I'm a student in New York City who spent a year cooking fancy meals in a dorm room technically too small for a bed. My most transcendent eating experience was at Food Not Bombs. I get way too excited about vegetables.

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  • Last bite on earth: My mama's matzo brie or brisket, with a big slice of chocolate cake for dessert.

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Cook the Book: 'The New Portuguese Table'

Lebanese, Turkish, and Israeli... and Portuguese, of course!

Cook the Book: 'Fiesta at Rick's'

Isa Chandra Moskowitz! Her entrees and such are quite good, and her desserts and sweets are generally AMAZING. I used to make her pancakes and cupcakes all the time, and our omni family ate them up like they were going out of style.

(She counts as a celebrity chef, right? She had a TV show... on, um, a Brooklyn-based public access channel... which I suppose is kind of like having a show on The Food Network, if TFN listened to too much Bikini Kill and knew how to scam Kinkos!)

Barring that, Anthony Bourdain. It would either be an amazingly epic party, or a disturbingly surreal experience you never speak of again, but either way, you'd get a story.

Cook the Book: Ad Hoc at Home

When I travel, I stay near-ish to Le Monde--their burgers and fries can't be beat!

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

The pumpkin brioche bread pudding! Pumpkin is already my favorite thing, and adding more carbs makes anything better :)

What would you eat if you couldn't chew for a week?

Carioca--can you believe I've never had vichyssoise before? With you and everyone else recommending it, I've a feeling I'll be trying it for the first time very soon.

klizco--my version of that is lemon Italian ices and endless DVDs of The (American) Office :)

beckyleeprice--I'm so glad you found it too! I'm sorry you're also stuck not chewing, and I hope you recover fast!
There are a lot of great suggestions here already for interesting and nutritious meals, but here's my two cents as well. Protein and veg are also things I miss really badly (especially because pain medications can slow down your digestive system... if you catch my drift). My solution to that recently has been stuff like steamed/boiled veggies thrown into the food processor (you can get these precooked, if you're feeling really low), or smooth leafy vegetable dishes like creamed spinach. You also might want to google "green smoothies," which let you get fruits and veggies in at the same time--I like to do about half a cup of spinach with some frozen berries and half a banana, all whizzed in the blender. And as for meat, see if you can mince it small enough so that you can swallow it without chewing--I put minced chicken in broth and drink it with a straw, so the whole thing goes down easy.
Not to pimp myself out, but I'll probably be posting more ideas and such on my blog, if you'd like to check it out--but in any case, I completely sympathize, and I hope you feel better soon!

Chew on That--ha, totally! Though I've never been a very observant Jew, so sometimes pizza sneaks in anyway... :) Although your Passover talk has reminded me of the deliciousness of matzo brei... maybe that'll be mushy enough for today!

eggyzhe--I miss peanut butter and bread so much! Your meal sounds like heaven. I have a lot to look forward to...

What would you eat if you couldn't chew for a week?

MadelynRodriguez--thanks for the recipe suggestions, and ohmigod, that pizza looks so good. It helps that I'm craving greens something fierce nowadays... I'm the kind of person who, although I have a sweet tooth, will try to dump as much vegetables on everything I eat as possible, and spinach pizza is one of my favorite methods! But maybe I'll wait a few days, like Tconrastas said.

Hungrysailor--ha, I know exactly what you mean! My boyfriend's only meal suggestion post-surgery was his constant joke of "meat smoothies," which I kept saying, "Eww, gross!" to... until I realized that the trick of blending up chicken and rice and putting it in soup was basically the same thing. I feel like I'm doing my own "Will It Blend?" series. Luckily I haven't grossed out everyone too much yet :)

Gingercookiewithlime--thanks for your comments with regard to the sloughing--that's the part I'm most worried about right now, so it's good to have some suggestions on how to deal with it. And it's nice to hear that those suggestions involve eating food that's not the consistency of babyfood! Good call on the tongue scraper, too--I won't gross anyone out with the details here, but it'll be a nice alternative to brushing my teeth, which is really hard to do when you can't open your mouth much and it hurts to spit.

Annabanannas--you're absolutely right--it's day three today, and it's way harder than before. The first day was actually the easiest--I was so loopy on all the various anesthetics and narcotics that I was eating and talking and laughing all day. Day two was harder, and day three got off to a rough start, but hopefully this should be the hardest it gets.

GirlFromJetCity--oh man, I hadn't thought of that, and that sounds so good! Same with peanutbutter's butter suggestion, pjracz10's chicken broth plus egg, and Skythe's milkshakes. And oh man, hungrychristel/lexophile's Nutella suggestion--yummm! Plus, what with being mostly unable to chew, I have an excuse to eat it straight from the jar!

Caley--yeah, you're totally right on that front. I'm trying to stay extra-mindful of how much protein I'm getting, because I definitely feel a difference between when I get enough and when I don't.

And janaatwg--wish I could do the alcohol, but I've a feeling that'll have to wait. Perhaps for a "hooray for being totally recovered!" party, which I think is definitely in order :)

Thank you again for all your suggestions! Please excuse me if I missed your name--I'm running on a doomed combo of only a few hours of sleep and a lot of Percocet :)

What would you eat if you couldn't chew for a week?

Thank you all so much for your suggestions! It's nice to know that there's a world of recovery food outside of pudding and ice pops :)

All the soup suggestions are great. I've been cycling between wonton soup (with the wontons minced), egg drop soup, and chicken and rice soup, and it's really hit the spot. Plus, like joyyy, kmgagne, bareneed suggested, my mom has an immersion blender and is a soup fiend, so luckily I can count on that in the future (I think homemade chicken soup is on the menu tonight--yum!).

Caley--poor you and your jaw! I hope it gets back to normal soon. And I know exactly what you mean about raw vegetables--I pretty much live on big salads, and not eating them (and yummy summer fruit) makes me sad. Especially because pain meds and antibiotics are good at screwing with digestion (which hopefully can be remedied with fruit/green smoothies, like gastronomeg suggested). And thanks to you and erinlovestoeat with regard to the suggestions about muscles and easing back in--I was loopy on Percocet and local anaesthesia yesterday, the day of my surgery, and ended up being a motormouth glutton all day... and today my throat and facial muscles are paying the price :/

Engmcmuffin & annabanannas--I've definitely heard the same thing about milk, but my doctor still said milk was okay--go figure. I'm still mostly steering clear of dairy anyway, if only because I don't think it'll sit well in my tummy. But maybe the french onion soup that yayfood mentioned would be good on day four or five? Please? Haha. (And I hope you're feeling better, annabanannas!)

Dbcurrie--risotto sounds great! I've been having rice pudding, so I bet that would work too. And lemonfair, my mom makes killer guac, so that's a great menu suggestion (although maybe in a a few days--my tummy might not be so happy about raw onions so soon...).

Hungrychristel and lexophile--your feud is cracking me up! But I have to agree with both of you--half the time my pain meds go in unsweetened applesauce, and the other half they go in super-sweet chocolate pudding :)

Juliebugsmama--beer might be a little fizzy for the back of my throat right now, but some Percocet and ice cream (plus a sunny day!) just might do the trick!

Also, I was a complete airhead and forgot to include a link to my blog! If you'd like to see it, it's called How To Eat Everything (a play on Mark Bittman's "How To Cook Everything" series, which I love). Thanks! :)


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