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Lots of tasty small bites - bacon-wrapped dates, pigs in a blanket, cheese plate, a few sweet things.

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Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

Blue for the thermapen and red for the meat - a nice steak!

An Ode to The Charleston, a Neighborhood Bar in Chicago's Bucktown

Ah...The Charleston. It's been nearly a decade since I lived near Webster and Leavitt. It's still one of my all time favorites. There was a great band I caught a few times - two older gentlemen in tuxes, one on upright bass, the other on piano, and two classy dames, wearing evening gowns and belting out standards. Once a random guy at the bar just jumped in on trumpet. They always would close by parading around the bar (a daring feat) to "When the Saints Come Marching In." Thanks for putting a smile on may face today :)

Cook the Book: 'Indian Cooking Unfolded'

paneer mattar

Grilled Cheese with Kimchi

I was skeptical upon trying a kimchi quesadilla from the infamous LA Kogi truck. It was delicious. This recipe is a must try.

Cook the Book: 'New York a la Cart'

A biscuit and gravy truck...mmmm

Win 2 Tickets to Sweetlife: A Music + Food Festival!

peaches and tomatoes!

Cook the Book: 'Vegetable Literacy' by Deborah Madison

Oven roasted Brussels sprouts, with just some olive oil, salt, and pepper

Bake the Book: La Boulange Bakery: Cafe Cooking At Home

chocolate croissant

Win Two VIP Tickets to Cochon 555 in San Francisco

Please Reminisce about Birthday Cake

My mom always figures out a way to get me red velvet cake on my birthday, and goodness knows I love her for it.

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fresh veggies

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Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Camp Bacon Gift Box

BLAT - bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato!

Cook the Book: 'The Homemade Pantry'

Cook the Book: 'Texas Eats'

Chicken Fried Steak.

Cook the Book: 'Eat with Your Hands'

Fried chicken!

What Cuisine Types Are Most Vegan-Friendly?

For the record (and as an omnivore), the best vegan food I've ever had was at the Spiral Diner, a fantastic vegan joint in Fort Worth, TX ;)

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Recchiuti Chocolate Bars

Mom's chocolate cake

Poll: What Weird Pizza Eating Habits Do You Have?

The best weird-pizza-eating-related rant of all time:

Thank you, Jon Stewart.

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With cheese and bread

San Antonio - celebration meal...with a small child!

I realize there are threads with San Antonio dining recommendations, but I have a slightly more complicated request. Next weekend my family and I will be in San Antonio. Saturday night is my mom's 60th birthday - the occasion that has inspired this whole vacation. I'd love to take her somewhere that feels special. However, my two year old nephew (who is very well behaved - I promise!) is part of the group. Any place we can go for a fun, special birthday dinner that won't frown on the presence of a toddler? Any help is much appreciated!!

Food you thought you hated?

Growing up my mom would eat beets, and I loathed them. Granted, they were the canned kind, but I hated everything about them. Subsequently, I avoided all things beets into adulthood. As it turns out, I LOVE beets. Somehow I finally gave them another chance and am now practically an addict. So I thought I'd pose a question - what foods did you completely write off only to discover later in life a true love? I'm now considering a position change on sauerkraut myself....

Good eats in Victoria?

Hello SE folks,

A friend and I are venturing to Vancouver, a city that (thanks to the Olympics) has had their food finds featured here. However, we're taking a side trip to Victoria for a day/night's stay. Any recommendations for delicious destinations?


Romantic Dinner for Two on a Budget

Like a lot of folks, the economy has taken it's toll. I'm looking to cook a fancy and tasty Valentine's dinner this Sunday for me and the boy, but trying to do so on a budget. Any helpful thoughts, menus, suggestions?

