel slightly ashamed when I make it, but I've even made my own "gloden gravy, but the taste isnt right, I think the canned crap has just the perfect amount of salt and goop factor.

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 82: Peanut Butter Portion Control

I was never to big on pb till I started making my own, now pb is my main source of protein, peanut, almond and cashew are the best. and there is nothing like cashew butter cookies OMG totally decadent and delicious!
Ed as ever we are very proud of you, the hardest thing in the world is learing to control something you love. Big hurray!

I need help!!!!

I've poached elk kebabs in a beef/chicken stock with fresh herbs, I just wouldnt poach in water though, seems to me you want to add as much flavor as possible. and btw AB had a show he did on poaching that was very informative and he even recomends using an electric skillet, which is the was I've done it for years.

If I could eat anything right now, I'd pick _________.

If I could eat anything right now, hmmm I would love a big thick grilled steak, with fresh grilled sweet corn and lots of butter, a tomato and cucumber salad with fresh blue cheese dressing, and I huge piece of strawberry shortcake with lots of whipped cream. however since none of that is possible I"ll probably have a slice of dry toast. lol

What is your fantasy food business?

I would love to open up a take out place that sells reasonably priced "real meals" not just things like fried chicken dinners. meals with a multiple choice of many types of veggies as well as the meat and starches. Have the menu change every day, and be open for customer suggestions and requests.

Buffalo Chicken Challenge

I just made a recipe they had for an apple coffee cake actually, and its amazing stuff. Never thought I'd be a such a huge fan of a mix anything. I was talking to the owner yesterday when I went up and he said a resteraunt up in chattanoga had just ordered 100 lbs of the pancake mix this week. lol I can also vouch for their plain cornmeal (best ever cornbread!) and all their flours are outstanding as well. As if all that wasnt enough, they are really great people who love what they are doing and work very hard to do things "the right way"

Buffalo Chicken Challenge

@professor Chaos, I get mine from Falls Mill in winchester Tn and its all fresh ground and sooo good, I always made pancakes and waffles from scratch till I found this stuff. only problem I have is the amount of room it takes up in the fridge, because it has all the bran coat on everything, it has to be refrigerated.

Ravioli fillings

our current fav is garlic and onion sauteed down to mush then add some fast cooked summer squash, zucinni, and shh dont tell SO but I also add mushrooms. I dont think I've ever made a meat filled raviole, the veggie/cheese is so much more versatile.

Buffalo Chicken Challenge

I'll probably get shot for this, but I tried and actually like RR's method of using pancake mix. I use a local pancake mix (whole stone ground and very healthy) and just mix it with enough water to make a batter, then I add tobasco chipolte sauce and dip my tenders and fry. For some reason we have become addicted to them. I also take the left over batter and add chopped onion and fry into little pseuo fritter cakes I know so bad but they are sooooooo good!

Best summer dish?

fresh sliced tomatoes with a light drizzle of very old very expensive balsamic. It was perfect! The balsamic was a gift from a friend that just came back from Italy, and it was obsenely delicious.

Brown rice risotto!

the only rice I ever buy anymore is brown rice and I prefer short grain to long always as well. Brown rice rissotto is a standby at my house. I buy a big bag of rice at my local asian food mart and its perfect! why do people always think you have to buy something called rissotto rice?

Do you like your chowder: thick or thin?

Rhode Island clam chowder only (clear broth) med thin and preferably with lots of clam fritters to dunk!!!

Which is more important, great ingredients or great technique?

if i had to choose i would say great ingredients and the kiss principle (keep it simple stupid) but I think both are important you dont have to have great technique but you do need a basic skill set. and I know making bread or stock isnt basic anymore but in my world it is.

What's your favorite novelty/odd food item?

I like to make "nori sandwiches" sometimes. i put wasabi paste or hot mustard in a nori paper with a very thin slice of cheese and a little roasted garlic, roll it up and I'm in seventh heaven. I also get a craving about once a year for fritos and peanut butter, something about the salty greasy sweet just satisfies a craving. Dont judge me please ;-(

What are you? Recipe Follower or Recipe Deviant

I admit it I'm a deviant too. oh and whats a recipe? ;-)


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