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Butchering Beasts and Firing Up the Grill at Miller's Guild in Seattle

Nice grill. But isn't that a suped up version of a parrilla grill from South America?

Classic Chicken Adobo from The Adobo Road Cookbook

I cook this all the time. Good stuff. Try putting some lemon grass while cooking...makes the chicken taste better.

Burger King Celebrating 55th Anniversary with 55-Cent Whoppers

I used to work at BK during h.s. Always order fresh-off-the grill, that way your burger and bread isn't soggy sitting in a bun warmer area. Plus BK sandwich makers tend to put waaay too much mayo on the Whoppers FYI.

Asian Thanksgiving?

Lumpia, pancit and turkey FTW!

Hangover Helper: Pho With Roast Chili Oil from Pho Sate in Falls Church, VA

The best Pho I've ever had was in the Bay Area with the huge Vietnamese population there. For $6/7 you get the biggest bowl of pho you can ever handle; it's big as a motor cycle helmut! I can finish all of the noodles but only half of the soup cuz the MSG will give me headaches later in the day. But hot damn, that's so good stuff.

10 Instant Noodle Flavors That Are Actually Spicy

The ramen #5 is spicy hot and noodles are very tasty. I just bought a 20 pack for $16 at my local asian grocery store. Good stuff. I don't eat it everyday or my bowels will be paying for it in the morning.

KFC Philippines Selling a Burger Whose Bun is Topped With Cheese

I've been to the Philipines and ate at McDo's. The beef they serve does not taste 'beefy' more like waterbuffalo. (jk, I never ate waterbuffalo) Putting cheese on top of a sandwich is ridiculous. You'll get your fingers sticky unless you grab the sandwich on it's sides.

The Nasty Bits: On Not Overcooking Liver

I grew up on liver and onions. I especially like beef liver than chicken. Any liver has to be cooked with pink on the inside or it's totally wasted.

The fight against Oxtails?!

Growing up in a Filipino household, oxtails are great cooked adobo style. It's very fatty so I tend to eat it once every few months. And it's fairly cheap at our local Walmart grocery store.

Doctors Want Obama to Stop Eating Burgers at Photo Ops

At least he wasn't Clinton eating McDonalds while running. Opps that was a Saturday Night Live skit.

Fast Food: Quizno's Lobster and Seafood Salad Sub

In my lunch break I get approx. 30mins. I work at a hospital and I walk across the street and down two blocks to the nearest Subway (about 10mins). I then order a footlong and a drink. Scarf both of them down in 10mins and head back to work at the hospital. Total time: 30mins more or less. I know some of the items are not too great but at least they are quick in making the sammich!

Fast-Food Fried Fish Sandwiches: Popeyes vs. Burger King vs. McDonald's vs. Wendy's

When push comes to shove, I would buy two FOF for $3 and double up a sandwich. Ugh, nostalgia sucks!

Lunch in the Loop: Chicken Planet

Half a chicken for $5.50, that's a steal. Cheaper than El Pollo Loco.

Lunch in the Loop: Chicken Planet

Half a chicken for $5.50, that's a steal. Cheaper than El Pollo Loco.

Reality Check: Jumbaco from Jack in the Box

I miss Jack N the Box. I loved their steak breakfast burrito with two sides of salsa. I usually order it with half the hash rounds in the burrito. Two tacos for a $1. Meh.

Foodisphere Erupts Over Paula Deen Diabetes Announcement

All this diabetes talk is starting to worry Adam Richman.

Has anyone heard of secret sister pickles?

Don't you mean Secret sister tickles pickles? lol

Chicago: Postmodern Burger at Next Will Blow Your Mind and Make You Giggle

It looks like what would come out the other end after sitting on the commode and reading the paper.