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We Try 4 New Electric Hot Water Kettles for Coffee and Tea

Looking at the boil times quoted, it seems that kettles boil much slower in the US than here in Australia. Maybe it has to do with the voltage?

'Cheese Pizza' vs. 'Plain Pizza' vs. 'Margherita Pizza'

@Adam Kuban Sorry for the confusion, I don't usually go to Eagle Boys or Domino's here, the closest I've gone to a chain is La Porchetta and they don't have a cheese pizza on the menu. But I feel honoured to have a post about my question anyway!
@FormulaLes Where in Australia are you from?

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day!

@Adam Kuban Ok Thankyou very much for the detailed answer! Next time I'm in America I'll have to go to a few pizzerias to see the difference :)

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day!

I live in Australia, and here we don't have cheese pizza... is it just an American name for a margherita or is it different?

Sugar Rush: Galaktoboureko from Artopolis

The filling is a semolina-based custard, my family sometimes makes this!


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