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Do You Know Your Tsukemono? A Guide to Japanese Pickles

wow just wanted to say I have a deep-ingrained reflex. the picture made me salivate as if I'm smelling vinegar.

Beets in lieu of red food coloring

I was going to experiment beets in egg-leavened (i.e. without using baking powder) cakes when I have time, which never happened, but this person has already done it (sorry it's in Japanese) maybe it works for chiffon/angel food cakes as well.

Food-related deal breakers when dating?

@superlion my husband is almost your ideal man...he has no willpower towards hot-from-the-oven cookies so excessive eating is occasionally a problem.
he eats & enjoys pretty much anything, except for offal (try Googling "tripe hiatus").
we still don't own a dishwasher, and it's his job to do the dishes :)

apparently my marriage material moment for him was when I whipped up some tasty pasta dinner from his nearly empty pantry.

We Try the Diner Double Beef, a '50s-Themed Burger From McDonald's Japan

I think some of my friends flipped burgers at McD when we were in high school (middle class to upper-middle class), and I vaguely remember hearing about this "climbing up the ladder" thing (it's a long time ago and it's kinda fuzzy) even though they worked part-time. my guess is if they work hard they can get promoted, so they are motivated... apparently you can become a "star" employee if you win a national competition (customer service division, burger division, fries division etc).

Shopping Online Today? Your Purchase Can Help Support Serious Eats!

doing some archive searches for equipment & gadgets now... have a scale in my Amazon cart!
would be nice if there was a comprehensive list of SE-tested stuff on Amazon on one page/slideshow... ;)

Yo-Ho Brewing: A Window Into Craft Beer in Japan

Ok we're boarding and it's all done on my iPhone so plz forgive any typo

Suiyoubi no neko

An aroma of green apple and orange peel rises up once you pour it into a glass. A hint of herbal note enhances the fruitiness of the beer once you sip, and refreshing drinkability gently quench your thirst.
Suiyoubi no neko is a Belgian white ale that relaxes your body and soul.

Unprecedented 8 consecutive gold prize awardee

One of 3 largest beer competitions in the world, "International Beer Competition" YonaYona was awarded a gold prize in the American pale ale division for 8 consecutive years, which is the first such accomplishment in the world.

People who know already know [yonayona]
Its features are Beautiful amber color, floral and round notes that suggest citrus from the best quality aroma-hop, koku (sort of like richness) with a hint of sweetness, and soft bitterness. We've waited for the day you try this beer.

Thou shall not chill it too much

1. 13degrees C is the best temperature to enjoy this beer
2. Quickly pour into a clear glass to foam up the beer
3. Wait until the foam settles and add the rest of beer
4. Now you've made a glass of beer with a nice creamy head like ones you drink at a pub.

Indo no aooni

High in alcohol and generously hopped, IPA was invented in the 18c England as a beer that endures a long, harsh sea voyage to India. Indo no Aooni is characterized by its astonishing bitterness and deep koku, making its drinkers instant fans. This beer is for the beer fanatics who's become addicted to the taste of demons.

Rich dark ales are popular in England. The aromatic beer created by roasted malt and fragrant hops is loved all over the world and exported to far places such as Japan. For you to enjoy fresh, rich dark ale, we make "Tokyo Black" in Japan.

Yo-Ho Brewing: A Window Into Craft Beer in Japan

Well... You have a native Japanese speaker who has a lot of time waiting for a flight right here, but I can't zoom in to read the small texts on the cans. :(

Help! Onigiri is falling apart!

also- Nishiki isn't the stickiest. short grain (such as Hitomebore) works better. Are you forming onigiri when rice is hot out of the cooker? Maki is right about Japanese mothers. My mom's hands have the thickest skin and she can handle piping hot rice. this seems to help make indestructible onigiri, though I need a little help from plastic wrap (it doesn't shield any heat, but still...)

What are you eating on JULY 4TH?