Pig Candy

This candied bacon stands meaty as its saltiness combines with the rich sweetness of caramelized sugar, with just a touch of spice that may not be wholly apparent, but creates a little bite within the sea of sugar. More

Balsamic Strawberry Smash

Always looking for ways to bring seasonal finds into my cocktails, I started tinkering with some of my favorite strawberry flavor combinations. The result is a summery take on the classic whiskey smash. Strawberries are muddled with lemon to create a juicy base, then a little strawberry syrup is added for a bit of sweetness and to balance the tartness of the lemon. The balsamic acts as bitters, and then of course a hefty pour of bourbon is added, because what's a smash without the bourbon? More

Whiskey Peach Sauce

This simple, boozy peach sauce makes a perfect dinner party dessert for those nights when it's too hot to even think about turning on the oven. Try swapping some of the peaches for apricots, or use bourbon, peach schnapps, or dark rum in place of the whiskey. Serve it over ice cream, pound cake, or French toast. More

Drink the Book: Arnie Palmer Jelly Shots

Sweet tea vodka is quick becoming one of this summer's guilty pleasures. Mixed with club soda and garnished with a wedge of lemon, the stuff goes down just about as easy as its zero proof inspiration, making it prime jelly shot material. Once set and sliced, these shots end up being just as refreshing as their sippable inspiration but a whole lot more fun. More

Cobb Dip

Cobb salads offer me a way to eat bacon and blue cheese while maintaining the appearance of control and self-righteousness. This dip does away with that pretense. Dig in.... More

Dinner Tonight: Grouper with Peas and Saffron (Mero en Amarillo)

It's rare that sauce also does double duty as the vegetable, but that's the case with this incredible recipe from Moro. The grouper fillets are sauteed in a pan on both sides over medium heat, before adding wine, saffron-infused water, a garlic and bread paste, and a whole heap of peas. The liquid reduces to the point where the peas actually are the sauce. Somehow it works. More

Whiskey Butterscotch Sauce

[Photograph: Lucy Baker] Real homemade butterscotch sauce is a marvelous combination of flavors including brown sugar, butter, salt, and booze. And it's incredibly simple to make. This version is spiked with a generous dose of Irish whiskey. It will keep... More

Dinner Tonight: Pasta e Broccoli

What really works with the famous pasta e broccoli is that if you cook it long enough, the parboiled broccoli breaks up into the pasta and almost melts into a pasta-clinging sauce when combined with the cooking water. Increasing the ratio of broccoli-to-pasta not only makes the dish a bit healthier, but better too. While this version is a simple one with garlic, pepper flakes, and Parmesan, another route might melt some anchovies into the oil and skip the Parmesan. Either way, this is, at the very least, a delicious way to eat your broccoli. More

Dinner Tonight: Sriracha Marinara with Meatballs

I'm not sure why it's never occurred to me to squeeze some Sriracha into tomato sauce. The complex spiciness goes well on just about everything, and in a marinara, it's a bit more interesting than a basic pinch of red chile flakes which you see much more often. What you end up with is a sauce that's slightly sweet, slightly vinegary, slightly garlicky, and definitely spicy. It does wonders to liven up a mainstay. More

Cook the Book: Sriracha Ceviche 

Ceviche might not be traditional Super Bowl fare, but the salsa-like qualities of this version make it a great accompaniment for tortilla chips. The heat of Sriracha along with chunks of tomato, avocado, and seafood give this Sriracha Ceviche all of the best qualities of guacamole, salsa fresca, and ceviche at once. More

Plov (Uzbek Rice Pilaf)

[Photograph: Max Falkowitz] There are as many recipes for plov, the Uzbek version of rice pilaf, as there are cooks who make it. Choices of meats, vegetables, and spices are up for debate, but all plovs start with more liquid... More

Marinated Feta Cheese with Jalapeños

I was recently introduced to the wonder that is marinated feta cheese in olive oil, which mellows out the sharpness of this cheese. Following the fabulous David Lebovitz's instructions for making this own my own, a commenter on his blog wondered about adding jalapeño. That's all the nudging I needed. Adding two jalapeños gives a sultry heat to the finish of the feta. More

Eat for Eight Bucks: Ratatouille and Chickpeas

As pictured, ratatouille and chickpeas make a filling but very simple meal. I eat this at room temperature like a hearty salad. If that sounds too plain for your tastes, spring for some goat cheese. You can crumble that over the beans and vegetables one day and then make goat cheese and ratatouille tartines (or pizzas, yum) the next. More