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We Test the Anova, Sansaire, and Nomiku Sous Vide Circulators

Oh, and I all also wish you could touch the target temperature while the Anova is running and have it bring up a screen to change the target temperature. To have to stop the unit in order to return to the main screen so you can set a new temperature and then restart it at the new temperature seems cumbersome.

We Test the Anova, Sansaire, and Nomiku Sous Vide Circulators

I received my Anova two weeks ago and have used it for four days now (3-hour cook and a 72-hour cook). It's everything I could hope for in an immersion circulator. The solid build quality, ease of complete disassembly for cleaning, easy user interface, and the backing of an experienced laboratory equipment company make it the best choice on the market. Thanks, Kenji, for the thorough comparison! I've been waiting for you to write this article for many months now.

My only complaint about my Anova is that I wish there was a way to enter the configuration screen from the home screen or at least a way to change between degrees F and C from the temperature setting screen. It seems strange to have to restart the Anova, choose the config screen during the few seconds the option is available, and then switch between the two units.

The Food Lab Answers All of Your Thanksgiving Questions, 2013 Edition

Thanks for answering my question about Sansaire vs Anova. I think I'm going to end up with the Anova since you're hinting at it being the winner. I also like that it is stainless steel and can be disassembled for cleaning. Sansaire is nice, but it's pretty plasticy and doesn't have the benefit of having an actual labware manufacturer standing behind it.

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

Is there a definitive winner between the Anova and the Sansaire? I know Anova can be purchased now, but I'm in no hurry since I don't think I'll be doing anything sous vide this Thanksgiving.


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