@Teachertalk more than one husband would be a lot of work ;)

@jedd63 alas, if our German Shepherd were alive he might have been able to pull it off. still, pretty entertaining to watch a bunch of scientists cook. if only we had Kenji!

What are you eating on JULY 4TH?

ha. gotta be careful where to put an apostrophe. I don't have multiple husbands.

What are you eating on JULY 4TH?

my husbands' lab is roasting a whole pig tomorrow and I'm on their pig advisory committee. I intend to make one of Kenji's sauces (the ingredient lists for the first two sauces are merged, by the way) and a Korean-ish sauce.

Sesame Salad Dressing

I have no idea how close it is but I found a copycat recipe.

3tbsp freshly roasted and ground sesame
5tbsp mayonnaise
1+tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp rice vinegar
1tbsp cane sugar
salt& pepper to taste
(there are versions using mentsuyu (concentrated soba/somen dipping sauce), which would add more umami to the dressing)
happy cooking!

Sesame Salad Dressing

do you live in Japan? I did a bit of Googling and it seems close (or possibly McD uses) Kewpie roast sesame dressing. ingredient list on says:
vegetable oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, sesame, spices, shiitake extract, egg yolk, amino acids, stabilizer (xanthan gum), sweetener (stevia).

In Our Community Corner: Meet Paul Maki (aka: Meat Guy)

I haven't been visiting here as often as I'd like to, but just wanted to say I love this series.

Hi, Meat guy!!

Taste Test: Chocolate-Covered Biscuit Sticks (Pocky and Pocky Copycats)

@onodispo "Anglicized" lol. that's too bad. thanks for letting me know.

Taste Test: Chocolate-Covered Biscuit Sticks (Pocky and Pocky Copycats)

I remember seeing Pocky sold as Mikado in France. I wonder if they taste the same...

Serious Entertaining: The Vegan, One Meal Convince-A-Meathead Challenge

I actually dined with a 30-something guy who came as a nurse's SO.
he 1) skips salad 2) steals croutons from the nurse's salad 3) eats the fish entree and side potatoes but completely ignores the beautifully sautéed vegetables that came with the entree 4) finishes dessert.

I think he needs a life-changing vegan course.

Coming Soon to KFC Japan: Ketchup-Flavored Rice Patty Sandwiched Between Chicken Fillets-For-Buns

according to my Japanese friends, low-carb diet finally reached Japan (where people run on carbs, mind you). the reason behind this product perhaps?

Smitten Kitchen's Mushroom Bourguignon

@Mr. Nick- I made this a while ago using beef stock. very good.

A Pizza My Mind: Have You Ever Had to Break Up with Pizza?

@Les ah Robyn seems to be able to eat ice cream (I heart Jeni's too!) so probably not lactose intolerance. I'm Japanese and I don't have lactose intolerance (*knock on wood*), but two people at work are (and they are Indian and Caucasian).

A Pizza My Mind: Have You Ever Had to Break Up with Pizza?

just remembered I've made a dairy free, relatively low-fat "Japanese" pizza a long time ago. I don't have a recipe but you get the idea from this pic. it was good. not low carb or gluten free but maybe Kenji can modify it for you Robyn! ;-)

A Pizza My Mind: Have You Ever Had to Break Up with Pizza?

poor Robyn.
I had to cut off many of my fav foods including pizza (no fatty/acidic/spicy food, alcohol/coffee/chocolate) when I had an erosion in my esophagus but I'm back to normal now. that was a really sad time in my life :-(

Burger King in Japan Releasing Black 'Kuro' Burger for 5th Anniversary

it says it's also the 5-year anniversary of coke zero and... it's black (plus blah blah about providing innovative ideas and new value and such).
basically, if you get a "kuro burger M set (790 yen)" with coke zero or kuro burger as an "M combi" with coke zero (670 yen), you get a refill free.

I chuckled at this sentence though... "BKJ is striving to propagate real American food culture in Japan by vigorous franchising, Whopper as a major product." sigh.