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Behind the Scenes at Breckenridge Brewing Co., Denver, Colorado

EilyH - Agreed. They might be releasing a whiskey barrel version down the line as well.

Bottom Shelf Beer: International Porters and Stouts

These are all very different from Guinness, which is an Irish dry stout, as I am sure you are aware.

Boom Chocolate Stout Porter is a new one to me. I must hunt it down. I've also never had Dragon Stout. The bottles I always seen on the shelf have looked well past their drink-by date.

I have had all of the others you talk about though, most of them on more than a few occasions.

Baltika #6 and Zywiec Porter, are both great examples of true Baltic porters. Cheap too!

I think though, that perhaps comparing such a conflicting mix of beer styles wasn't the best idea.

As for the best alternatives to Guinness, well that all depends on where you live and what's available. My two fav's though, and both fairly well distributed, are O'Hara's Irish Stout and Victory Donnybrook.

Behind the Scenes at Crabtree Brewing Co., Greeley, Colorado

annifer - You definitely should. Let me know what you taste when you visit.

Behind the Scenes at Crabtree Brewing Co., Greeley, Colorado

kevineoman - That sounds exactly like Jeff to me. The man loves what he does and is eager to share his passion and hard work. Cheers to that.

Behind the Scenes at Crabtree Brewing Co., Greeley, Colorado

muthalovin - The oatmeal stout is truly first class. It's easy to see they won a medal for it at GABF.

Behind the Scenes at Crabtree Brewing Co., Greeley, Colorado

annifer - Thank you for spotting that. We will get that fixed. Really appreciate it. Cheers.

Behind the Scenes at Denver Beer Co., Colorado

GretchinF - Being within walking distance of Denver Beer Co. is a beautiful thing.

Behind the Scenes at Denver Beer Co., Colorado

muthalovin - Yes, Denver Beer Co.'s dedication to producing as many well-executed, different beers as possible, is impressive. Not many breweries would "go there".

Behind the Scenes at Denver Beer Co., Colorado

halcyongoddess - Thank you for reading it and commenting. Cheers.

Behind the Scenes at Fort Collins Brewery, Fort Collins, CO

muthalovin - Yes, it's well worth a visit; a wide-range of fresh, well-made beer and now you can eat carefully sourced and prepared food at Gravity Ten Twenty, while you're there.

Behind the Scenes at Odell Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO

Emmmily - I am headed out to Golden City Brewery very soon, so anything is possible.

One Big Bottle: Deschutes Fresh Hop Mirror Pond

I liked Fresh Hop Mirror Pond, but this year the fresh hop beer that blew me away was Oskar Blues HGH (Home Grown Hops). As the name suggests; brewed with hops harvested from their own (fledgling) farm. They are also rearing their own beef and growing their own veggies there. All for use at their two restaurants. You have to love a brewery that has a full time rancher/hop farmer! One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet too.

New brewery Denver Beer Co. brewed a beauty of a fresh hop beer this year; resinous and sticky, but with a lovely sweet backbone,

2011 Great Divide Fresh Hop was solid as always.

Sixpoint Autumnation was a nice change of pace.

I have a bottle of Great Northern Frog Hop fresh hop harvest ale in the fridge. It's a new one to me, so I'm excited to try it.

Last year Surly Wet was the best fresh hop beer I tasted. Followed closely by Founders.

Cambridge (UK) Beer Festival... any UK beer suggestions?

For starters - Marble, Moor, Dark Star, The Kernel, Old Chimneys, Bristol Beer Factory, Bath Ales, Butcombe, Redemption, Lovibonds, Thatchers, Thornbridge, Adnams, Windsor & Eton.

10 Must-Have iPhone/iPad Food Apps and Accessories

So happy to see Hoptopia on this list, I'm really proud of it, and in case anyone one was wondering, Hoptopia is also available to download on Android. Cheers!

Serious Beer: IPA from the Midwest

McNormal - I am a big Surly drinker - 'Furious,' 'Abrasive;' basically everything they produce, and I think non-Surly drinkers, just need some Surly :)

Serious Beer: IPA from Oregon

I cannot wait to try some of these - especially the offerings from HopWorks. Another great round up, Maggie! Brilliant job.

Serious Beer: Imperial Stouts

Fantastic round up Maggie! I couldn't agree more with you about the 2009 Dark Lord - what an incredible beer!!!!

Serious Beer: American Porters

Excellent write up Maggie, this sheds much light on a style I normally skip in favor of Stouts.

Serious Beer: DeuS, The Champagne of Beers, Plus Our Favorite Beers of 2009

This sounds delicious Maggie - I've not tried it myself yet and now really want to. Brilliant review! I'll pick up a bottle for review on Hoptopia in February and we can compare notes.


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