Weekend Giveaway: California Wine Club Membership

a Pinot form Oregon is always my default wine. go america!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

discovering "burt Ends" in Austin last year! hands down a truely heavenly and tantalizing experience!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

skirt! i know its become the new "it" steak but you cant beat the flavor, especially in mexican food

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: D'Artagnan Boneless Heritage Ham

smokyed cheddar cheese, mustard and some arugula

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia

wrapped around grilled asparagus!

Cook the Book: 'Simple Fresh Southern'

roasted garlic mashed potatos :D

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

brussels sprouts and bacon! yummm

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

being someone who wants to take a southwest/mexican theme to his thanksgiving this year the chipotle meatballs sound right up my alley! yum!!!

Cook the Book: 'Zingerman's Guide to Better Bacon'

I love bacon simply because it goes with EVERYTHING!!! besides the obvious breakfasts its good in soups and chowders, salads, stuffings, barding birds, wrapping veggies and even desserts(bacon maple cupcakes or the now popular chocolate covered bacon :D

There is o where in my home bacon is not welcome and thats why i love it!

Cook the Book: 'Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book'

like many other here I have to express my extreme devotion to Texas Brisket. The ones made at Kreuz's Market near Austin is by far the bet ive had and the large family style seating can only make it better!

Cook the Book: 'The Barcelona Cookbook'

theres a place in downtown Chicago called Cafe Iberico. When we went there the bast thing i had was clams in white wine parsley sauce. It was sooo good i went through 3 loaves of the bread just to soak up ALL the juice and broth that was left over. i felt like i was going to EXPLODE from all the bread :D

Cookout Etiquette

the fact that you think it is odd to ask people to bring chairs is pretty foolish to me? If your having a party for 15 people the host is expected to go out and buy 15 chairs?!?

i see the food as much more the hosts responsibility though.

the end of the day who cares if someone asks you to bring something or not? isnt it more about the company than being a cheapskate?

Cook the Book: 'Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries & Shakes'

a local place Ron's Place does an awesome steak burger on a eggy bun. its got blue cheese and i think they mix the meat with Worcestire sauce and garlic???i dont know but its AMAZING!!!

Cook the Book: 'L.A.'s Original Farmers Market Cookbook'

sadlt they are only there in the fall but its Brightenwood Orchards. They have all kinds of heritage apples and new ones every time I go. They are so fresh and varied I buy 3 lbs a week for myself alone. they also make their own cider and refuse to give up the blend! its fall heaven!

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: Pancake Mountain

lemon riccota pancakes with sauteed apples!!

Cook the Book: 'Seven Fires'

im a simple guy so i LOVE the Agrnetine chese dish Provoleta. sharp provolone cheese with olive oil and garlic softened over a parilla!! yum!!

One day & night in Boston - where should first-timers go?

Figs in Beacon Hill is an awesome cozy little place owed by celeb chef Todd english that makes interesting pizzas in a brick oven. Its reasonably priced and very memorable!!

For seafood skip Union Oyster..way to crowded and touristy. Head a couple blocks away to NEptune oyster for a Lobster roll. Its a really beautiful interior with a laidback and delicious spread and oyster bar

Cook the Book: 'Modern Spice'

I would LOVE to learn how to cook traditional Island food. Jamacian, etc. I just love the freshness of it all!!1

Cook the Book: 'Endangered Recipes' by Lari Robling

my mom making a simple pot roast.

This Week In Eating Out

i just went here yesterday and it was a truly great little experience! Everyone that works there is super friendly and want to know your name right away so thy can actually talk to you :D The food was out of this world good too. theres something to be said for taking simple ingredients and just using them the right way. this place is a true hidden gem in Boston!

Cook the Book: Eugenia Bone's 'Well-Preserved'

i would LOVE to make and preserve my own lemons for all my indian and african dishes!! yum!!

Cook the Book: 'Serious Barbecue' by Adam Perry Lang

my greatest sucess was at my friends graduation party. i told him ot let me handle the food, as i often tell freinds who have parties:D we had been craving a margherrita pizza and i knew what I had to do. I made the dough the day before and let it rest overnight. the next day with the grill hot I rolled it out and brushed it with olive oil. I slapped that big thin disc on the grill much to the amazment of almost everyone there. after 1 min on side A i flipped it and layered some buffalo mozz and roma tomato slices. after another minute it was done! i slid it off and topped with some torn basil and salt and served it up. It was a hit! the crust was crispy and the fresh tomatoes and cheese on top were nice and salty. i made about 12 that day and have been asked to make them again and again since...

Cook the Book: 'Tacos'

the first time I discovered REAL tacos al pastor. not the already cut and marinaded kind. im talking about the kind that is roasted on a spit and cut to order, like a Gyro. slowly spinning with a pineapple on top to drip its delicious juices down on top of it. cut by hand from a skillful mexican chef. the spit had a heating element on the backside to ensure that everytime a new section was cut it soon developed new crispy bits...AMAZING!!!

Healthy & Delicious: Sweet and Spicy Tofu

i made this and it was just not very good. the tofu was very very bland. I make tofu a lot and always marinade it before hand but I saw this recipe did not call for that. I decided to try it anyway and it came out very bland as a dish on the whole.

I believe that some marinating of the tofu for an hour in something as simple as soy sauce, ginger and mustard would have made a world of difference.

Cook the Book: 'Real Cajun'

i know its nothing special...and im sure almost every kid has the same fond memory... but I REALLY loved my mom's pot roast with roasted veggies. It was so comforting and no matter what kind of bad time I was having as a kid it ALWAYS made me feel better. love you mom!!!

where to eat around downtown Seattle

Me and a friend are going to seattle in April and are goig to be staying right downtown. We are not renting a car.

Where should we go to eat around this area? adjoining neighborhoods within walking distance (30 min max) are great too!

thanks for your help :D

Nice date spot in Milwaukee

Im going to be talking a girl out for the first time in milwaukee. I would like something nearish the downtown area. Its our first date so nothing too fancy. I really like Cubanitas so something similar in price and atmosphere would be nice!

nothin too stuffy, more romantic and laid back. any suggestions?

Argentine cooking / recipes from Argentina

Hey, I'm having a traditional Argentine Asado in a couple weeks and have found some authentic recipes/foods but would like more!!

I need:

Vegetable dishes

A general flavor profile of spices and herbs would be REALLY helpful!!!

Any other tips would be great! thanks!

vacationing in Boston-Beacon Hill area

Im going to be going to boston for a weekend getaway and am wondering where I should eat?

Its just me so Id like places that are going to be OK dining solo. I want to hit a couple iconic boston eats as well as some more local places :D

Im staying in the Beacon Hill area and would like to know whats around there or close enough I could take the T or bus to another spot if its worth it? any help would be greatly appreciated for this traveling foodie!!!

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