Sunday Birthday Brunch NYC

Thank you both so much!

Eggs, eggs, eggs!

Yes, you can freeze them! I have been wanting to make these breakfast sandwiches for a while now:

And my absolute favorite egg recipe is below:

Good luck with all those eggs!

Foodie Birthday Present NYC

Thank you again!

Foodie Birthday Present NYC

Thanks everyone! The CIA tours look great, but it looks like they only run tours for the public Mon-Fri, and I'm looking for a weekend activity.

Anymore ideas very welcome, I appreciate it!

The Vegetarian Option: Cafe Himalaya

Himalaya Cafe is my favorite cheap eat in NYC - the food is wonderful (I'm a meat-eater, and everything non-veggie I've had is wonderful also), it's BYOB, and the staff are efficient but simple - they don't bother you at all. It's a great place, I reccommend it to everyone!

Sunday Birthday Brunch NYC

Help! I am planning a 27th Birthday Brunch for myself next Sunday 3rd March in NYC (open to Manhattan and Brooklyn). Ideally, it would be something a little unique, that doesn't require my girlfriends to shell out alot of cash. We will be a group of around 10.

As inspiration, ideas I am toying with at this point are the brunch at Mari Vanna, or a Dim Sum feast in Chinatown.

Any suggestions or recommendations are very welcome and will be much appreciated, thank you in advance!

Foodie Birthday Present NYC

I would like to get my friend a unique and special 25th Birthday gift that is food related. I read about a tour of a dumpling factory in Brooklyn which would be ideal, but it doesn't sound like they're open to the public. Any other suggestions?

Birthday Dinner

Similar to a reccent blog post, I need a great restaurant, in Brooklyn or Manhattan, for about 15 girls to host my birthday. We're in our early 20s, so not somewhere hugely expensive. But something a bit 'different' would be great, off the beaten track a little. I'm considering Fatty Cue's pig head meal, but would love to have some more suggestions. BYOB would be a great advantage, but not necessary.
Thank you!

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