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What is your stance on "tipping"?

Hahah - your insights are great CatBoy, thanks!

What can I do with a quince?

i was hoping for more...meaty dishes?

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'Extreme Cuisine'

Man, I don't even know what's extreme cuisine anymore. Almost everything is pretty acceptable to my palate. Out of all the "extreme" things I've eaten (alligator steak, kangaroo jerky, mantis shrimp, bull frogs, miracle fruit, etc. etc. the list goes on), I think it's sparrow roasted on a China...on the street... in ~1989 really did me in. Didn't taste bad, but my mom claimed that after eating it I got some horrible skin pox.

I would like to eat fugu or hakarl. If anyone can suggest a vendor/restaurant in the east coast - I would appreciate.

The grossest thing I've known anyone to eat (even though even this really isn't in the cuisine category, but in the TCM category) - human placenta.

Top that guys...

My (Sort Of) First Taste of White Castle's Burgers

After learning that White Castle is a legitimate establishment and not just a made-up fast food spoof on Harold and Kumar, I've was dying to try the mini burgers...I finally found in in Jackson Heights, NY...soooooooo disappointed with the experience. It was just like downing condensed air wedged in with a sliver of something that is marketed as meat...

The Nasty Bits: Tongue Tied

Thank you for this post! I love beef tongue and offal and I just feel so validated when I hear other people enjoying them. People don't know what they are missing out on; besides in the name on keep green and giving respect to the animals that died for us, we should consume and use everything that they have to offer.

I made a few posts on eating/prepping offal on my blog, but here's one on cooking beef tongue if anyone is interested :-)

Pulled pork??

I understand the romantic draw of using a crock pot or slow cooker, but I really suggest using a pressure cooker. Tenderizes everything in just a fraction of the time.

Leftover Spareribs

Hmm...I'm big on recycling leftovers, but this is quite a challenge. Depending on what the meat already tastes like, maybe go a little chic by coating it in a fresh herb crust >>> bake it for dinner? If there is plenty of meat on the bones, maybe you can pressure cook it with some homemade BBQ sauce to further tenderize /flavor the meat >>> strip down the meat >>> turn into pulled rib pork sandwich?

Can't say I've even tried doing any of those suggestions before...


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