Salumeria Biellese: The BYOB Hero Review

In my capacity as the official reviewer for Serious Eats New York, I feel it's perfectly within my rights to invent a new category of Italian sandwich emporium: the BYOB deli. The B in this case stands for "bread," not "bottle." That's right, I'm advocating--in fact I'm telling you flat out--that if you would like to eat the finest mixed Italian cold-cut hero to be found in New York, you need to bring your own bread to Salumeria Biellese. More

A Sandwich a Day: Ukrainian Meatball Hero at Veselka

The Ukrainian Meatball Hero is one of the four signature sandwiches at Veselka, and for good reason. That's not a classic baguette you're looking at—it's challah (for real!) rolled into the shape of a baguette, then baked and split open. The soft, eggy loaf is topped with four sizable meatballs, a scattering of sauerkraut and, the final touch, a generous ladle of mushroom gravy. More