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My Pie Monday: Shrimp Scampi, Goat Gouda, Sake Sauce, and More!

@flourchild, I can see the effort and attention that's gone into that crust, very impressed!

My Pie Monday: Roasted Garlic, Artichoke Hearts, Caramelized Onions, and More!

Need to get me a WFO! would love to emulate the style of @Chad S & @Crkoller’s.

@Andris lovely looking pizza, do you have any more pictures and details on the toppings?

My Pie Monday: Salami, Kimchi, Bacon Jam, and More!

Interesting combo's and some impressive cooking times! I personally struggle to get below about 7 Minutes for an 8 ounze crust.
Food for thought here!

My Pie Monday: Eggs, Tiger Meat, Cream Cheese, and More!

Good effort everyone, fine selection! Been waiting all day for my pie Monday to appear as I live in the UK. I'm a lttle confused though as my entry isn't here :(.

Open Thread: What Are Your New Year's Pizza Resolutions?

I aim to get back on it but with a focus on quality and attention to detail. I went through a stage of making pizza 4 or more times a week......overdose! I'm gonna reign it in and take time to perfect the process, less is more.

My Pie Monday: BEC, Sicilia-NY, Gluten-Free Pizza, and More!

I agree with @dmcavanagh, good work @JEL, keep em' coming.

Poll: Fried Pizza, Way or No Way?

My loacl Italian restaurant serves a superb "Panzerotto" which is basically a deep fried calzone stuffed with ham, cheese and mushroom then covered in a spicy tomato sauce. I don't go that often but when I do visit I have to get one, a rare and sublime treat!

My Pie Monday: BEC, Sicilia-NY, Gluten-Free Pizza, and More!

I agree with @atmast, MPM is a true inspiration, everyone puts so much effort into these pizza's week in week out. I spend all day on mondays checking for the new selection, I can't wait to see what delights everyones created. Excellent selection as ever everyone.

My Pie Monday: 'Mootzaleppo', BBQ Brisket, Dutch Oven Pizza and More!

Week off with the wife and kids and so missed the deadline, didn't manage to get a picture posted despite much pizza creation by us all.

@billgraney I generally give my mushrooms a little fry in a nice hot pan for a couple of minutes to get rid of some of that moisture. This also intensifies the flavour, especially if you crush a clove or two of garlic in there as the come off the heat. Let em cool before using them, as you know putting hot stuff on raw dough tends to lead to disaster!

@amusebouche Thats a stonking looking pizza, nicely done!

@Adam Kuban's Your wife has good taste, I don't think I'd be happy waiting if thats what your turning out!

@Everyone else, good work and I can't wait to see next weeks pizzas. It's lunch time where I am now and I'm officially starving! Thanks all!!!

My Pie Monday: Bird's Nest Pizza, Pulled Pork, RAMPS(!) and Much More!

@All everything looks great again this week.

@Imwalkin looks great, do you oil your crust before cooking
@SaucedTO My kind of pizza
@Norma427 That a good looking sequel, I like this rustic look of this one.
@amusebouche sorry for my ignorance but I don't know the make up of a tomato pie, do you use a pizza style dough or is is more of a pastry crust? Looks gorgeous either way.
@BiereBeer what were you drinking that night champagne? Looks like an expensive evening round at your house! Nice work, like your style.

My Pie Monday: Roasted Grapes, Scallion Garlic Cream Sauce, Naan Pizza and More!

Superb array of pies yet again!
I love the creativity on show here each week, interesting ingredients, quality crusts, created with passion. I'd happily eat any of your pizzas.
@TXcraig,@imwalkin,@amusebouche1,@dmccavanagh Some good feedback this week, appreciate it and coming from you guys.....well!
@Bierebier - I've been dreaming up a pie similar to yours and having drooled over it I've decided it's time!
@Jimmyg - without a doubt this pie is right up my street, excellent.
@npinto - I'm lucky really, the only thing my two girls won't eat are mushrooms......slugs apparently!?!
@TXCraig - quality, massive fan of chilie, the whole thing looks unctuous.

My Pie Monday: Chocolate, Flowers, Cashews, and More!

@jimmyg Dough was based on Mr. Reinhart's formula in the bread bakers apprentice 100% flour, 2.2%salt, 0.54% instant yeast, 10% oil and a 70% hydration. Dough was left ofr a couple of days in the fridge and brough out a little before use. Sauce consists of cooked chopped tomato's with heaps of garlic, chili flakes, olive oil, a little sugar, salt, pepper and oregano. Polish sausage and pastami are store bought, layered them right on top the sauce and fresh cows milk Mozzarella. Bake was at about 525 for 8 minutes staight on top of a 2 inch thick piece of un polished granite (best thing I ever bought by the way).

My Pie Monday: Chocolate, Flowers, Cashews, and More!

@Pizzablogger Good looking crust mi old, something I aspire to but simply don't have the set up to get the heat required for this kind of finish. I'm looking at an 8 minute bake!

@Dhorst I just know that tasted good, floral delight.

@RobynB I think my favorite pizza in the line up :). fine crust and the topping sound delightful.

@Imwalkin I'm feeling your pain....same thing happened to me when I made pizza at 04.30am last sunday for the Australian GP (I really did make pizza at 04.30am), slid the pizza off the peel and it stuck. I wasn't as quick thinking as you (maybe due to the time) and ended up with a bit of a mess...still enjoyed the end result but no pictures were taken.

@Redwgn67 excellent addition the cashews, I've personally not had the combo before. I love a vegi calzone and will be trying your combo next time.

@Steve Viterali Bacon,egg and asparagus.....need I say more!

@Jimmyg my mouth is watering at the thought of this bad boy, nice work!

@Ev Looking lovely, muchas melty cheese.......mmmmmm!

@Norma427 I can't help thinking of a mountain lake into which I must to dive so as to devour the entire delightful contents......sorry......err.... got a little carried away... what I meant was your pizza looks very hum.

@Adam Kuban Delicious look pizza, right up my street, Fennel sausage will be finding it's way onto a pizza near me very soon indeed.

@Ccleon you're on fire here, almost literally! I love roasted garlic almost as much as I love chili and pepper flake. prime ingredient combo!

@Npinto decidedly fine looking crust!

@Brando We simply don't have deep dish over here in England so I've only ever know thin base. I need to try this for myself, I'm thinking it has to be delicious.

@Dmcavanagh Sounds and looks delicious, hot is always good in my book mysterious or not!

@Amusebouche1 Texture and flavor profile definitely intrigue me and in a good way. I do like a nice lemony salad with a pizza but I've not tried endive and radicchio. Yet another inspiration for future pizza production.

My Pie Monday: Chocolate, Flowers, Cashews, and More!

@Everyone - Hello Everyone, great to be part of your crazy little pizza world! It's good to know I'm not the only obsessive compulsive pizza maker. I'll take a good look later but I'm supposed to be working right now, not staring at pizza! LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!!!!