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Sous Vide Pulled Pork, looking for input

Cooking it at 135 will give you a medium rare pork roast. Cooking it for upwards of 48 hours will break down some of the connective tissue like traditional braising would, but controlling the temperature like that would sill leave you with a med rare product in the end. Like cwlewis said, most braised meats (including pulled pork) get in the 180-190 range before they're very tender to both cook the meat all the way through and break down the connective tissues. I would recommend oven braising for pork, but if you're set on cooking it sous vide try 185 for 8 hours (unless med rare is what you're going for!).

A work-week in Charlotte

I would second Price's Chicken Coop, The Diamond, Cowfish, and Midwood Smokehouse. Cabo Fish Taco and Revolution too. If you're uptown, Roosters and Harvest Moon are great. Heist Brewery has a great brunch. Enjoy!

Beer: Is Bigger Always Better?

You forgot the biggest reason for bottling in larger bottles: money. It's cheaper for smaller craft breweries that are making less of a profit than the big guys to bottle there beer in a smaller number of larger bottles. Even established breweries that normally sell 12oz bottles could bottle small batch/specialty brews in big bottles for this reason. From the consumer standpoint, there are definitely limitations to only having large bottles, but for the brewer is usually the first distribution step beyond kegs.

The Vegan Experience: A Fancy-Pants Meal Fit for Vegan Royalty

This is a great series, but does traditional semolina and egg pasta (like lasagna noodles) qualify as vegan?

Must-have sauces and pastes

Sofrito is a good "gateway" paste that you can use. You can buy it pre-made in jars or make it yourself.

How does slow-cooked beef get so brown?

You can also sear the meat really well before it's braised or stewed to give it a good brown crust before it's cooked all the way through.

Soaking dried chilies for sauces

The water from soaking chiles can be really bitter. I usually taste it and sometimes end up using it in the recipe if it's mild enough. Like ESNY said, it's probably easier for recipe writers to tell everyone to throw away the water so the bitterness will never be an issue.

Why do grocery store cashiers 'throw' my food?

I think most grocery store employees aren't paid enough to care about the state of eggs. If it bothers you, go through a self checkout line.

Tweak this Crab, Louis !

^^ also brandy mixed in to that.

How do y'all stay thin?

I work at a restaurant, so even though I taste lots of very rich food, I hardly ever eat whole portions of it. Other than that I eat mostly vegetables and grains. I don't restrict carbs, and exercise five or six days a week (mostly running). I don't skip dessert if I want it, and drink if I feel like it. I just don't go crazy. Healthyfat is not a thing, and crash diets don't work. Old fashioned exercise and awareness of balance in your diet is pretty much the only thing that does it.

How Long Do You Spend On Dinner?

About 10 hours a day, five days a week...

And then I come home and spend 30 seconds pouring cereal or heating up leftovers for my own dinner.

Grocery Clerk - What Would You Do?

I always thought service animals were required to wear tags or a harness that distinguished them as service animals (that's always what they told me when I worked retail). I don't know if those laws vary by state, but if it's nation wide then there's a very easy way to tell if it's actually a service animal or not!

From Love to Hate

Blue cheese definitely. And mushrooms - when I was younger I hated them, but now I can't get enough.

Lowering oven temp question

In a case like that, whatever it is you're cooking usually needs to be cooked at a high temperature at first to brown the outside (like roasting a piece of meat, for example, which will brown faster at a higher temperature). The temperature is lowered with whatever you're cooking still in the oven so it will continue to cook, but will be less likely to overcook on the outside before being done in the middle - so everything will be even, with a crisp and brown outside!

Wanted - Quality Vegetarian Cookbook

Moosewood for sure, and also Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

Taking a temperature on a column idea: Food for athletes

I'm interested. While "food is food," athletes do have more specific nutritional needs, especially while training towards a particular goal. Most of the information on the web about nutrition for athletes comes from the perspective of athletic websites, not food websites. For those of us who are both interested in food and interested in staying active, it would be useful to have the information from a "food point of view." I would even be interested in learning about the products - I don't look down my nose at packaged granola bars, and there are a lot of products on the market that claim to give you the correct fuel that you would need as an athlete, and sorting through the junk to find the good stuff isn't easy.

Need killer post-half marathon breakfast in Charlotte, NC

Harvest Moon, Dandelion Market, and Tara's Cafe are some of the best!

People of the industry

I'm with @Saria and @topchef. I work as a cook. I've done time in the front of the house too, and I always treat my servers very well. I make about half the money cooking that I did serving, but I do it because I want to and because I love it. In general, most cooks work longer hours, work harder, have a higher risk of injury, and make less money compared to waitstaff.

Win Pop Chart Lab's 'Breweries of the United States' Poster

Pisgah! It's one of the only things I miss about living there.

What are your top ten (or more) vegetarian protein rich foods?

peanut butter
(my favorites)

Sous Vide Black Garlic

It sounds doable, but 40 days is a really long time. From what I understand about the beer cooler cheat, you'd probably have to change the water or reheat it at least once a day to keep the temperature that consistent.

What's YOUR favorite Easter candy?

Reese's eggs! Far superior to ordinary Reese's.

Half & Half in tomato sauce?

Tempering it in could be more successful than adding it to the pot cold from the fridge, but the thing about half and half is that it tends to curdle and separate when it's boiled. Heavy cream has more fat, which prevents that from happening. I would just use the cream, because you won't need very much of it anyways.


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